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RowanClan is the home of the durable. Built upon a variety of domestic cat breeds, we will manage to push forward as one. Many Clans have been created, many Clans have been destroyed before us. This does prove that we will not always be at our highest point, however it does not mean we won't strive in a strenuous effort to put up a fight. We are a strong union of family, bounded together by blood and recreationally solidifying our inner council through the coarse decisions our highest authorities must make. We do not recklessly wreak havoc onto other Clans. We help them in time of need, making sure the allied groups thrive in prosperity. May our enemies perish once we are done with them, because once we step in, we do not bow down without a dangerous fight first; for we are the indestructible and fearless RowanClan.


Founding Date 1.27.17
Species Domesticated Cats
Status Active
Orientation Neutral
Server Danube
Tag Color Teal
Roleplay Style Descriptive Traditional/Little Vocabulary
Accepting Alliances? Yes; Domestic Cat Clans Only



Out of 80.

Member Count

1. attiecat22

2. stormpaw132

3. Maddie240

4. rocker15109

5. Darkcrystalcave

6. xxgreysmudgexx

7. Albatrosss

8. xxthegreatwolfiexx

9. Twistedleopards

10. roadhawg

11. Unhallowed

12. XChaoticWorldX

13. iloveanimals4467

14. Sparkyy

15. Scrruffy

16. Dyspasix

17. Cacoa

18. ColdRefrigerator

19. xxhidensecretxx

20. Erosioned

21. Inkdrop

22. minivermoo

23. Sparklepet1356

24. Casuistry

25. poeticbro

26. Neixes

27. Allgator101

28. Apricite

29. 12hopperz

30. buelljam

31. Blackjack35

32. QueenXPookie

33. thethunderpack

34. Olliverr

35. Ihoyne

36. Distortions

37. lilgrcy

38. craftdog

39. theroxegirl9

40. Destiinyx

41. walkingpearl

42. wing235

43. bearwolfalmighty

44. puella1

45. lunastar5276

46. Xilon

47. Specify

48. scorpido

49. snowywolf45

50. Elena4466

51. Sassysyd

52. Chaoticdreams

53. Freedomforme

54. cutiepiebebe

55. dangerwolfjaw

56. jolteon2535

57. dragonheart49

58. Deltah

59. Domiinant

60. Memorys

61. Abstractics


63. catfue12316

64. Ghostofthepanther

65. Crypticnightmares

66. Emblazed

67. Midnoight

68. Zimie

69. jaday90

70. Geobud123

71. RubyWolf378

72. Mistfeather0

73. Pizzalia

74. Flamerogue

LEADER {1/1}


The leader is the overall ruler of the Clan. They are one power that the Clan must respect at all costs. The leader makes the toughest decisions for the Clan, declares war on other Clans, performs ceremonies inside the Clan, and it is their job to keep the Clan running strong.

Name Username Gender Breed Mate Apprentice Theme Song
Riverstar attiecat22 Tom Silver Norwegian Forest Cat None Silverpaw Hear Me Now
DEPUTY {1/1}

The deputy is the second in command of the Clan. They are chosen based upon loyalty, activity, respect, and talent. They are chosen by the leader to uphold the leader's position once the leader has either retired or died. The deputy organizes hunting and border patrols, makes decisions alongside the leader, and is greatly respected among the Clan.

Name Username Gender Breed Mate Apprentice Theme Song
Robinchirp stormpaw132 Shecat Abyssinian None Birdpaw Live Forever

The medicine cat is a self explanatory rank. They are the healers of the Clan, moulding the immobilized warriors back into insurmountable ones. They connect with our spirit ancestors and have a gift nobody else can inherit inside the Clan. They study all the herbs one can know and utilizes the gifted knowledge to tend to other's wounds. Medicine cats are usually determined at a younger age, especially as the current one gets older and is looking for a successor.

Medicine Cats
Name Username Gender Breed Full Medicine Cat? Apprentice Theme Song
Oceaneyes xxthegreatwolfiexx Shecat Lilac Point Siamese X Silver Bengal Yes Swiftpaw Ocean Eyes
Swiftpaw Twistedleopards Shecat No None N/A

The senior warriors are the head warriors of the Clan. They usually lead most border and hunting patrols and are in charge of the Clan's activity whenever the leader or deputy are not online. They each have a skilled area in which they work to perfect and are overall genuinely respected by everyone else in the Clan.

Senior Warriors
Name Username Gender Breed Mate Apprentice Theme Song
Lionshade Maddie240 Tom

Mountain whisper

Shinepaw N/A
Mountain whisper rocker15109 Shecat Norwegian Forest Cat Lionshade Puddlepaw N/A
Deerstep (Nursing) xxgreysmudgexx Shecat Maine Coon Raindusk None N/A
Bramblehawk Darkcrystalcave Shecat Brazilian Shorthair None Aspenpaw Shallows


Albatrosss Shecat Lilac Siamese Pantherstrike Exoduspaw Mountain Sound


The warriors are the bulk of the Clan. This rank has an endless flow of cats that will take on the title of a RowanClan warrior. They are the hunters, fighters, and mentors of the Clan, and as they become older are recognized for their experience and loyalty devoted towards their home. They are beneath the medicine cat, deputy, leader, and senior warriors, but are still treated with great respect.



Username Gender Breed Mate Apprentice Theme Song
Amazonian eye Casuistry Shecat Maine Coon Thornclaw Ripplepaw Jordan Belford
Titanfall Destiinyx Shecat None None N/A
Stonestream Albatrosss Tom British Shorthair None Zebrapaw John the Revalator
Sunstream minivermoo Shecat Maine Coon None None N/A
Glacialsky Sparkyy Shecat Russian Blue None Turtlepaw N/A
Robinleap craftdog Shecat None None N/A
Mousetuft xxthegreat wolfiexx Shecat Maine Coon None None N/A
Foxtrap attiecat22 Shecat Somali Cat None None N/A
Willowbreeze attiecat22 Shecat Norwegian Forest Cat None Pinepaw N/A
Carolheart Cacoa Shecat Maine Coon Mix None Tidalpaw N/A
Windstreak Dyspasix Shecat Oriental Longhair None None N/A
Quietstream Ellena4466 Shecat Grey Balinese None None Viva La Vida
Leafstream theroxegirl9 Shecat Cream and White Maine Coon Sedgeleap None N/A
Bluefur Dyspasix Shecat Russian Blue None None N/A
Inkdrop Inkdrop Shecat American Shorthair None Adderpaw N/A
Palesky Inkdrop Tom Smoke Egyptian Mau None None N/A
Aridsky buelljam Shecat Russian Blue X Domestic Siberian None None N/A
Seadance Specify Shecat Somali Cat Aries Moonpaw N/A
Emberheart Ellena4466 Tom Somali Cat None None Water Under The Bridge
Cloudstep xxthegreatwolfiexx Shecat Turkish Angora None None N/A
Raindusk Albatrosss Tom Norwegian Forest Cat Deerstep None N/A
Violetsong Ihoyne Shecat None None N/A
Maplefall Sassysyd Shecat Turkish Van None Brightpaw N/A
Nettlesting Casuistry Shecat Abyssinian None None N/A
Troutfur lunastar5276 Shecat Maine Coon Spiderfoot Cougarpaw, Rushingpaw N/A
Barbaricway Xilon Tom Maine Coon None None N/A
Oakridge Distortions Tom Tabby None None N/A
Owltuft Chaoticdreams Tom Himalayan None None N/A
Jaygaze Twistedleopards Tom Russian Blue None Lavander paw Not Afraid
Blackfrost Dyspasix Shecat Bombay None None N/A
Whiteriot wolfy10121 Tom Mix None None Holo Pleasures
Pantherstrike XChaoticWorldX Tom Bombay Albatrosssoul Crowpaw N/A
Alderleaf wolfy10121 Tom Mix None None Hollow
Silkflower XChaoticWorldX Shecat Siberian Cat None None N/A
Briarfox Abstractics Shecat Somali Cat None Blossompaw N/A
Bearthorn Sparklepet1356 Tom Norwegian Forest Cat Mix None Sharkpaw N/A
Ravenshade jolteon2535 Tom None None N/A
Whiteivory scorpido Shecat White Snowshoe None None N/A
Lostfang Unhallowed Tom None Tigerpaw N/A
Dreadedhope attiecat22 Shecat Norwegian Forest Cat Mudstone None N/A
Mudstone roadhawg Tom Dreadedhope None N/A
Oasisflower stormpaw132 Shecat Norwegian Forest Cat Mix None Flypaw N/A
Spiderfoot Freedomforme Tom Siberian Troutfur None Radioactive
Duskheart dragonheart49 Shecat Tabby None None Scars to Your Beautiful
Ravengaze Deltah Shecat Bengal None Void Deadroses
Timberfall dangerwolfjaw Shecat Bengal None None N/A
Snailpatch Maddie240 Shecat Persian Mix None None N/A
Dragonstorm puella1 Tom Cymric X Maine Coon None None House of Memories
Bluespots puella1 Shecat Egyptian Mau None Aries Aftermath
Featherwing wing235 Shecat American Shorthair None None N/A
Mistyleaf Sammy12358 Shecat None None N/A
Timberberry xxgreysmudgexx Shecat Maine Coon None None N/A
Tidalspark ColdRefrigerator Shecat Norwegian Forest Cat None None California
Piketooth snowywolf45 Tom Javanese None Houndpaw N/A
Ivypond QueenXPookie Shecat Japanese Bobtail None None Meteor Shower
Silverpath Erosioned Shecat Tabby None None Centuries
Thornclaw Domiinant Tom Siamese Amazonian eye None N/A


Tom None Tarantulapaw N/A


catfue12316 Tom Black Smoke Norwegian Forest Cat None None Let it Sleep


Tom Maine Coon None Juniperpaw I Write Sins not Tragedies
Aspenfall Crypticnightmares Shecat None None N/A
Nightbreeze Midnoight Shecat American Shorthair Darkriver None Girls Your Age
Shadowheart Memorys Shecat None None N/A
Slatefang Geobud123 Tom None None This is Gospel
Wolfsong catfue12316 Shecat Maine Coon None Mintpaw And the Snakes  Start to Sing
Heronwing Mistfeather0 Tom Grey Maine Coon None None Sunset Lover
Lumencrest RubyWolf378 Shecat Somali None Ebonypaw N/A
Ivorynose QueenXPookie Shecat Turkish Angora None None N/A
Dustnose cuteipiebebe Shecat Brown Burmese None None N/A
Minnowsong Mistfeather0 Shecat British Longhair None None Purpan
Enigmasong Specify Tom Tortoise shell None None N/A
Twistedwish Swampheart Shecat Persian None None Blindness
Gingerleaf Neixes Male Maine Coon Cardinalwing None N/A
Whitedawn Flamerogue Male Turkish Angora None None Silhouette

Russet willow

Midnoight Shecat Somali X Persian None None N/A
Emberwing Emblazed Shecat British Longhair None None N/A
Olivewhisker QueenXPookie Tom Havanna Brown Goldenpaw None N/A
Primrose wing235 Shecat Bombay None None Oops!  I  Did It Again


The apprentices are one of the younger, more inexperienced cats of the Clan. At the age of six moons, they begin their training with their assigned mentor. Once they obtain full knowledge of every necessity, and they get the approval from their mentor, they will be given their final assessment. If they pass, they will have their warrior ceremony held for them that night. Sometimes, if the apprentice does something indelible, will they be given their ceremony earlier than other apprentices.

Name Username Gender Breed Progress in Training Mentor Theme Song
Shinepaw stormpaw132 Shecat Siberian Advanced Lionshade N/A
Brindlepaw Apricite Shecat Advanced Deciding N/A
Zebrapaw Cacoa Shecat Maine Coon Mix Advanced Stonestream N/A
Pinepaw roadhawg Shecat Abyssinian Intermediate Willowbreeze N/A
Blossompaw Casuistry Shecat Turkish Angora x Bengal Amatuer Briarfox Nancy Mulligan
Tidalpaw roadhawg Shecat Russian Blue Mix Amatuer Carolheart N/A
Adderpaw XChaoticWorldX Tom American Shorthair Intermediate Inkdrop N/A
Exoduspaw stormpaw132 Shecat Bengal Amatuer Albatrosssoul N/A
Lavenderpaw xxgreysmudgexx Shecat Ragdoll Intermediate Jaygaze N/A
Tarantulapaw Casuistry Tom Ragdoll Intermediate Oakbranch N/A
Cougarpaw Specify Tom American Shorthair Amatuer Troutfur N/A
Brightpaw cutiepiebebe Shecat Singapura X Japanese Bobtail Amatuer Maplefall N/A
Birdpaw Dyspasix Shecat Maine Coon Amatuer Robinchirp N/A
Crowpaw wolfy10121 Tom Charcoal Bengal Amatuer Pantherstrike Saturn
Sharkpaw Distortions Tom Dappled Amatuer Bearthorn Halo Combat
Void Nora8968 Shecat American Short Tail Amatuer Ravengaze N/A
Coldpaw jaday90 Tom American Shorthair Amatuer None This Bitter Earth
Turtlepaw Emblazed Tom Scottish Fold Amatuer Glacialsky Sign of the Times
Moonpaw puella1 Shecat Amatuer Seadance N/A
Aspenpaw Midnoight Shecat Turkish Van X American Shorthair Amatuer Bramblehawk N/A
Mosspaw Maddie240 Shecat American Bobtail Amateur Mistyleaf N/A
Houndpaw Deltah Tom Savannah Amateur Piketooth Trigger
Flypaw catfue12316 Shecat Bengal Amateur Oasisflower And The Snakes Start To Sing
Juniperpaw Crypticnightmares Shecat Russian Blue Mix Amateur Dawnstride Rather Be
Mintpaw Sammy12358 Shecat Maine Coon Amateur Wolfsong N/A
Creampaw Unencumbered Tom Birman X Norwegian Amateur Mountainwhisper N/A
Tigerpaw Pizzalia Tom Havanna Brown Amatuer Lostfang N/A
Goldenpaw Allgator101 Shecat Turkish Angora Amatuer Olivewhisker N/A
Ebonypaw Olliverr Tom American Shorthair X Persian Amatuer Lumencrest N/A
Puddlepaw Mistfeather0 Shecat Japanese Bobtail Amatuer Mountainwhisper N/A

The kits are the youngest and most inexperienced in the Clan. They stay in the nursery with their mother until they are old enough to become an apprentice, which is six moons. Kits are not allowed outside of camp and usually watch other apprentices who practice inside camp and learn some useful material through them. Kits are the spirit of the Clan, it is what keeps us alive, generation after generation.

Name Username Gender Breed Siblings Mother Theme Song
Halokit Destiinyx Shecat Unknown N/A
Rosenkit Blackjack35 Tom Maine Coon None Angelflight N/A
Honeykit xxgreysmudgexx Shecat Ginger Birman Mosskit, Mothkit, Monarchkit, Swankit,


Timidflower N/A
Mothkit xxthegreatwolfiexx Tom Maine Coon Mosskit, Monarchkit, Swankit, minnowkit, Honeykit Timidflower N/A
Poppykit xxthegreatwolfiexx Shecat Ginger American Bobtail None None N/A
Otterkit Albatrosss Tom Marbled American Shorthair None None N/A
Redkit attiecat22 Shecat Abyssinian X Bengal X Maine Coon Frostkit, Tulipkit Cardinalwing Doubt
Frostkit roadhawg Shecat Abyssinian X Bengal X Maine Coon Redkit, Tulipkit Cardinalwing N/A
Tulipkit Maddie240 Tom Abyssinian X Bengal X Maine Coon Redkit, Frostkit Cardinalwing N/A
Citruskit wolfy10121 Tom Bengal None None Mountains
Divinekit Specify Shecat Siamese Cougarpaw Coaltwist N/A
Morningkit wolfy10121 Tom Maine Coon X Norwegian Forest Cat Wolfkit, Tidekit, Deerstep

Skeletons- crywolf

Wolfkit rocker15109 Shecat Maine Coon X Norwegian Forest Cat Morningkit, Tidekit, Deerstep


Tidekit Ellena4466 Shecat Maine Coon X Norwegian Forest Cat Morningkit, Wolfkit, Deerstep


Riptide Ellena4466 Shecat Black Turkish Angora None None Paradise
Liliumkit iloveanimals4467 Shecat Maine coon None None [Insight    XX]
Pecankit xxgreysmudgexx Shecat Lilac Point Siamese X Bombay Lynxkit, Dovekit, Goosekit Albatrosssoul (Not born yet) N/A
Lynxkit walkingpearl Shecat Lilac Point Siamese X Bombay Pecankit, Dovekit, Goosekit Albatrosssoul (Not born yet) N/A
Dovekit Inkdrop Shecat Lilac Point Siamese X Bombay Pecankit, Lynxkit, Goosekit Albatrosssoul (Not born yet) N/A
Goosekit xxthegreatwolfiexx Shecat Lilac Point Siamese X Bombay Pecankit, Lynxkit, Dovekit Albatrosssoul (Not born yet) N/A
Pumpkinkit cutiepiebebe Shecat La Perm X Turkish Van None None N/A
Bearkit Xlion Shecat Siberian None None N/A
Stellarkit puella1 Shecat American Shorthair X Burmese Mix Skully and Nosey




Waving through a Window
Ashenkit Snowywolf45 Tom Turkish Angora


Maine Coon

None None N/A
Turtlekit XChaoticWorldX Shecat Bengal None Snailpatch N/A
Shellkit Sammy12358 Shecat None Grizzlyscar N/A
Maplekit Zimie Shecat Bengal None None Turn Off The Lights
Crimsonkit Ghostofthepanther Shecat Toyger None None N/A
Valleykit rocker15109 Shecat Lilac Point x Norwegian Dovekit, Goosekit, Pecankit, Lynxkit Albatrosssoul Soul Meets Body
Brookkit Unencumbered Shecat Russian Blue x Norwegian None None N/A
Pythonkit Ghostofthepanther Shecat Singapura None None Sippy Cup

The queens are the she-cats of the Clan expecting kits or are already nursing a litter. While the queens are in the nursery, they are not permitted to do normal warrior duties. This involves hunting and fighting in battles. They must stay inside camp until their kits graduate to a higher rank, and then they will return to their typical warrior duties.

Name Username Gender Breed Mate Kits Theme Song
Timidflower iloveanimals4467 Shecat Ginger Birman Unknown Mosskit, Mothkit, Monarchkit, Swankit, Minnowkit, Honeykit N/A


Shecat Ragdoll Unknown None But Wanted N/A
Cardinalwing stormpaw132 Shecat Abyssinian X Bengal Gingerleaf Frostkit, Redkit, Tulipkit N/A
Deerstep xxgreysmudgexx Shecat Maine Coon Raindusk Wolfkit, Tidekit, Morningkit N/A
Albatrosssoul Albatrosss Shecat Lilac Point Siamese Pantherstrike

Pregnant with Dovekit, Goosekit, Pecankit, Lynxkit, Valleykit

Rosefeather Erosioned Shecat Abyssinian Unknown Pregnant N/A
Primrose wing235 Shecat Bombay Unknown Pregnant Oops!..I Did It Again


The elders are the retired warriors of the Clan. They deserve the undying respect from the Clan. Some warriors retire early due to medically diagnosed injuries that are unrepairable, such as the loss of hearing or eyesight. Elders do not hunt or participate in battles, and usually tell stories about their golden days to the younger generation of the Clan. Their wiry attitude is enjoyable to many and their company is highly appreciated.

Name Username Gender Breed Mate Reason for Retirement Past Position Theme Song
Locustfur Scrruffy Tom Mutt None Way too old to do anything useful Warrior This Old Man
Whisperfoot roadhawg Shecat Maine Coon None Developing blindness in right eye and a broken ankle Warrior N/A
Millwind puella1 Shecat Burmese None Old and useless back leg Warrior Medicine


I. Double-Grouping

Double-grouping is strongly prohibited in RowanClan. When you join, you are making a commitment to your group that cannot easily be broken. Double-grouping will only result in conflict and confusion for the suspected person. We need your full loyalty here. if you cannot meet this requirement, then this Clan is not for you.

If you are caught double-grouping, you will have to decide which group you want to be in. If you cannot pick a side by the end of the day, you will be exiled. We need your full loyalty, and if you're already having conflicts over which group to choose, then that means you may need to re-evaluate which group you like best. When you go to join another group, Riverstar will inform the other group's leader that you tried to join RowanClan at the same time. This may or may not affect your activities in your new group.

II. Drama

Drama is something that happens in every group, but should not be taken outside of roleplay. When we do roleplay, there are deadlines we have to meet, and inner conflict is not something that we'd like to have. You may not like somebody, and you do not have to talk to them. Regardless, you must treat those members with respect as you would anyone else. If you have a serious problem, keep those conflicts outside of roleplay and away from the rest of the Clan.

If you continuously seem to be fighting with one or multiple people, there will be peer mediation with either the leader or the deputy to go over the problems so that we can resolve the issue. Continue after the mediation, and there is a chance that you might be asked to leave depending on your experience inside the Clan.

III. Disrespect

Disrespecting higher ranks is not acceptable. Everybody obtains their ranks for a reason. They are not simply passed out like we're at an auction. If you seem to disagree with someone who has inherited a high rank, you have the freedom to speak to the leader about it. Please do not say something disrespectful about them. This applies to people of all ranks.

If you disrespect a rank inside of roleplay, it will result with inside-roleplay punishment unless the leader thinks that it was a rather serious insult coming directly from the person rather than being in-character If it is outside roleplay, it will result in actual punishment (such as being suspended from Clan roleplay and other activities) that meets the offense.

IV. Joining/Adding OC's

You can have up to five OC's of any rank as long as they are not a high rank such as the medicine cat, deputy, or leader. We allow people to join with a two part name or a rogue name, however, we have a limit on it. Your characters can have a darker / lighter personality, as long as they follow our rules and obey the commanding positions.

V. Leaving

Loyalty is something you make an oath to when joining the Clan. You commit to us, and if you feel that you cannot provide us with an endless devotion to the Clan through thick, then you do not deserve to serve us through our thin. If you leave once, you are allowed one more chance to return. If you leave twice, you cannot return unless you have spoken to the leader and it has been thoroughly discussed and they agree that it is alright for you to come back.

VI. Fighting/Battling

RowanClan practices a system of realistic fighting, which means that we abandon the idea of powerplay. In spars and fights, we take each other's hits and avoid any form of powerplay. However, there are certain circumstances where we will be able to counterfeit these rules. One of the circumstances are common, which is when our enemy is powerplaying. If we see that our opponent is powerplaying, we will either A. Claim an automatic victory, or B. forget all past attacks and begin powerplaying against them as well. RowanClan fights with equality, and if one side of the scale were to be unbalanced, we will make sure we balance it out once again.

VII. In-Roleplay Conflicts/Damage

RowanClan is built up as realistically as possible, which also means that conflicts inside of roleplay must be kept to a minimum. Intrusions of people's forms that are loners, rogues, etc. will only be allowed once every week unless it's a plot roleplay that has been planned accordingly. This is to not create a riot of unnecessary drama over someone simply wanting to create an intentional draft between the peace provided for us and the unknown outdoors.

The Beach | Crystal Sands


The beach is one of RowanClan's main territories. This is where we come to play games that involve the water. Swimming relays can take place here as well as Kimbara. The vast ocean and warm weather allows us to catch saltwater prey year around. Other animals that roam this biome include tropical birds and gulls.

Tallrocks | Canyons Pathways


Tallrocks is a pathway that connects the vastlands to the beach. It's a very tropical region with large, flatter rocks that are scattered out all over the passageway that heat up during the day and allow a place for the cats to lounge. On the side nearer to the vastlands, the pathway is covered with larger tropical trees and undergrowth. Hunting here is very promising, as there are many different types of prey lying in the undergrowth or searching among the rocks.

Drylands | Kimbara


The drylands are one of RowanClan's main lands. With the river, RowanClan may hunt here throughout majority of the year. We have access to the smaller freshwater fish that swim through the passageway, as well as surrounding land animals, such as birds and other smaller rodents. The perfect combonation of topographical formations and canopies also permits prolonged sun-basking if needed.

Vastlands | Sarepia Forest

Sarepia Forest33

The vastlands are one of RowanClan's main lands. With the stream that marks our eastern border, RowanClan may hunt there throughout majority of the year. We have access to the smaller freshwater fish that swim through the passageway, as well as surrounding land animals, such as birds and other smaller rodents. The vastlands are covered completely in undergrowth and flourishing trees, with the Great Rowan just by the western border. The Great Rowan, our sacred tree, also stands here as the most noticeable feature of this area. This tree is responsible for the Clan's toponym.

We use the wolf avatar for every rank, including kits and apprentices.


This is an attire guide for those who are not that experienced in making outfits. These items are what we highly recommend for you to wear, and once you gain more knowledge/experience of making different outfits, may you then expand your use of items. Note that RowanClan does not have a dress code; as I believe that diversity is an essential thing needed for a group. We do, however, have certain restrictions if an outfit were to look too ridiculous.


  • Fox Hat
  • Flower Crown
  • Spring Flower Crown
  • Elf Armor
  • Spartan Armor
  • Jamaaliday Bow
  • Sword
  • Spiked Collar
  • Leaf Necklace
  • Heart Locket
  • Legendary Glove
  • Elf Cuffs


We try to base our OC's attire off of its rank. Since kits do not participate in combat, they normally do not wear combative items such as swords, armor, etc. Kits are deliberately supposed to have an innocent viewpoint, and are not to be interpreted as aggressive. Apprentices, whom are in between the rank of a kit and the rank of a warrior, typically wear swords, armor, leaf necklaces, or collars. Although, since they are only at their training era in the Clan and do not normally do the warrior duty of dealing with trespassers, apprentices will still look a bit more youthful compared to the warriors. Some people have their designated OC wear the same items as they progress through the rankings in the Clan while others tend to switch the items up based upon the rank they're currently upholding. Here are some examples of different outfits you can wear.

Example of OC Attires

  • Attire example for a kit.
  • Attire example for an apprentice.
  • Attire example for a warrior.
  • Attire example for a warrior. {2}

Notice how the OC progressively gains more and more equipment as it excels in the ranks? Why don't you try it now?

This is the Warrior Code that is recommended for the cats of RowanClan to follow. All credit goes to the Erin Hunter's of the Warriors series.

1. Defend your Clan, even with your life. You may have friendships with cats from other Clans, but your loyalty must remain to your Clan, as one day you may meet them in battle.

2. Do not hunt or trespass on another Clan's territory.

3. Elders, queens, and kits must be fed before apprentices and warriors. Unless they have permission, apprentices may not eat until they have hunted to feed the elders. If any warrior or apprentice is sick or injured, they may eat while the elders, queens, and kits are eating.

4. Prey is killed only to be eaten. Give thanks to StarClan for its life.

5. A kit must be at least six moons old to become an apprentice.

6. Newly appointed warriors will keep a silent vigil for one night after receiving their warrior name.

7. A cat cannot be made deputy without having mentored at least one apprentice.

8. The deputy will become Clan leader when the leader dies, retires or is exiled.

9. After the death or retirement of the deputy, the new deputy must be chosen before moonhigh.

10. During a Gathering, none of the groups are allowed to fight. This is a night of truce, where each cat resides side by side.

11. Boundaries must be checked and marked daily. Challenge all trespassing cats.

12. No warrior can neglect a kit in pain or danger, even if the kit is from a different Clan.

13. The word of the Clan leader is the warrior code.

14. An honorable warrior does not need to kill other cats to win their battles, unless they are outside the warrior code or if it is necessary for self-defense.

15. A warrior rejects the soft life of a kittypet.


List of Penalty OC Name Reason Expiry Time
Mortification All

Left Twice

Neonrift All Spying Never



RowanClan emblem

How about RowanClan? As in the Rowan Tree? It grows from the mountain ash and its big branches spread out. It could represent how we will grow from the near extinction of Clans.


History of Leaders

  • River Ripple/Riverstar, Founder/Leader of RowanClan.
Name Username Gender Breed Reason for Death Previous Leader Theme Song
Riverstar attiecat22 Male Silver Norwegian Forest Cat Alive Founded the Clan N/A

History of Deputies

  • Tigerdusk, First Deputy of RowanClan. (Deceased)
  • Flamewhisker, Second Deputy of RowanClan.
  • Robinchirp, Current Deputy of RowanClan.
Name Username Gender Breed Reason for Death Deputy to Who Status Theme Song
Tigerdusk xGlitch Female Maine Coon Flood Riverstar Deceased N/A
Flame whisker Sparklepet1356 Male Maine Coon Alive Riverstar Stepped Down N/A
Robinchirp stormpaw132 Female Abyssinian Alive Riverstar Current Deputy Live Forever

History of Medicine Cats

  • Dapplenose, First Medicine Cat of RowanClan. (Deceased)
  • Oceaneyes, Medicine Cat of RowanClan. (Current)
Name Username Gender Breed Reason for Death Alive During Which Reign Apprentice(s) Theme Song
Dapple nose Sparklepet1356 Female Crushed by Falling Tree Riverstar None N/A
Ocean eyes xxthegreat wolfiexx Female Alive Riverstar None N/A


Clan Name Leader's OC Name Leader's Username Deputy's OC Name Deputy's Username Status





PondClan Nightstar meadowsky Wheatheart cloverwindy Ally



Joining Form 


OC Name:



Breed or Pelt Pattern:


Theme Song:

How Active Are You?:

Previous Associations:

More Experience With Which Realm:

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Current Allies:

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Other (Optional; if it's any other rank besides an apprentice or warrior, fill in the information that isn't on this form):

Adding a Plot

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Description of Plot:

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