Slow me down. I'm burning out of control...
Untitled drawing by perditionn-dbf1zjc
Username Blackveilbrides4ever
Name(s) Red (former)


Status Alive and Well
Breed Somali mix
Sex Male
Sexuality Asexual Demiromantic (Although he is more attracted to males)
Voice Claim Richard Harmon
Affiliation BrookClan
Occupation Warrior
Theme Song Believer (Imagine Dragons)


Redfur is a gaunt, russet hued feline with faint tabby stripes and striking, verdant eyes. Being a Somali mix, he has luxurious, long fur and a luxuriant tail that is a slightly darker shade than the rest of his pelt. Despite being fairly thin, he is not at all scrawny or petite. Redfur has a rounded, yet elongated facial structure, large pointed ears, and large, almond shaped eyes, giving him a very curious appearance. Redfur also has a scar jutting across his chest and also three scars over his left eye and one under his left eye.
Untitled drawing by perditionn-dbf32um


Chaotic Neutral

Like a typical Somali, Redfur is very energetic and lives life to the fullest. He's adventuresome and easy going, but at the same time slightly abrasive. He has a crude and sardonic personality complimented by a dry sense of humor. Redfur is very resilient as well and is not offended easily. Despite his typically light and calm demeanor, he will snap if anyone tries to harm those he loves. Redfur is usually very loyal, but if someone does something that appears wrong to Redfur, he will not hesitate to turn his back on them and cut them out of his life. He can also hold grudges very easily and for a very long time. Redfur also has a hard time trusting others and it takes a long time to earn forgiveness from him. On top of that, he is intelligent and good at reading others. Redfur is also fairly neutral when it comes to drama. He doesn't like fighting and tries to avoid it, but in instances where he is unable to he will most likely play Devil's Advocate by poking and prodding at both sides until he gets what he wants from them. Because of this, if he does choose sides in a fight he will probably deeply offend someone.


Redfur was born a rogue to a former kitty pet named Daisy and a rogue tom named Oli. He was originally named Red for his red fur and came from a litter of three, but the other two died during birth, leaving Red by himself. When Red was barely two moons old, Daisy ended up getting sick and due to a lack of herbs, she died. Oil was distraut and burdened with the responsibility of having to raise a kit. Due to his grief, Oli became much crueler and stricter. He started training Red at a very young age and if he made a mistake, Oli would discipline him by not letting him eat or sleep until he corrected his mistake. In very rare instances, Oli would unsheathe his claws to Red. During training, Oli treated it as if it were an actual battle, often saying that Red needed to learn how to deal with the pain. This hardened Red and forced him to grow up quickly. Over time, Red even began to grow a hatred for his father and one day while they were passing the ThunderPath, Red shoved Oli out in front of a monster, killing him. Shocked at his own actions, Red ran off. He had never expected himself to actually murder his father and to prevent anything like that from happening in the future, he made a pledge to himself to never kill again unless absolutely necessary. Red then began traveling and eventually came across and joined Sea Felines, but ended up leaving not too long after. Red then joined RoseClan (BrookClan now) and changed his name to Redfur.


Immediate Family

Father: Oli [Deceased] // Made up

Mother: Daisy [Deceased] // Made up

Sibling(s): UNKNOWN [Deceased]

Extended Family

Father's side

Grandmother: UNKNOWN

Grandfather: UNKNOWN

Aunt(s): UNKNOWN

Uncle(s): UNKNOWN

Cousin(s): UNKNOWN

Mother's side

Grandmother: UNKNOWN

Grandfather: UNKNOWN

Aunt(s): UNKNOWN

Uncle(s): UNKNOWN

Cousin(s): UNKNOWN


Niece(s): N/A

Nephew(s): N/A

Grandkit(s): N/A


Mate: N/A

Kit(s): N/A far from Heaven now.