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Born as a rogue to a happy family, Sage left in search of something greater. She settled in ThunderClan-the clan fell, she lost her mate, she left. She then found ValleyClan. Sagecreek settled down, quickly gaining the title deputy, feeling untouchable before the trail of events which led to her partial downfall. Seafault quickly appeared; A stoat she-cat with a hot-tempered act and ambitious personality, the brute eventually destroyed part of her face. She then lost her second mate, Ophelia, depression finally taking over her love. Sagecreek sought out another love, finding Vixenstride, grabbing her affection. Sagecreek eventually got amnesia, losing memory from time to time, she barely saw Vizenstride anymore, she became weak. Sagecreek fell in love again, with a deputy from BadgerClan-Oakblaze. Alderstar-her leader filled with ambition, saw the exchange. Sagecreek eventually left with Oakblaze, in fear of her leader. War broke out between the two clans. Sagecreek facing off against the curly furred brute. Sagecreek got her jaw broken by the warrior, fading back into the battle. Her face never healed, being kidnapped from her love, while holding his kits. She lost them both, her love slayed in battle, her kits died at birth, and she never got to say bye. She stayed in ValleyClan, unmotivated, alone, hated. She became an elite once more, surrendering herself to loneliness before leaving the clan, making TundraClan, where she currently resides. Sagestar quickly recruited members, taking interest in a tom named Buckriver. They clicked, flirted, then started courting..the rest is history.



Wiki Username- FallenCrescent

Username- Bønsai

Creation Date- 8/4/2017

Status- Active

Current Residence- TundraClan

Orientation- Neutral


Current Name- Sagestar

Nicknames- Sage

Gender- Female

Sexuality- Bisexual (leaning to straight)

Age- 25 Moons

Current Rank- Leader


Current Apprentice- N/A

Current Mate- Buckriver (Courting)

Name Meaning ↓

Sage- Collected; calm; reserved

Star- given to her along with leadership



Overview- Sagestar is a large, lithe, albaster she-cat with luminous, sky-blue eyes. She has soft, thick, short fur, and a twisted jaw.

Scent- Dew & Frost

Breed- Turkish Angora/Van (and other)

Scars- Scars can be seen on her jaw

Eyes- Blue eyes, along with colored hues

Fur- Soft, thick, short.


Overview- Sagestar is a rather charasmatic and secretive she-cat, depending on her current temperament. She keeps her ultimate feelings to herself due to awkwardness in conversations, though at times struggles to make the right decisions when things go south. Sagestar finds charm in most things, having a softer and more optimistic nature then most felines her age. Through her professionalism she can often be found flirting, and is described as being loud.


Mental Health- Somewhat Healthy

Physical Health- Crooked jaw

Strengths- Long legs; fast/swift

Weaknesses- Left side of her jaw

Fears-Slight Mnemophobia (fear of past memories) & slight Philophobia (fear of falling in love)



Status- Taken

Mate- Buckriver (Courting)

Past Mates- Runningpelt, Ophelia, Oakblaze (All Deceased)

Sagestar is attracted to- Buckriver

Attracted to Sagestar- Buckriver

Previously attracted to Sagestar ↓

Oakblaze, Kestrelpath, PigonFlight, Lilydrift, Vixenstride, Branchstep, Neetletail, Seafault, Ophelia, Runningpelt, Aspencry, Flamewhisker


Buckriver ↓

I..I love you, don't leave me.

Doespring ↓

Shes nice. Don't know her that well.

Seastar ↓

I have never met a cat with such a damn ego. Yeah I made mistakes, and I regret them, you made so many more that seemed to have gone unnoticed. I don't even know why I'm still talking about you, you were born a jerk, always will be one.I'll admit, I miss the days when we were friends..


  • Sagestar by the talented Foxfaith
  • Beautiful art by the talented WiitchCrafft
  • Sagecreek by the amazing Foxfaith
  • Art of Sagestar by Foxfaith
  • Sagecreek by the talented MoonInk!
  • Sagecreek drawn by FallenCrescent
  • Amazing art of Sagecreek by Foxfaith!
  • Beautiful art of Sagecreek by SpiritSprinter!
  • Chibi art of Sagecreek by SpiritSprinter!
  • A amazing art of Sage & Pigeon by StagLëaf
  • Art of Sagecreek by Wammer17
  • Breathtaking art of Sagecreek by Domesticated
  • Incredible art of Sagecreek by グレタ
  • Jaw-dropping art of Sagecreek by Kokua
  • Art of Sagecreek by the talented Iimpaired
  • Adorable art of Sagecreek my the talented descendingmissy!
  • Pretty art by the awesome Unførgivedx!


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