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As RushingClan we are proud of our history. Click here to view a record on original RushingClan pasts.
" Its not much further then here, come on! "

The raspy female said to you, who was trudging beside her.

She slipped under 2 damp rocks, to a beautiful, Sunny and bright camp.

" Dont make yourself at home yet, you need to meet the leader, He is not fond of new members though "

You followed her towards a hole in the sandy hollow, Damp vines hung from it.

" May I Enter, Adderstar. "

The raspy voice asked, sounding more polite.

" What is it, Springstep. "

" We have found a stray loner, desperate for shelter."

" Kill it. "

Your ears perked and your eyes widened with fear, your pelt bristled.

" Adderstar, this loner could make a extremely good advantage to the clan, as a warrior! Please accept them, when we attacked it, he fought back with skills we've never heard of before.

" Hm, Well then, Springstep, I take your hopefully wise-words, I Shall teach him how we fight, and where we roam. "

" Welcome to rushingclan, Loner. "

" Now Get out of my sight! "

He hissed.

You turned around, following swiftly the raspy shecat.

" Nothing to worry about, He will care for you like a mother for her chicks, Alot of the clanmates are much nicer, though, Come on, Go meet them. "

You padded into the center of the camp, Wide eyed.

This looked like it was home.

Founding Date 06/05/2017
Original Founding Date 18/02/16
Original Clan Founder Sunnyrainstormsky
Status Inactive
Tag Colour Aqua/light blue
Badge-Optional Lightning
Sexual Orientation Accept anything; Homosexual/Bisexual/Straight
Realm Neutral leaning towards dark.
Roleplay Method Advanced vocabulary, descriptive traditional
Member Count 0
Species Feral felines
Recruiting No
*Please note that all dates are listed in DD/MM/YY.*
The standards of to which we roleplay matter. Here, are the appropriate roleplay methods of RushingClan. You are expected to abide to these rules as long as your are with us. Of course, different circumstances mean a few alterations, so here is where you can find what is and isn't appropriate.

A few ground rules:

Always be descriptive.

What really makes roleplaying interesting is all the detail you put into it, instead of a simple word or two.

No text to speak.

This can prove unprofessional. We are a clan, and no author would say "u" "r" "Im" etc. in their stories. It's the same with roleplay.

Strive to have correct grammar.

If you have incorrect grammar we don't look serious, professional, or knowledgeable enough to have a simple correct sentence. This gives reason to others to point fingers at us.

No emoticons during roleplay.

It doesn't matter whether it's typed or one of the animal jam emojis, this gives the impression that you're fooling off instead of roleplaying.

No Anatomy or Latin.

See rules.

Camp Roleplay:

No overuse of advanced vocabulary.

All "advanced vocabulary" really is, are more complex English words, that roleplayers often compile upon one another to look professional and skilled. These words are still a part of the English language, but roleplayers often use too much of an overdose. During camp roleplay, you are required to use descriptive traditional. You may also insert some "advanced words" in, as this is completely acceptable, just don't compile them all together at camp.


Advanced vocabulary/descriptive traditional are both permitted.

The roleplay strategy depends on the type the opponent is comfortable with. Completely advanced and the regular descriptive traditional are both permitted. Just be sure to agree with your adversary. Here, you may choose to overload the opponent in vocabulary.


Advanced vocabulary is strongly encouraged.

Here, if you are good at and are comfortable with advanced vocabulary, we prefer that over traditional. It does give us a more professional stance, and if used correctly, battling others can be a lot more efficient.

No double-grouping.

Regardless of your character, regardless what kind of group it is (i.e. pack, clan, tribe, etc.). This offense is punishable of exile.

Respect all clan mates.

It does not matter the rank, all of RushingClan deserve respect.

Obey the top ranking.

If someone of the highest ranking tells you to do something, you must abide by their wishes. The only exception is if you feel it is unreasonable, then you have permission to speak to the Leader about it. These ranks include the Leader, Deputy, Co Deputy, and Senior Warriors have a certain amount of authority as well.

Be serious.

It is important that while it's time to roleplay, that's all we are doing. If your are unsure what is appropriate, scroll up to the Ground Rules under Roleplaying Guidelines. Keep in mind there are times for fooling off, and others to roleplay.

Take your punishments responsibly.

When you are given a punishment, and only by the Leader's consent, you are not permitted to throw any fits, resist or anything of that kind. After the third punishment, exile is in order, if seen fit by the Leader. After exile you are not to return, unless under rare circumstances may you get an exception.

Leaving three times is the limit.

Although we may accept you a third time, more often than not we won't accept you after a second time.

When you join, you are committed.

It truly is such a waste of our time just to have you join for a day or so and then leave. It takes time to place you in the wiki, give the tour, and try to make you feel welcome in our clan. Be sure if you are wishing to join.

Rogue and clan names are acceptable.

For rogue names you can tend to be a lot more creative. However, if you have a clan name, please make sure it is something a feral feline would know about.

Stick to our Roleplay Guidelines.

You are prohibited any use of other style than given, primarily Latin and Anatomy. Also, please use the appropriate roleplay per circumstance underneath the Roleplaying Guidelines section.

Powerplaying is prohibited.

This method that some use is not roleplay whatsoever. You are completely ignoring the actions that another had taken the time to type out. This is strictly forbidden, and after a few reminders, you will be punished. Powerplaying includes "dodging" or "blocking" another's action, and using "nn", "nm", "nd", or showing ignorance to another's action.


This is one of the biggest components to a clan. If no one were active then there would be no roleplay, resulting in a disband. In the case you are grounded or whatever reason, you are given one week of inactivity with no reason. After that, we hold the right to kick you to make more space for new clan mates. If you were truly unable to notify anyone, contact the Leader (easiest done on my message wall).

Medicine Cats

As a medicine cat It is being debated if your able to have mates. Your number one responsibility is tending to your clan. You are meant to be at peace with all cats you may come across, unless conflict may arise.


You must adhere to the wishes of your mentor at all times, as well as all above. You are not permitted to leave the camp without the assistant of a warrior, and are not allowed mates until the point of becoming a warrior, due to the distraction towards training.


You are permitted to a maximum of 4 kits.


You are not permitted to leave of the nursery until one moon of age, and are unable to be apprenticed until 6 moons. Upon no circumstances may they be permitted to leave the camp. They are to respect and obey all older, and especially the Queens and Top Ranking.

*Please note, if you do know you are leaving for a while, contact us so you don't get removed.*

Head Items Skull helmet, nothing.
Neck Items Spiked collar, leaf necklace.
Back Items Elf armour, spartan armour, jamaaliday bow, nothing.
Leg Items Elf bracelets, legendary glove.
Tail Items Nothing.


Head Items Fox hat, nothing.
Neck Items Jamaaliday scarf, nothing.
Back Items Pirate sword, nothing.
Leg Items Rare freedom bracelets, glove.
Tail Items Nothing.

*The dress code is expected to be followed strictly. All that doesn't list "nothing" means that nothing is also not acceptable. Most of these items should be easily attainable. If you really don't have a required item, please talk to the Leader. We do not accept the colour pink, also, please make sure your pelts and such are appropriate, realistic colours.*

Leader (1/1)



Mate Gender
Rubyjayx Adderstar N/A Male

Deputy (0/1)

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Medicine Cats (0/2)
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Medicine Cat Apprentices (0/2)

Username Name Mentor Gender


Username Name Mentor Gender


Username Name Parents Gender


Username Name Mate Gender


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06/05/2017: Rushingclan is starting up again.
We Only ally with clans and tribes, we do not alliance with canines.

If you have a canine pack, please do not request to alliance with us.

Group Type Group Name Leader(s) Username Leader(s) Name
*We have none at the moment, and we wish to keep it that way.*

Leader's Username and Character Name:

(Assorted Group)'s Name:

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