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You're walking around the open plain, your fur ruffling in the wind. Your eyes scan the clearing as you wait for the sun to go down so you can slink off into a very dangerous woods without your friends knowing. Once it goes down you start walking towards the dark woods and entering it the shadows seem to consume your body. Once you reach a dead tree where your relative died bravely in a fight against enemies as you saw in a vision. Though, "Why did it seem like the creature looked like you but with different colored eyes?" You thought. You sat down, staring at the stained crimson grass. You hear a rustling in the bushes as you get up, staring at it. You hesitated but said aloud "W-Whose there?" The rustling continues as the creature leaps toward you, it's jaws locking onto your shoulder. You flip around, snarling, and backed away a safe distance. "The question is why are you in the Pack of Whistling Canyons territory?" She snapped. You blinked "Because this is where I got the vision of a relative of mine dying bravely in a fight." The tiger blinked then sighed, sitting down. "Come there's a lot to tell you if you wish to know. Also, would you like to join the Pack of Whistlying Canyons?"  You sit down, your head nodding in agreement to join. You are now part of the Whistling Canyons.


Ok so... Salutations i am Takara (echo for non freechat people though i strongly suggest you have freechat) Welcome to the Rising Creatures. We are a Caring but vicious and brutal pack and there WILL be strong thinking if you would want to ally us. Anyways, We do not allow Rabbits or foxes you must be a normal wolf at all times even if your a kit pup or cub ( we allow regular cats big cats and canines). You need to be Loyal, Obey at all times and notify me if you share users with you siblings so you wouldnt get exiled. For now, you must use Vocab and anatomy if not and you have freechat and wish to learn you will be able to join but you will be taught. This pack will be strict on what it does and acts, so i strongly suggest roleplaying seriously when we are roleplaying.


  • Obey your leader at all times//exile 
  • No causing to much drama// ignored
  • Obey your deputy// sent into prisoners den
  • No doublepacking(or doubleclanning)// death or exile
  • NO editing the page unless you have permission
  • No fighting each other// fought by me myelf or a strong pack member
  • No disrespecting you pack mates// prisoners den
  • No attacking an intruder unless is instructed to
  • If you are caught goofing around when we are roleplaying you will be removed
  • If caught hurting or being rude to your pack members leads or beta you will be fought by me
  • If caught sneaking out of camp ( punishment is cleaning camp) or causing drama you will be exiled.
  • If you need something wait until im out of my den then i will speak to you privatly or openly
  • When im not on you must always obey your beta and leads
  • If caught killing a kit pup or cub you will be severely injured by my own claws
  • We are strict if you do not like how strict we are you can leave or deal with it without whining.
  • Whining is useless in our pack you will be removed if you are complaining most of the time.

To joinEdit





Roleplay example (vocab and anatomy/put want to learn):


Alpha: Leader of the pack// Takara ( Sparkle91 )

Beta: deputy of the pack// Shinju 'shade if no freechat ( Tacy10 )

Lead Hunter: Leads the hunters ( have no clue what to put)// fights// Arise ( aeiou12345 )

Lead Patrol: Leads the patrols// fights// Vital (anathema)

Hunter: hunters for the pack/ fights

Patrol: Patrols territory/fights

Healer: med of the pack

Trainee: apprintice ( gets to choose hunter or patrol)

Scraps: kits cubs or pups

Omegas: lowest rank

Ally formEdit

Name of pack/tribe/clan:

Leader/alpha name:

how many cats/canines/bigcats:

Allies with:

Why you want to ally:


Theme songs ( will accept requests)Edit

Headstrong by Trapt lyrics// Youtube video all credits go to the true owner of the video

Dressing Edit

Kits: Leaf necklaces, elf braclts, leg armor, scarf ( if nm)

Trainees: Scarf (if nm), elf braclets, leg armor, spike, skull

Patrol/hunter: spike, scarf (if nm), jamaaliday bows, legendary glove, glove (if nm), spartan armor, elf armor, skull

omegas: anything above

Seasons Edit

Spring: Awakening nature

Summer: Blossomed life

Fall: Falling leaves

Winter: Pelted leaves

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