"Why dont you save your threats for someone who fights with words"

Basic Infomation Edit

Name: Rowanbreeze

Former Names: Rowan, Rowanpaw

Species: Feline - Main Coon/Japanese Bobtail Mix

Status: Alive

Sex: Female

Sexulity: Bisexual

Rank: Queen

Former Ranks: Senior Warrior, Warrior, Rouge

Current Clan: Rushingclan

Former Clan: Skyclan ~ Modern

Age: 22 Moons

Description: Ash grey pelt with pretty black markings all over her flanks and back. She has a russet red underbelly, contrasting with her dark pelt. She has Dark blue eyes, Thick, Fluffy Fur and a Short Bushy tail.

Mentor: Crow [Unofficial, More of a trainer]

Apprentice(s): Mythpool

Theme songs: One Woman Army, I Hate u i love u, Can't Pretend

Personality and Appearance [Scars] Edit

Personality: Rowanbreeze is rude and sarcastic. She is often thought of as being blunt and outright mean to others when they annoy her. When In fact she is just very Formal and Likes to get things done quickly. She is very un trusting of cats she doesn't know, and is very protective, leading to her often violently solving situations. Given her attitude of being sarcastic and rude, She if often disliked by cats, and sometimes other members of Skyclan.

Appearance: Rowanbreeze is 75% Maincoon and 25% Japanese Bobtail, Giving her the stubbed, short tail. She has a Ash grey overcoat with Pretty Black tabby markings on her back and Hind Legs. She has a russet red Stomach and her tail is not unlike a Lynx's. She has Very long Fur and Friendly white speckled Dark blue Eyes. She has a a scar that runs bold across her Chest, Where she was betrayed by her friend who tried to kill her in cold blood. She also has a scar down her Left hind leg from a Fox fight and The tip of her Right ear is torn off and ragged.

Relationships Edit

Mother: Stormtail

Father: Shadowfang

Siblings: Ashenfoot [M] Eclipsestar [F]

Aunts: Crystalfur, Ambersplash

Uncles: Rockstumpytail

Mate: N/A

Crush: hmm uh uh uh!! Not telling 3:(

Former Mate/Father of Kits: Hazestar Of Rippleclan

Kits: Tealkit, [F] Lotuskit, [F] Hawkkit, [F]

Likes, Dislikes & Fears Edit


Family & Friends <3


The Mountains


Arrogant cats


People who wont listen to reason [Or her c;]





Rowanbreeze was born into Jadeclan, As Rowankit. She was soon cast out for being too peaceful, Jadeclan being a clan of war, The leader did not want weak warriors. She was cast out on a stormy night, The day the fire swept across the moors and threatend Jadeclan and the surrounding Clans living there. She became afraid of Storms, Thinking Starclan was punishing her for being too weak for her Clan. She took on the name Rowan, And lived as a loner, living in an old farm barn Away from Jadeclan's borders.

She lived there For a while, Surviving From instinct and Often resorting to Eating Crowfood when she cant catch anything. Until she was roughly 10 Moons. Then one night a stranger crept into the barn, Dripping wet from the rain outside and started to explore the barn. The stranger was older than Rowan, Around 3-4 Years old. She greeted him, And offered him a place to rest and hunt. He took the offer gratefully and introduced himself to be Crow, A wanderer, Ever since his family had been killed by Wolves from the mountains. Rowan sympathised with him, And in exchange for her hospitality, Crow agreed to teach her skills on how to survive on her own.

To be continued - Im too lazy atm ;)

Fun Facts Edit

Rowanbreeze's Favorite flower is the Lotus. This is why she calls her firstborn kit Lotuskit.

Rowanbreeze is in Rushingclan, A small kit was recently born, Lightningkit. Lightningkit is the Half Nephew of Featherstar/Tourmaline, Former leader and Founder of Scarclan. And Featherstar is actually the Grandmother of Rowanbreeze's Trainer, Crow.















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