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Quotes Edit

"I have always been a proud cat, even though I was the smallest lynx in the forest. Size doesn't matter."

"It doesn't matter how big you are."

Appearance Edit

Rebekkah is a leader of the pack of ancient bloods. She is a very terrorial cat but is also smaller then a Eurasian lynx. She is a Canadian lynx but was born in a Eurasian lynx area. Rebekkah has pale tan-grayish fur, and has two different colored eyes. One is bright blue and one is amber. Rebekkah has reforced mountain lion claws, so that she can do more things.

Personality Edit

Rebekkah is full of energy and enthusiasm. Her style of survival is give-it-your-all. Rebekkah is very fast- one of the fastest Lynxes- but is still strong, so that she has a balance. Rebekkah mainly showed her more dark side when she became an adult. Rebekkah is also extremely smart.

History Edit

See The Euthasist Lynx