Welcome to the world of learning how to roleplay. I hope i'm not the only one who is sick of those kittypets out in Sarepia all like :: she tackled him, biting his neck and ending him nn :: because I am sick and tired of it. If you had the low ego required to click on this page and actually read it, then I applaud you. But if you are one of those stuck up roleplayers who think they can take on anything and win, then I shun you. Shall we begin?

Looks Edit

Your look says it all. If you have a bright pink cat with blue spots, you have it coming. But if you have a proper roleplay look, like presented here, than people will fear and more than likely envy you. Here are the 4 things you need to perfect in order to look like a proper cat.

Screenshot (198)
  1. The outer and under base
  2. The markings
  3. The eyes
  4. The items

If you perfect these 4 things, than you will be in ship-shape to learn how to roleplay. Now, follow my guidelines.

Inner/Outer Pelt Base Edit

Screenshot (215)

First off. You ain't gonna go around looking like someone painted you. Keep. It. Real. Here are the acceptable colors for the inner and outer base:

Also, sorry for the crappy coloring.

If you use any other colors, it looks like you are just, a noob basically.

Markings Edit

Now that you have your pelt base set, you need detail. You can't go around Willy-Nilly with this stuff. It's serious. Here are the accepted markings:

Screenshot (221)
Screenshot (223)
Screenshot (224)
Screenshot (225)
Screenshot (222)

Note, with the swirls and flames, you should ONLY use it if the pattern matches your outer base.

Eyes Edit

Screenshot (227)

Acceptable Eye Colors

The eyes give your character color, light. It determines personality. The eyes are important. So don't go around being Purple-Eyed McGee, ok? These are the acceptional colors:

Items Edit

The items the cat wears are equally important as it's pelt. If it's a medicine cat, it should probably wear the leaf armor necklace. Warrior, a spiked collar. And all cats should have Elf Bracelets. Here is a list of things your avatar CAN wear:

  • Spiked Collars
  • Elf Bracelets
  • Spartan Back Armor
  • Back Elf Armor
  • Legendary Gloves
  • Leaf Necklaces
  • Fox Hats
  • Swords (Only for Non Members)
  • Moon Necklace (NM)
  • Pinecone Necklace (NM)

No Acceptions.

Roleplaying Edit

This is the tricky part. Most people think that roleplaying is simple. You bite and claw until the other person gives in. But it's not. I roleplay with something I call physics and science. I use the laws of physics and link them with science to make the ultimate cat. Let me show you how a typical battle goes for a good roleplayer who uses science and physics. (Cats used are my two personal OCs)

Zane: :: He leaped at the tom, using his brute strength to throw him off his feet. He than pinned him on his back, his forepaws on his shoulders, back paws on his back legs ::

Fog: :: he thrashed violently, attempting to break the hold. He than suddenly extended his forepaw, throwing Zane off balance. He used his free paw to push him off ::

Zane: :: He quickly caught his footing and went for another attack, he leaped at him, pinning him on his stomach this time. He sunk his claws into Fog's side, then than raked his forepaws up, leaving large gashes on his right side ::

Fog: :: He growled in pain, then he leaped at Zane and swatted his paw at his ear, his claws sunk into the thin ear skin, when he pulled back, the ear tore, leaving a V shaped cut in his ear. After he did so, he leaped into the shadows to tend to his wounds ::

Zane: :: Zane let out a mrrow of victory and went back to the hollowed out log he stayed in ::

Easy. A battle over within minutes. Think about the 3 things you can do. You can powerplay. You can drag the fight out forever. You can fight and have it over with within minutes. Which do you choose?

Cat Naming Edit

This is another thing I can't get over. I once met someone named Starstar in the forest. He had a pitch black pelt and dark eyes, nothing said star to me. I once also met Dangerpelt. She was a sweet, snow white queen. These names do not match up and are just horrible to hear. You have to think elements, nature. You have to think of your cat's personality. This naming trouble usually happens in Clans. Rogues have hit all the right notes with their names, and then there are cats named Starstar and Dangerpelt running around. Here is a naming guide that will hopefully help you out:

What is your pelt color and does your pelt resemble anything?

What are the color of your eyes?

What is your OCs personality like?

Let's just say we have a brown tabby tom who has blazing yellow eyes and is tempermental. We wouldn't name him Blossomkit, would we? No, the best name I have for some cat like that is Hawkkit/Hawkpaw/Hawkwing

Thank you for reading this and I hope it helped you out on learning the basics and help you become a true roleplayer