"Never Mistake My Silence for Ignorance, My Calmness for Acceptance, and My Kindness for Weakness."

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A pure white tom with blank black eyes and a fluffy tail, slightly crooked from a car accident. A crushed front right paw from the same source and an obvious limp as he walks.
September 28th 2015
76 Moons
Major Belief
Other Beliefs
Dark Forest, Spirits of the Stars
Current Group
None (Advertise on this page if wanted)
Former Group(s)
Spiritclan (Disbanded), Dawnclan (Disbanded)
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Creator's Username
AJ: pphtreq23456tyu


Forever Alone :'I
Former Mate(s)
Blackstar|not canon|(Forgot username, deceased)
Ravenfeather/star (horselover81210, deceased)
Former Mentor(s)
Icyclaws (deceased), Amberfoot (deceased)
Other Beliefs
Dark Forest, Spirits of the Stars
Current Group
None (Advertise on this page if wanted)
Former Group(s)
Spiritclan (Disbanded), Dawnclan (Disbanded)
Sandstorm (taytay579000), Mudpaw (vexushexus)


Now, since you probably don't care about Saltmoon's backstory and whatever, I'll just skim through the boring parts and make the rest of it 'quick'. Saltmoon: "Hey! How dare you?" Very easily, Salty, very easily c:

Let's start with some simple things. Saltkit was born in a clan named DawnClan, lead by his father, Blackstar. We don't think he was copying the canon Blackstar, because he was entirely black, not white. I still don't understand why Blackstar was named Blackkit. It's as if they knew he was going to become Blackfoot or something... Saltmoon: Seriously, just get on with the backstory.

So uh, nothing really happened when this guy was a kit, other than him getting a weird prophecy from a cat that he never knew. I forgot the prophecy. Saltmoon's probably gonna kill me because of that, but it's not like he can do anything to stop me from saying this *choking sounds*.

So when he became an apprentice, his mentor was Icyclaws. Saltmoon once told me that Icyclaws was the one he most admired, even though her name doesn't fare well with the warrior code, but who even cares at this point? *more choking sounds*. He trained hard, dispite his puny size - he's really undersized. Right now, he's barely taller than an average apprentice. Stupid, eh? So Icyclaws saw that he honestly didn't have that much talent, but still trained him anyway. I'd like a mentor like Icyclaws... She was nice... Before she died unnaturally due to apparent ageing problems. Yeah, I was confused as well. Saltpaw then received that same dream again from when he was a kit, and when he confronted Icyclaws and Blackstar, they informed him they had had that same dream somehow, and he was made into a medicine apprentice instead, his new mentor being Amberfoot, who was obviously the medicine cat at the time. And then his mum died in a fire that spread quickly through camp. It also took his sister, Greypaw's life, too, but nobody really cares. So there was Blackstar and Greypaw. This family was really creative with their names, weren't they?

Since Ravenfeather was desperate to be in Saltpaw's life, she was re-encarnated into Snowkit, who was found wandering the forest without a mother. For StarClan's sake! Who'd honestly leave their kit out in clan territory? Saltpaw soon found out, obviously, and went into a deep 'depression', if you could actually call it that. So, being smart (totally), Saltpaw decided to leave the damn clan because of his sadness and lived at the edge of the territory before some monsters came along and began 'eating' the trees near his den. Being quite 'smart' and all, he decided to flee and go warn his former clan that he somehow didn't hate, unlike every other backstory ever. He crossed and thunderpath and got hit. He didn't die, sadly. Saltmoon: "Well that wasn't a very nice thing to say." Instead, he just noticed he had no feeling in his front right paw, which I suppose was a good thing since it was oozing blood. His tail was also slightly crooked, after that, but he went on anyway since he's extremely persistent. Before he got to DawnClan camp, he noticed Snowkit staring blankly into space, crying slightly. Being the gentleman that he was, he slowly walked up to her. "SALTPAW!" She savagely tore at his eardrums. "Salt." He corrected her. "SALT!" Snowkit didn't stop shouting, "You've no idea how much guilt you left me with!" "Just..." He struggled for the right words, since honestly, he'd only known her for 2 moons before he left, sooo, they were basically still strangers. "A destiny is something that StarClan sets for you, but you can still choose your steps along the way." When did you get so philosophical, Salty boy?

Since the clan was held in Ravenfeather/Snowkit's den, they said that they moved to a different camp and completely glossed over the journey because who really wants to go on a huge journey? Actually, that would have been less boring... Oh well. We're pretty sure Amberfoot suffered a heart attack or something while cleaning up a bush that would soon become the medicine den after the move, and died. Well, my writing certainly is anticlimactic. So, turns out Saltmoon came back right at the best moment, and he took over her place. 

And you'd expect me to say "They then lived happily ever after and Saltmoon's now an elder, peacefully spending the rest of his days in DawnClan." But NOPE. Snowkit disbanded it after a while and now Saltmoon's a loner who can barely hunt because he's so old. 

Strengths: Saltmoon used to be lithe and small, but we can still pretend he is, because once a midget always a midget. Attackers usually underestimate him because of his crushed paw and tiny frame, and he uses the element of surprise when he actually needs to fight, because the ancient coward's too old for all of that. 

His medicine cat skills are better than most, since he's treated 5 generations of leaders (Blackstar, Snowstar, Willowstar, Ravenstar and Yellowstar).

When someone earns his trust, they'll probably never loose it. He protects allies with his life.

Saltmoon's a quick thinker, kinda... A 'great' advantage when he's hunting. 


He's really old and has a temper.

It's hard to earn Saltmoon's trust, so in tough situations, he'll probably save his own hide and not even think about saving yours, that coward. 

He judges cats slightly, making him treat different strangers different ways. I find it ironic how he's judgemental, yet he's got a crooked tail and a crushed paw... 

He's quiet and doesn't talk much, causing mistrust. Buuuut, he does talk a lot when around me, but I suppose that's because he's my puppet.

He only shows his true emotions to ones he truly trusts. 


Quiet, Judgemental, Snappy. For some reason, he also talks quietly to higher ranking cats than him, which isn't a good thing since he usually mutters his sentences anyway. Playful to trusted ones and he's a slight coward.