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Rock is a well respected warrior, most successful in his large family. Here is his family information.

Family Background Edit

Here you will learn about Rock's family members; not all of course, but his father's, mother's, foster father's and his own.

Father's Story: Edit

Scourge was born into a Two-Leg nest, along with his two litter-mates, Ruby and Socks. They say his siblings bullied him and drove him to insanity, for that is why he was the way he was when he died, cruel, heartless. Scourge wasn't always like that, but you never know the real story. After he had enough of his family, Tiny (his name, formerly) went to explore the forest and ran into Tigerpaw, Thistleclaw, and Bluefur. Tigerpaw attacked and almost killed him, but Bluefur saved his life.

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Tiny ran back to his home in the Two-Leg nest, where Socks and Ruby told him that if he doesn't find a Two-Leg to care for him, he will be thrown into the river. Scared for his tiny little life, he ran from the home and became a rogue. In the city where he fled to, a gang of alley cats took him in, though they made fun of his collar. Tiny tried to remove it with a dog took, but it got stuck, the other's asked where he got it, he said he killed a dog and took it. A cat named Bone, asked him if he could get rid of the dog that was guarding their food pile, he agreed to do it, but got scared when he saw the size of the dog. Tiny went to attack it, but the mutt saw it's own shadow and ran, thinking that Tiny scared it off, Bone and the others followed him to become BloodClan.

Mother's Story: Edit

Mistykit was born into StoneClan, along with her three litter-mates, Wildkit, Firekit, and Stonekit. She was the largest of the litter, earning respect from the other's in the nursery as well. Her apprentice hood was decent, she learned the basics, Hunting, Fighting, and Stalking her prey. Only four moons later, she was names Mistyheart, for she had always been rather secretive and calm. A few suns after her vigil took place, she met a small tom, he called himself Scourge, and he was rather friendly. Mistyheart, whom towered over this tom, felt herself falling in love with him. Only a moon later, she had found herself expecting kits

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Mistyheart was a fierce warrior before she met Scourge, and she still was when her kits were delivered. Rockkit and Darkkit were raised roughly, yet softly by their mother, who was proud to carry such strong, powerful kits, heck, they ruled the nursery!

After her first kit, Rockpaw, became a warrior, there was a fierce attack on the Clan, killing both Mistyheart and Darkpaw's mentor, medicine cat Briarleaf, not to leave out, Stoneclaw, deputy and brother to Mistyheart.

Foster Father's Story: Edit



Forestkit grew up in StoneClan a fierce warrior, for he was big, strong, wise, perfect for a leader, as his father would say. Forestkit came to be mentored by the Clan leader, Graystar, so he was taught well, Graystar even told Forestpaw he was to be leader one day, when he himself descended to Silverpelt. Soon after Forestpaw had this short speech, he became Forestheart, brave, noble warrior who

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defended the Clan with all his might. A few moons after this achievement, he became deputy, the same time he learned his true love, Mistyheart was expecting kits, she played it like they were Forestheart's, and he kept her secret, though people became suspicious when the two came out to look nothing like him, but the rumors ended when they grew, noble hearted as Forestheart was. After the kits were born, Graystar died protecting kits from a dog, and Forestheart took his place as Foreststar. He favored Mistyheart's son, Rockkit the most, teaching him valuable lessons in his free time, but he also cared deeply for Darkkit, Rockkit's sister. One night, he was perched on High Rock, watching Rockkit and Darkkit horse around in the clearing ahead of him, when he noticed a dark figure slink close to them, thinking of the worst, he leaped between the kits and the stranger, who was a cat. "Who are you? What are you doing here?" His words clear as day, the stranger's optic were an icy blue, his words were high pitched and sent shivers down your spine "Why, i'm just taking my kits to their rightful Clan, BloodClan." The word BloodClan lingered in the air for a moment, but the silence was broken when the small tom raked his claws across his face. The two fought a fierce battle, the stranger taking Foreststar's first life, but he had scared the stranger off quickly after. Only a moon after this event, Rockpaw became apprentice to Stoneclaw, deputy at the time, six moons later, he was Rockheart.



There was an terrible attack on StoneClan, the attackers were Scourge and his , killing many, including

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Briarleaf, Darkpaw's mentor and medicine cat, Stoneclaw, and Mistyheart. Foreststar took Rockheart as his deputy, who served greatly, but about six moons later, Foreststar died, being fed deathberries by an envious warrior, not only did they feed Foreststar deathberries, but he staged it as thought Rockheart did it.

Rock's Story Edit

Rock's Pelt


Rockkit looked up into Silverpelt, his bright green eyes glistening in amazement, his beloved sister beside him, he hoped he would go up in honor as others did before him. Suddenly, Darkkit tackled him down, batting at his face with her paws, not knowing that their leader, Foreststar, was watching from afar. As he watched the two kits battle, he something dark draw him the shadows, a small, black figure slinking silently towards them. Foreststar thought fast, quickly coming between the stranger and the kits, his lush green eyes

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caught sight of the stranger's icy blue ones, the did not show fear, rather, challenge. " Who are you, what are you doing here? " Foreststar's words lingered in the air, his tone showed aggression, but the stranger replied smoothly, "Why, taking my kin to their rightful Clan, BloodClan" The word BloodClan lingered in the air, but the silence was broken by Forestar's mighty yowl, for the stranger had raked his claws across his face. The two fought a fierce battle, two the kits horror, they saw their leader lose his first life, but Foreststar scared the stranger off, but Foreststar actually knew who he was. Rockkit and his sister, Darkkit, grew up in StoneClan, their mother, Mistyheart, their supposed-to-be father, Forestheart had just taken the reigns as Clan leader, soon after, they found out their true father, Scourge of BloodClan. Only seven moons after this, he became Rockheart, his mentor, Stoneclaw, deputy at the time, was overjoyed. A moon after his vigil, StoneClan was attacked by a group of rogues, killing many, Briarleaf, Darkpaw's mentor and medicine cat, Stoneclaw and Mistyheart. Foreststar chose Rockheart to be his new deputy, only for him to die about six moons later, he was fed deathberries by an envious warrior, the warrior not only fed him the berries, but he also staged it so it looked like Rockheart did it. Being driven out of the Clan with Darkleaf, he took the name Rock.

Family: Edit

Father: Scourge(User Unknown)

Mother: Mistyheart{deceased}

Sister(s): Spike(warriors484), Darkleaf(MayaRio)

Brother(s): Fog(Buddyrio)

Digging Deeper: Edit

As Rock got older, he became closer to his family, he learned that he was not Scourge's only son, nor was Darkleaf his only daughter, he actually has two others, Fog, his other son, Spike, his other daughter. They were both born in BloodClan, personally trained by Scourge himself, Fog, takes Scourge's height, but he was large muscles as Rock does, and Spike, is lean and wise as Darkleaf is, for further information about Fog check out his OC page.

Further Information:

Family Theme Song: Mars By Tchaikovsky


" Our destiny is yet to be found, but i'm not the one to wait for it " - Rock

" We must stop in battle and think of those we are fighting, we can't just go around fighting our closet friends, nor our biggest enemies. " - Darkleaf