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Bare-leaf. The wind howled in the air trying to knock you off your padding. Snow began to fall, as you wander around in the darkness of the night. Your pads hurt with every step, your stomach aching for food. A big gust of wind knocks you off your feet, throwing you around like a rag doll. You finally stop on the snow covered Thunder-path, too weak to see the monster coming at you. This is the end..You thought hopelessly as your eyes closed shut.

The roar of the monster faded away into nothing as you thought your spirit made its way to Starclan. Suddenly you heard voices..The voice of Starclan? Another cat?..Cats!? Your eyes shot open seeing a gathering of cats around you. The scent of herbs filled your nose, as you knew you were in the medicine cat den. 

"You got some nerve to be wandering around during a storm"meowed a tomcat, peering down at you. Lifting your head, you saw a calico she-cat and a few other cats. "You've could've been killed!"The Calico she-cat meowed brushing against the ginger tomcat. "Lucky my patrol was in time to save you"She purred softly.

Each of the cats told their names and welcomed you to SpruceClan. "This is your new home now."Thunderstar spoke padding out of the den, with his mate.Your new life begins now.

Definition of Our Clan Name

In the Pima flood myth,the father and the mother of the Pima survived the deluge from a big floating ball of a spruce pitch. Among northern tribes,spruce trees(like other evergreens) are associated with peace and protection. Spruce is a particular symbol of good luck to the Salish tribes, and spruce roots are used as fiber for weaving bakestry regalia by many northwest coast tribes. Algonquin tribes used to bundle spruce and fir needles into sackets or herbal pillows to protect against illnesses.

Spruce trees are also used as a clan symbol in some Native American cultures. Tribes with spruce as a clan symbol include the Hopi tribe,who's spruce symbol is named the Salab. The Cherokee also have a winter spruce dance among their tribal dance traditions.

~Credits to Spiritshadow!

🌲Recent News🌲

Dec.18-2017-Welcome Firesun(Goldengold37) to our Clan!

Dec.19-2017-Leopardfur,Nightsong & Silverclaw have been demoted to Elite Warriors(Sorry!)

Dec.24-2017-Willowkit and Emeraldkit are now apprentices! WILLOWPAW! EMERLADPAW!

Dec.27- Welcome Flutterkit(Tinybunnya) and Thunderstrike(shadowcatdarkness), Spiritshadow's other O.C. to the CLAN!!

Dec.28-2017-Welcome Lynx, Lilypaw's other O.C. to our Clan!

Dec.29-2017-Due to a injury, Emeraldpaw is now a medic apprentice! EMERALDPAW!!

Dec.30-2017-Welcome Greykit(GreyCoolcat) & Ashkit(Ashymuffinaj) to our Clan!!

Dec.31-2017-Smallpaw(frog7882) is leaving our Clan. May Starclan light your path!

Jan.1-2018-Welcome Winterpaw(Pinkrockstars), Swiftkit(Wolfygirl231),Silvermist(Silvermist57) & Crimsonrose(belicia2018) to our Clan!

Jan.3-2018-Welcome Turtleflame(asrieldreemurr211) & Lilydapple(Sagenose) to our Clan!

Jan.4-2017-Welcome Donnatelo(Daycrafter) to our Clan!

Jan.7-2018-Flutterwing has died giving birth to her kittens,Hopekit and Flutterkit

Emberkit and Windkit are now apprentice! EMBERPAW! WINDPAW!

Jan.26-2018-Welcome Snowfall(sugarsweetcupcake),Icepelt's other O.C. to the Clan!!

Feb.3-2018-Rosepaw is now Rosepetal!! ROSEPETAL!! ROSEPETAL!!

Feb.6-2018-Welcome Sunkit(monsterz1041) to our CLAN!!

Feb.11-2016-Welcome Azazel(Internest) to our CLAN!!

Feb.18-2018-Welcome Otterpaw(spaceissocool) to our CLAN!! and Thunderstar's other O.C. Bluewing(curewhite) to our Clan!

Feb.20-2018- Angelflight and Nutmeg(Kittenwolfie) are leaving the Clan! May StarClan light your path!!

Feb.21-2018-Welcome Artemispaw(foxycraft7) to our CLAN!!

🌲General Information🌲

Founding February 13, 2016

ThunderStar(Curewhite) ForestStar (Swiftytaile) WillowPelt (CureFlora2015)

Nutmeg (Kittenwolfie)

Camp Den Curewhite's den

9981a's den

MemberCount 42 Members

8 Secondary O.C.(s)

Rp Style Basic/Traditional
TagColor/Badge Members- Green with leaf/feather tag
Orientation Light
Spieces Feline
Status Accepting and Recruiting
Server Tigris/Aldan


The Warrior Code

If you don't know the warrior code, the link is here: Warrior Code Which also includes that the leaders'word is law.

Maximum O.Cs per account is 2.

You can have as many accounts like 3 and have 2 0.Cs each but only have 2 O.Cs per account.

NO double clans/tribes/packs

Meaning you may NOT use other accounts for other Clans, Tribes, Packs, etc. If you do not keep your loyalty to this Clan, consequences will follow.

You may have as many accounts you want in this clan.

Mary/gary sues will be purged.

No mating on screen.



Leader(s): 1/1

Leaders are the highest ranking in the clan. They have connections with StarClan and have Nine lives. Disrespect will not be tolerated.

UserName OCName Gender Mate Description Apprentice
Curewhite ThunderStar Male X An orange tabby tom with black eyes Leopardpaw

Deputies: 0/2

Deputy rank is second in command. They control the clan when the leader is away or offline. Their rank is also highly respected.

Username OCName Gender Mate Description Apprentice

Elite Warriors: 3/∞

Elite warriors are those who have fought many battles and are very loyal and important to the Clan. These warriors are older and are more experienced and are respected in the Clan. They hunt and fight in battle. They can train apprentices to become warriors and have the chance of becoming deputy

Username OCName Gender Mate Description Apprentice
lol96410 Crescent Female X tan and black with blue eyes X
mitchell00503 Silverclaw Male big claws orange fur blue eyes
blueblue55 Leopardfur Female X

Warriors: 14/∞

Warriors are the protectors of the clan. They hunt and fight in battle. They can train apprentices to become warriors and have the chance of becoming deputy 

Username OCName Gender Mate Description Apprentice
cuteykitten1 Blacktail Female X Pitch black pelt that shines in light with midnight blue eyes X
neonpixels Waterclaw Female X An alurring(beautiful) achromatic(grey) she cat with cyan eyes and a long fluffy tail X
ellabean1 Rainpelt Female X is a calico cat and has blue eyes and has a few scars on her body X
bopperz Foxfeather Female X orange tabby with wite tipped puffy tail with white muzzle and dark browm paws that have white tips fur feel like feathers has blue eyes and long whiskers has mate on rouge from before kit was born has long scar on eye from battle with rats. X
Tallshadow211 Primrose Female X Dark grey, black stripes, green eyes. X
ajwarrior60 Soulfall Male X midnight black with scars X
Snowkitpawfur Flowerheart Female X blue russian; yellow eyes Willowpaw
sugarsweetcupcake Icepelt Female X mostly white with gray splotches; yellow eyes; left ear is missing X
Goldengold37 Firesun Female X Orange Fur with no patterns X
shadowcatdarkness Thunderstrike Male X fully black with gleaming red eyes and a collar from pound before became a stray. X
silvermist57 Silvermist Female X Black, shades of grey, crimson red
Sagenose Lillydapple Female X lilydapple is a is a thick furred white cat with gray patches and paws, she has a long tail and big ears with gray tufts of fur on the top of them, she has bright sky blue eyes. X
Daycrafter Donnatelo Female X Bulky fur at the front, she wears a black sword and elf bracelets her mom gave her. She puts on fake antlers to scare away enemy animals (not other cats). X
ellabean1 Rosepetal Female X lilac with a blue belly and black eyes and a scar threw her left eye
Internest Azazel Female X Azazel is a black and grey Somali cat, (her top coat being black, her bottom being grey) her patterns the same color as her top coat. Her eyes a white-ish color.

Hunters: 1/∞

Hunters only hunt and forage food for the Clan. This is a rank for those who do not want to fight and when the medicine cat rank is full.

UserName OCName Gender Mate Description Apprentice
asrieldreemurr211 Turtleflame Female X golden with white paws, lighter yellow patches on fur, blue eyes X

Medicine Cat: 2/5

Medicine Cats are an extremely important rank. They know about herbs and can train an apprentice. They are not aloud to have mates and have a strong connection with StarClan 


Username OCName Gender Description Apprentice
fissy201 WillowBreeze Female A grey and white tortoiseshell she-cat, blue eyes. Snowpaw
shadowcatdarkness Spiritshadow Female grey fox(cat)with racoon hat feather tail mystical gaunlets and a feather necklace Oakpaw

Medicine Apprentice: 2/2

Medicine cats train to become a medicine cat. They will learn about herbs and have dreams from Hairystar.


Username OCName Gender Description Mentor
princessabc74 Snowpaw Female Pure white like snow with icy blue eyes WillowBreeze
swiftytaile Emeraldpaw Female She-cat with emerald green eyes with glossy white fur Angelflight

Apprentice: 8/∞

Apprentices are the trainees of the clan. They learn how to hunt and fight, as well as caring for the elders and helping the medicine cats

Username OCName Gender Description Mentor
32diamond Robinpaw Female a dusty red medium furred cat with dark brown eyes X
tianagirl Moonlight Male a tuxedo cat with blue eyes X
Kae777 Rushpaw Female a small gray tabby with blue eyes X
Bopperz Leopardpaw Female black cat with blue/green eyes grey belly dark grey lines on coat Thunderstar
Bopperz Cloud Female Albino she with brown eyes and scar on tail X
cureflora2015 Willowpaw Male White with gray spots. Black, gray eyes. Flowerheart
Snowkitpawfur Emberpaw Female red fur with a white underbelly; green eyes X
foxycat4 Windpaw Female cream with light brown markings; teal eyes Frostbite
spaceissocool Otterpaw Male A young tom with fluffy grey and brown fur, and dark brown eyes X
foxycraft7 Artemispaw Male Brown with black lightning and has a scar on left eye X


Kits are the lowest ranking. They are the  youngest in the clan, and are protected by their mothers and warriors. They will gain apprentice-ship when they reach 6 moons

Username OCName Gender Description Mother
Firekitty1106 Lilykit Female light grey with a dark grey pattern and blind, Scottish Fold breed.

Does not talk alot, rare if they talk

Looks like Lilykit, deceased
cuteykitten1 Silverkit Female light gray pelt with baby blue eyes Sparklefur
9988a Shadekit Female tan with black spots. has hints of grey. X
Presets Driftkit Female A small calico with sapphire blue eyes and a stub for a tail. Cyote
GreyCoolcat Greykit Female Greykit is a short-haired dark grey tabby that has darker almost black stripes along with a slightly lighter grey underbelly with amber eyes. Right now she's a kit so she has a small build but when she grows up she'll have a more slim figure with less broad shoulders X
Ashymuffinaj Ashkit Female Ashkit is small for her size. She has semi-long, light gray fur with slightly darker gray stripes all over her pelt. On her belly, her fur fades to a nearly white color. Her eyes are a light, almost crystal colored blue. Despite the length of her fur, though, she is quite slender, like her sibling, Greykit.  X
narutoisawesome123 Flutterkit Female Grey-ish small kit with long paw fur Flutterwing
Tinybunnya Hopekit Male X Flutterwing
monsterz1041 Sunkit Female A small brown cat too small for its size with big black eyes X

Queens: 1

Queens are the care takers of the kits. They are female warriors with kits or expecting kits

Username OCName Gender Description Mate Kits
princessabc7447 Sparklefur Female silvery fur that sparkles under the light with emerald green eyes Willowpelt Rosekit




Elders are the oldest of the clan. They are cared for by the warriors and apprentices

Username OCName Gender Description Mate
Mettatonex42 Woof Male Brown with darker brown spots, blue eyes X

Additional Ranks


Guards guard the Clan camp and always watch for dangers. These cats are really alert and ready to pounce when harm comes.

Username OCName Gender Description Mate
curewhite Bluewing Male Dark blue cat with gray splotches. Grey-black eyes, scar on each of his legs. X


Scouters are responsible for recruiting new members for the Clan! Scouters are friendly and welcoming, the first ones to introduce new members into the Clan! They are familiar with the joining routine too!

Username OCName Gender Description Mate


Swiftpaws are for cats who are quick and streamline. These cats are normally sent out for spying on enemy Clans and feed back info to their main Clan.

Username OCName Gender Description Mate


Kittypet feature has finally been added! Kittypets live with Twolegs near our camp and occasionally visit us! You don't need to be in this Clan to be a visiting kittypet, you can be from another Clan but please talk to your Clan leader first about being a kittypet near our Clan! Contact Thunderstar for more info!

Username OCName Gender Description Mate
Presets Wheels Male A small cat with two back legs missing. He wears a sweater with wheels attached to get around (WONT SHOW ON AJ). He has white pelt with black spots and a gleaming yellow eye. He lost his legs due to having them both deformed and amputated. X
Prescrapis Polar Male (Polar:) I is a small white kitten with sky blue eyes! I have a small tail(shorter than the common cats) X
ellabean105 Blizzard Male white with a black nose and little patch of black fur on his head and also has green eyes and usually has a red or blue sweater on because of his owners X
foxycat4 Sandy Female Sandy is a ginger tabby with yellow eyes and a white underbelly. X
asgoredreemur1 Toby Male Grey tabby, white paws and belly, amber eyes, medium sized X
Firekitty1106 Lynx Female She is small and has a body shape like a lynx's, that is the reason her name is Lynx. She has dark grey fur with a light grey underbelly and a black pattern. She has dark green eyes and a Red Collar (with spikes on it!) She thinks that will make the clan cats fear her. X
sugarsweetcupcake Snowfall Female white fur and blue eyes X

Honorary Members & Visitors:

Honorary Members are those that can not fill in the form but join us for roleplays. Visitors plan to join and stay for a period amount of time to decide if they want to join.

Username OCName Gender Description Mate



(Warrior,Mentor of Windpaw)

Female X X




Female X X

Exile/Deceased Cats:

These are cats we've lost or have been exiled due to crimes against the clan

Username OCName Gender Exile/ Deceased Reason for death/exile
Snowkitpawfur Darkpaw Female Deceased X
dreamcatchergirl7 Dovekit Female Exiled Threatening another Clan and causing trouble
tobiwan13 Silverwing Female Deceased Rouge Battle
cureflora2015 Willowpelt Male Deceased Phantom Battle
Kittenwolfie Cyote Female Self-Exiled Secretly sending info to her rouge clan, Not giving her daughter a chance to live.
Tinybunnya Flutterwing Female Deceased Giving birth to kittens

Allies and Enemies


Clan/Pack/Tribe Name Leaders Members Wiki Page
ThunderClan Firestar/Sunshilovesmusic 10
StormClan Moony/Sun499 11
MagicClan Icestar/Lmrx


FaunaClan Blossomstar/Roleplayforever72305 19
TideClan Wishstar/Luckymonkey56 42
Frostclan Pantherstar/App1xed 30
MapleClan Deerstar/derpy85 53
VenomClan Orbitstar/horseygeorgieaj6 98
EbonyClan Scarletstar/scarletava 16+


Clan Name Leaders Members Wiki Page


Dress Code [Recommended Appearance]

If not listed here, please ask!


Head Head Flower,Raccoon Hat,Rare Fox Hat,Butterfly Hair Bow etc. or nothing
Neck Scarf,Jamaaliday Scarf etc. or nothing
Back Pirate Sword, Bow and Arrows, Worn etc, or nothing
Legs Diamond Encrusted Gauntlets, Phantom Gauntlets, Freedom Bands etc. or nothing
Tail Any tail armour or nothing (Tail doesn't really matter for me)


Head Elf Helmet, Mech Angel Helmet, the non-member things etc. or nothing
Neck Leaf Necklace, the non-member things etc. or nothing
Back  Sword, Crossbow, Longbow, Mysterious Cloak ,elf armour,non member items,etc. or nothing
Legs Any gauntlets, Elf Bracelets , the non member stuff etc. or nothing
Tail Any tail armour or nothing (Tail doesn't really matter for me)

Territories and Hunting Grounds

Servers: Tigris(Aldan is free server)

Hunting Server: Tigris or any empty world

Recruiting Server: Aldan


Joining Forms/ Ally Forms

Fill out in Comments*

Joining Form

Notice: We are not accepting anymore medicine cats until after the reboot or further news. Sorry!

eg: ( made up )

Clan Name/Cat Name: Heartkit

Username: sweetbunny196

Gender of Cat: She

Rank: Kit

Description of cat:(personality, history, etc.) funny cute shy nice

Description of appearance of cat: small brown tabby with heart shape on forehead

Roleplay Example: - heartkit ounces around - Haha! this is so fun!

Time:(We need this to organize meetings) Idk

Do you share your AJ account with anyone: Nope.

Loyalty Promise: To be kind and helpful

Other addition info: (Optional) Nothing


O.C Form

*Note: This is not the joining form, the joining form is above.This is only for Clan members that already joined.

Maximum O.Cs per account: 2

Name of O.C:




Description of cat: (personality,history,etc.)

Description of appearance of cat:


Ally Form

Name of Clan/Pack/Tribe:

Link to page of Clan/Pack/Tribe:

Number of Clan members:

Leader's OC Name and AJ Username:

Benefits for our Clan:

Benefits for your Clan:

Reason for Alliance:

Other Additional Info:

Note*: Only leaders and deputies or warriors that have their leader's permission may fill this form for alliance


If you would like to use your den for the camp just fill this out :3 </p>

Leaving Form(*Please fill if you are leaving!)


O.C. Name:

Why you are leaving:


May StarClan light your path!:)

Clan Den Form


Snap Shot of your den(All the different dens(eg.leaders,medic):

Clan Dens
  • Leaders: Thunderstar
  • Warrior: Thunderstar
  • Medic: Thunderstar
  • Nursery: Thunderstar
  • Elders: Thunderstar
  • Apprentice:ThunderStar
  • Apprentices(Member)

Traditions and Events

🌲Traditions and Events🌲

🌲Clan Anniversary🌲

As a Clan,we celebrate our Clan's birth and creation! For, if our ancestors have not found land and territory in our lovely spruce forest, would we live to this day,happily and lovingly as a family?

Next Celebration of Event:

Date: Feb.13.2018

Info: We will celebrate our ancestors by having a big feast, leaders and medics present will go to the Moonpool and everyone will have fun!

🌲Clan Revival Anniversary🌲


🌲Day of the Spirits🌲


On October 31st, Twolegs and kittypets "celebrate" this kind of event named "Halloween". Kittypets are dressed in ridiculous(wild cat prespective) and weird furs and walk around with their twolegs. This was meant to chase away spirits and ghosts that will come. But, we celebrate it differently..

On this day, we celebrate the dead and sit by their tombstones, remembering the days they were alive. Praying to StarClan and thanking them for all our blessings!

Next Celebration of Event:

Date: Oct.28.-Nov. 1. 2017

Info: We will celebrate our ancestors, giving them flowers and prey by their stones and wishing them well in StarClan! Please note any relativies you want to thank for that are in StarClan

Upcoming Events

*Meetings happen once in two weeks, roleplays weekly.

Event Date Additional Info.


  • CloudClan and SpruceClan Gathering
  • Rosekit,Thunderstar and Waterclaw in the forest
  • Sparklepaw Apprentice Ceremony
  • Nightsong Warrior Ceremony
  • Silverwing Warrior Ceremony
  • Chiling in Camp..(Rosekit,Willowpelt,Thunderstar,Midnight)
  • Silverwing's Vigil R.I.P
  • Rosepaw's Apprentice Ceremony
  • Hawkpaw's Apprentice Ceremony!
  • SAFE in Spiritshadow's old home!
  • Art of SpruceClan from Bopperz
Acceptable Animals

 Currently WIP!

Gallery of IRL cats

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