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Rock, Original Character, Creator: ArcadeFire13

Name: Rock

Gender: Male

Breed: Savannah, American Shorthair

Type: Felis Catus

Group: Rogue


Nicknames: Roki, Rocku, Rocky, The Brawns

Backstory Edit

As Rockkit looked up to Silverpelt, his bright green eyes glistening, his beloved little sister beside him, he hoped he would go up in honor as the other's did before him. Suddenly, Darkkit tackled him down playfully, batting at his face with her paws, not knowing that their leader, Foreststar, was watching from afar. As he watched the two kits battle, he saw something draw close to them form the shadows, a small, black figure slinking silently towards them. Foreststar silently leaped down from High Rock, making sure the kits do not notice him, as the figure noticed the ginormous figure of the leader stalk towards him, he retreated, but Foreststar caught up. His lush green eyes caught sight of the stranger's bright blue optics, though, they did not seem afraid, rather, thankful. " What are you doing here, who are you, stranger? " Foreststar's words lingered in the air, his tone showed aggression, but the stranger replied smoothly, " Taking my kin to their rightful Clan, BloodClan. " . The two fought a furious battle, the stranger took Foreststar's first life. Thought the stranger retreated, Foreststar knew it wasn't the last he was to see of him. Rockkit and his younger sister, Darkkit were born into StoneClan {disbanned}, their mother, Mistyheart, their supposed-to-be father, Forestheart, took reigns of leadership soon after they were born, Graystar had just died saving a kit form a dog. Soon after, the pair found out who their real father is, Scourge from BloodClan. Keeping to StoneClan with his sister, soon to be an apprentice. Only seven moons after this event occured, he became known as Rockheart, taught well by deputy, Stoneclaw. A moon after his vigil, an attack came upon StoneClan camp, the attackers were rogues. Unfortunately, Stoneclaw was slaughtered by one of the attackers, Rockheart, fortunately, took his place humbly. About 6 moons later, Foreststar had died, fed deathberries by an envious warrior and staged it like Rockheart did it. Rockheart was driven out of the Clan, taking the name Rock.

Family Edit

Father: Scourge (User Unknown)

Mother: Mistyheart {deceased}

Sister(s): Spike (warriorcats484), Darkleaf (MayaRio)

Brother(s): Fog (Buddyrio)

Likes Edit

  • Sparring
  • Serving the ones he loves
  • Peace
  • Family

Dislikes Edit

  • War
  • Others being treated with disrespect

Trivia Edit










BELIEF- 100%

PRIDE- 100%

Personality Edit

Rock's personality is similar to his loving sister's, kind, compassionate, and caring, though he does have one or two traits his brother sports as well.

Intelligence: Rock is brilliant, every word that comes out of his mouth is wise, well put, and proper. His problem solving puts other cats in the ground, and he doesn't just full on attack, he asks.

Compassion: Rock is far from his father and brother on this one, he puts his loved ones first, always fed the others of StoneClan, and he would die for his family and friends.

Bravery: Rock would travel to a twoleg nest and conquer the residence for someone he cared for, no matter the risks.


  • Compassionate
  • Caring
  • Wise
  • Courageous
  • Stubborn
  • Flirtatious

Appearance Edit

Like his family, this brute will put his charm on you the moment you lay eyes on him.

Rock's Pelt

Rock's pelt

Pelt: His handsome pelt consists of a light grey over coat and a white underbelly with a single scar on

Screenshot (59)-0

his shoulder.

Size: Rock is a big boy, towering over the rest, his broad shoulders compliment his bulging muscles seen quite clearly underneath his handsome pelt.

Overall Appearance: Rock is a massive, largely muscled brute with a handsome light grey overcoat, snow white underbelly, and a large scar on his left shoulder.

Other Edit

Theme Song: Arcade Fire, Reflektor


" Our destiny is yet to be found, but i'm not going to be the one to wait for it" - Rock