**Note** Edit

These are the festivals of RushingClan! We vote here on what new traditions should be added or any parties OOC! :D Please feel free to contact someone in RushingClan; Mythpaw, Eaglestar, Saltpelt & Coalfur to add/take a festival.

🌏RushingClan Anniversary🌏 Edit

Founding: 18/2/2016 (DD/MM/YY)

Month Anniversary - Our Official Month Together: 18/3/2016 - Party will be held at one of the willing cat's den.

Year Anniversary - Future One: 18/3/2017 - TBA in the future

💕True Paw's Love / Love At First Bite💞 Edit

Future Dance Day - 14/02/2017 (DD/MM/YY)

The day of love and spreading hearts and revealing to your crushes your heart beeps towards them 💘

🌠Stars' Day / Descendant Light Day🌠 Edit

Upcoming Celebration - TBA

StarClan's official respect day, where cats pray and praise their great ancestors.

🗽Hat Festival🗽 Edit

Upcoming Competition - TBA

Future Competition - TBA

This is obviously out of clan where cats just show their cique style of hats ;o;

🎬 RushingClan's Got Talent 🎼 Edit

Upcoming Competition - TBA

Future Competition - TBA

Where cats show their smoking good talents to the special judges!