Hello, I'm Rust, a Lieutenant of the Pack of Silent Screams.

My user is Puppydog1009, and I am a very strong and harsh cat. My pelt is brown with a lighter brown underbelly, and white patches on the back, and laced with scars. My right mitt is white.

I am the niece of Scourge, because of my mother Ruby.

My story starts like this...I was born in a small white house at the end of the thunderpath. I was the smallest of the litter. I had a sister, Daisy. She is a white and light brown she-cat with grey patches. When I was 1 moon old, I went outside when the entrance wasn't barred. I ran, wanting to see what the world outside the twoleg nest was like. I stopped when I saw the forest, a big mass of tall things with fluttery bits at the top. I ran in, curious, and looked back for a moment. I could still see my nest and my twolegss, which were walking out and calling my name. I ran deeper into the forest, every step causing my bell to ring. Soon I came across the darkest part of the forest, decorated with bones. Curious about what caused all this, I padded further into the strange place. Soon, a gray and white tom tackled me, dragging me to his camp. We soon entered the area he called camp, and dropped me at his leader's paws. The small black tom sat in front of me, glaring coldly with ice blue eyes. A collar pierced by dog teeth sat around his neck, as did on the gray tom's on closer inspection. Both sets of his claws were reinforced with dog teeth. One of his paws were pure white. "Get up, kit." He spoke coldly. Getting up, I stared at him warily. He glanced to the gray tom. "Where did you find this kit, Broken?" The gray tom dipped his head and spoke with respect. "I found her wandering the area near camp, Scourge." The black tom scowled angrily and glared at me. "Who is your mother?" He sounded as if the subject mildly amused him. Excitedly, I replied. "My mama's name is Ruby, and I'm-" He cut me off. "Ruby, you say? I haven't heard that name for a long time. What is your name?" I squeaked a reply. "I'm Bran!" Scourge glanced down at my collar. He glared at the bell on my collar, he tore the bell off my collar. I look up into his cold blue eyes. Scourge spoke "So bran, has your mother ever talked about a kitten named Tiny?" Scourge asked, he was the size of a young apprentice. "No." I asked Wondering who this cat Tiny was. "Broken, bring this kitten to the messiest moss patch u can find. Lets see if she can survive the night." He looked down at me with a slight grin. Broken dragged me by my neck. He dropped me in moss filled with mud. Somehow, I survived though the long cold night. A swift bite on my neck woke me up. The sunlight burned my eyes. (WIP)