Welcome to our Family tree section of Rushingclan. This separates all the different, siblings, parents, kits and other relations you may have and puts it into a simple form. Anyone can edit it, but please make sure to only edit your own, unless you have permission from the owner of the OC that you want to edit.

There are Different Sections for Different relationships to The other Cats. You will see a formatting Technique In italics under the headline. If anyone wishes to edit it, Just follow the Examples!


She-cat & Tom

Rowanbreeze & Hazestar - Has 3 kits [They are No Longer Mates]

Mythpool & Nightshade - Expecting Kits

Eclipsestar & Silverfang - Two kits

Palemoon & Glitch - Has One Kit

Risingsky & Nightmare - Unknown Whether has Kits

Dapplestream X Coalfur - Has Too many Kits - XD Rowanbreeze who doesnt know how many you guys have now


Cat1 {M/F], Cat2 [M/F], Cat3 [M/F]


Tealkit [F], Lotuskit [F], Hawkkit [F]

Quillkit [F], Minkkit [F], Coalkit [F], Dapplekit [F], Tinykit [F], Silenkit [F]


None at the Moment


Eclipsestar [F], Rowanbreeze [F]

Palemoon [F], Risingsky [F]

Mothers & KitsEdit

Shecat & Tom - Kits - List of Female Kits [F] List of Male Kits [M] {Age:}

If there is two litters, Simply Make another list saying: Litter 2: And then the Formatting of the Lists of Kits Again. You do not have to State the Mate pairing again.

Rowanbreeze & Hazestar - Kits - Lotuskit, Tealkit, Hawkkit, [F] {Age: 2 Moons} [No longer Mates]

Mythpool & Nightshade - Kits - Silentkit, Quillkit, Minkkit, Coalkit, Dapplekit, Tinykit [F] {Age: Unborn}

Eclipsestar & Silverfang - Kits - Shatteredkit (died) [F}, Jaykit [M]