This is the religion of Pack Of Shattering Stars. I did mention most of what it was about what i thought i'd share a "story" about the 3 Siblings and why its this or that etc. 

The Three Siblings Edit


Akage The Eldest Son Of The Three

Akage: The Eldest and Darkest Of the Three Siblings.He is the reason of their parents death's. He wanted to become leader,but his father forbade it, filled with anger and rage he attacked his father killing him. His mother watches with fear until she took her last breath, Akage ended her as well. Akage then became leader of the Pack no one really stood up to the young warrior due to his harsh Punishments or his gang of Defenders who joined his side to help scare the Pack. The group of Defenders and Akage treated the pack poorly and curly. Today the Pack uses these Punishments not to harm for no reason but to the Law Breakers who want to disobey our ways.


Dayatora The Second Eldest Of The Three.

Dayatora: The Seconded Eldest or Middle kit. He is protective of the youngest, his sister Ko. Dayatora was good and took care of anyone who needed help, either to get to the Healers den or just get food. He made sure Ko stayed by his side so she wouldnt be injured by Akage or his Group. He would Fight his brother,Akage, when Ko was threaten due to he didnt want to lose is little sister or the whole pack its self. Later in time Dayatora fought his brother, Akage and was ended leaving Ko in the hands of Akage and the Pack.



Ko The Youngest Of The Three

Ko: The Youngest of the three and the kindest compared to her brothers. When her parents were killed by Akage she was scared and feared to walk around the camp in fear she would join her parents. Dayatora showed her it was ok, and she stayed by his side helping and caring for anyone Akage hurt. When Dayatora was killed by Akage she was filled with rage and attacked her brother, Akage, and killed him. She did not win completly...After ending her brother she bled out to death and joined her parents and Dayatora. 

Why the Name? Edit

Red Ghost: It was named for the blood that was shed from Dayatora and Ko's bravery of standing up to their brother, Akage. The three ghost of the siblings visit the Pack to give messages to one of the Royal Court Cats/Dogs. That is why we call this Red Ghost.

What do they do? Edit

Akage: Gives the message of Danger to the pack or one of the Pack members.

Dayatora: Gives the message of how to be ready or prevent these actions from happening.

Ko: Gives the message of how to care for others so her brothers dont have to give any Danger messages.

Symbol Edit

Yin yang paw prints by lokiink-d5i3mok

Yin an Yang Symbol. We have chosen this for are symbol to show the darkness or bad and light or good in our pack and the three siblings. They were all cats but they had dogs in the pack even back then. We use to dog paw-print and cat paw-print to show our differences. Just like how Akage,Dayatora, and Ko showed their by their actions.