Sagestar was born as Willowkit in ThunderClan. Her mother was Bluestar, leader of CypressClan, and her father was Shadowstrike. However, CypressClan fell only days after her birth, so Bluestar snuck her kit into the ThunderClan camp and left her there. Nothing is known of Willowkit's apprenticeship or the rest of her kithood.

Her warrior name was Willowbreeze, and she caught the eye of Stonestar, one of the official leaders of ThunderClan, back then. She reminded Stonestar of the dead CypressClan leader, Hawkstar. After much consideration, he chose her as his deputy. 

Willowbreeze was a good deputy. She was known for her skills in debate and kindness to everyone. She was a deputy for about 6 moons before Stonestar lost his last life. She then traveled to the Moonpool with Stormstar and Raincloud, where she got her nine lives and her name Sagestar.



Age: 27 moons.

Rank: Leader

Clan: ThunderClan


Sagestar's sister is Nightpelt (trystangirl), but she has no other known family. (if you want to become her family, comment please)

She also has had 2 mates, Branchstar and Lewis.

Quote and Theme SongEdit

You're not in this alone.

Theme song- Bulletproof Heart

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