Resplendent, And Alluring, a favorable beautiful site of a placid hushed forest the sounds of birds delivering a tranquilizing easing songs echoed faintly and harmonizing across the forest the smells tinted with pleasing honey spreading the area the aroma importing a relaxing smooth and maintained stroll. The Rowan had exquisite guardings of their home, protected and healthy mainlands that fleed with esthetic food, their actions were interwined calm and collected towards others that were unknown, and their allies affectionate with their reasons and solutions. They were loving and protective of their ancestors for they have always been without them throughout many generations they cornerstoned them and blessed the leaders with everlasting impluse for when they pass the ancestors will conjoin with them welcoming them to their new sentience still supporting their clan. The generations growing, their young kits strong growing wealthy, and clever oathed to protect their new home.  Forever holding the peace and confidence in trust in their warm hearts, Their Looks And Words Forgotten, But their actions and names throughout the stars always staying throughout the enchanting, graceful winds. Soaring past the great oak trees, through the most  vigorous reinforced rivers. They are our family guardians of our everlasting centuries of walking the earth. The new Generation manufactured, with the leader of strength, free with their soul compassionate, strength regenerating in them guiding them throughout their life of leading. Their family, retreiving the rowan back to life once again it has started, we have grow throughout the woodlands. We are once back to life- the leader of now this new stand of RowanClan adjusted her posture in a proud scheme on a boulder looking around the vegetation, her eyes brighten in pure love and heart.

" We Are The Forest's Guardians, We Are The Provided, Ever holding Peace. RowanClan! "



Branch dividerrr
Branch dividerr
Founding Date June 18th,
Species DomesticatedCats
Status Active
Orientation Light
Server Draa
Tag Color Brown
Roleplay Style Fluid
Accepting Alliances? Yes



 Respect must be given fairly to all ranks, it's not respectful to disrespect/insult other ranks higher than yours, They work hard and if they deal with any drama situation even if you do not like the statements nor solutions that the leader's make you must respect them, because they are trying their best to succed in leading RowanClan Peacfully.

Rowanclan is not a side-group, if you're ever caught Double-Grouping, you will be exile no matter what rank. Having a different account or different Oc still, counts as Double-Grouping.

 If you ever noticed using un-realistic or impossible moves, you will be given a fair warning.

Seriousness: During roleplays, you must act seriously this isn't a place to fool around. Unless the Chiefs have given you permission to take a small break, you must act the right way.

Visiters: Vistors are allowed to visit our camp only as long as their inside the Vistors list,  To become on the visitors list, please contact The Leader  and they'll be added right away.

 To strengthen and learn skills from other, the group has spars daily, learning tips from each other. Spars can only be done to Novices and higher, of course, Shamans and their Notices may not be able to intended in the sparring sessions.

 Unknown Cats who happened to Enter into our camp or territory will be questioned first unless they've attacked first. If something were to happen, the leader and deputy will result it.

 Training is a very important task for Apprentinces, their mentor are to train them every day or at least 5 times per week. If for any reason the mentor arent able to teach their Apprentinces their will be another assigned member to train them,

 Everyone must have a proper job to care and help out in all ways they can, not just a few selected alone. Everyone should have their fair share on patrols, huntings, cleaning, and more.

 Patrols are led from the lead patrol by the leader, during the patrol, either its hunting or scouting, they must follow orders from their lead patrol. The group is to stay together at all time unless told to.


The Family


Cicekli-1 3
Cicekli-1 3

Cicekli-1 3
 Lead Warrior


 Lead Scout


Head Shaman