You're treading through a marshy place, the sun is shining brightly through the trees, blaring in your eyes. As you carry the plump squirrel you caught earlier, you become wary of nearby scents. You started to believe it was a pack, until the scents varied of different species and you figured it was just the ones living nearby. So you sauntered onwards, pushing the bushes that got in your face. It was dark and all you needed was a shelter. The trees disappear and you find yourself in a clearing. There are many mixed in scents, but you're undaunted and move on. A luxurious waterfall flows in front of you and as you look past you see it opens up into another clearing. You walk through. Then you shake off your drenched pelt and look around. Canines! Felines! Everywhere! You step back in fear, your eyes wide. This pack will kill me, you thought. But no one took any notice of you. A few of them were socializing, a few were alone. A golden pelted feline walks up, it loomed over you, but wasn't hostile. "Oh hey, I'm Mottled!" You hear the friendliness in his voice and let your fur lie flat. "I'm Willow, is this a Clan?" Mottled purrs, obviously amused. "A Clan? No. This is Rogue Central! A place for all rogues to eat, sleep, and socialize. People come and go as they please and there aren't any rules, me and my friends are sharing some prey, why don't you come hang out with us!"
One Beautiful Night


I am Coribeau ( Buelljam ) Den owner of Rogue Central. Rogue Central is a place for rogues to socialize, eat, and rest. People may come and go as they please, there is nobody loyal to it and no leader. Though there is no leader or ranks, we do have a Staff. Currently our Staff is made up of Enforcers and Welcomers. If you want to read about that, it's below the Camp Structure. The rogues may do whatever they please, even as the den owner, I have no authority over them, unless I want to lock my den which is highly unlikely. People in Clans and Packs are allowed to visit us but we prefer them not to. If they want to talk to a friend, they can go ahead but they cannot take prey unless someone shares it. Rogues usually use it as a home or a temporary camp, sometimes they just take prey and leave. Hope you enjoy it!

Camp StructureEdit

Camp is in Buelljam's den! It'll always be unlocked unless you're blocked. It's not exactly a camp, but it's a clearing with it's attributes. It's a clearing that comes from the forest, surrounded by trees and clear waters to drink from. There's a waterfall which is the entrance to the camp. There is a room stocked with herbs which is for wounded rogues, though unless someone feels like lending a hand, they must take care of themselves. There is a fresh kill pile, that's if rogues catch an immense amount of prey and are feeling generous, they can put the prey there for another. Then there are fire pits where rogues can socialize, tell stories, and enjoy a fresh meal. Upstairs in the Camp there is a rest place, everyone is welcome to sleep and rest. Hope we make you feel at home! :)


Here in Rogue Central, we don't have many rules. Except for one which ONLY applies when in Buelljam's den. The rule is, no unnecessary attacking or creating conflict with others. This is why we have Enforcers, they will verbally warn you if you are caught attacking or creating conflict. Rogues could have a deep hatred of each other and if they do, they are allowed to battle it out. But attacking another for no reason will get you on the block list if done simultaneously. Along with Enforcers, that enforce the rules. We have Welcomers. They're the nicest people and will welcome rogues to the camp, and get you fresh kill and situated into shelter. :)

Congratulations for reading all of that, you will be killed in 30 seconds if you don't leave a comment. ( written by Kage )

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