Fireheart Edit

Status: Alive, but hasn't been found

Current Name: Fireheart

Past Name(s): Firepaw, lucky

Nickname(s): Fire

Sex: Cisgender female ( aka she-cat for all you noobs Just kidding XD)

Sexual Orientation: Asexual

Age: 24 moons ( 2 yrs old)

Species: Domestic Cat ( Felius Catus for all le nerds like me :D)

Breed: Ginger Tabby and albyssinian cross breed

Clan Affliction: Bearclan ( go check out their page is damn awesome :3)

Past Clans/Tribes/packs: None

Rank: Warrior

Past Mentor: None

Mentoring: n/a

Theme song: Christina Aguilara " Beautiful"

Voice: Megara from Hercules


Mother: unknown 

Father: Unknown

Adoptive Mother: Chloe ( a black red russet tinted Bombay)

Adoptive Father: Jake ( a chartreux)

Unbiological Siblings: Jacob( chloe's and jake's kitten) Nebula( chloe's and jake's kitten) and kiki ( a balinese and japanese bobtail mix)

Mate: None 

Kits: None


Fireheart was found in a forest off the coast of indonesia, her owner emily was an adventurous teenager who wasn't like any other twoleg. Emily adopted fireheart and named her lucky. Lucky lived on a farm yard with vast land. She lived with her owners, her standoffish brother jacob, her protective role model nebula, her younger sister kiki, kiki considers fire her idol, two fun loving dogs, a golden retriever lab mix named aurora, and a neapolitan mastiff named beaubeau. Fire's family wasn't like any other kittypet, they hunted in the plows of land for rabbits, mice, and some smaller birds. Jake would hunt in the forest with jacob and nebula, with the help of beaubeau, and chloe would take care of their home with the help of aurora. Kiki and lucky always would be curious about the outside world. After a few moons Fire hunted like it was in her blood. Her father would take her hunting all the time, jacob got jealous of lucky and even once almost accidently killed her! After the outdoors tunble and play their owner emily got diagnosed with turminal liver cancer a few years later. Emily died at the hospital at the age 17. Later her parents died in a plane crash. Jake and Chloe decided to send everyone to clans and packs. One unfortuate day a car hit chloe while jake died of a person accidently shooting him mistaking jake as a wild cat. What ever happened to kiki, nebula, and jacob will always be a mystery. Aurora died of wolves attacking her and beaubeau went with a pack and protects animals in the forest from twoleg hunters. Fireheart lived in the forest for 12 moons fighting off wolves, hunting for food, surviving twoleg hunts and many more. At the age of 20 moons she found Bearclan. The merciful leader of the clan Rosestar accpeted her into her clan.


She is an orangeblossom colour ginger tabby cat with peach streaks running down her back, radiant green eyes, two red russet scars running down her eyelids and undereyes. She has a masculine frame with perked up ears and a somewhat fluffy golden tail. She has a soft meow with a high pitch undertone and a menacing growling when she is battling with someone. She is a bit big for her breed but not considered a wild animal. She usually perks her ears when she is alert, suprised, or happy. She usually turns her muzzle upward forming a smile which means she is excited or happy about an event. When she flatten's her ears it usually means she is unsure or akward about something, if she digs her claws or twitches her ears she is probably stressed out. She has a short muzzle making it hard to breath from time to time. She learns to deal with but might sometimes have trouble breathing. Her lean muscles allow her to run like the wind, her boyant structure also enables her to swim.



A very intelligent mind and a huge problem solver.

She is normally a shy cat who doesn't always love to cope with people.

Despite her introvert qualities once you get to know her she can be a big softie at heart

She is very loyal and will risk her life for her clanmates

Normally is very quiet, serious, and does not want to get in your buisness or you get into her's

At times she seems to be deppressed and does not like opening up her feelings

Likes and dislikes








annoying cats

Strengths and flawsEdit


She is very determined and will do anything to please herself and others

She will percevier through anything that is an obstacle for her

She is sympethetic for others and will support you until the end


She is more of the mellow submissive type which disables her from getting along with others easily

Since she has a very sadistic past she normally might have mood swings so don't mind if she gets mad at you for no reason she is just venting out her pain and anger

She is very unprofessional so she may let her personal life take over her duties

Skill ratings

Hunting: 9/10

Fighting: 5.75

Friendly: 2/10

Bravery: 10/10

Loyalty: 10/10

Health: 7.99

Beauty: 8/10

Likeability ( if thats even a word): 7/10


Status: Alive

Current Name: Squirrelflight

Past Name(s): Squirrelkit, squirrelpaw

Nick Name(s): Squirrel

Sex: Cisgender Female ( she-cat)

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Age: 15 moons

Species: Domesticated cat 

Breed: Main coone/toyger mix

Clan Affliction: Bearclan

Past clans/tribes/packs: none

Rank: Warrior

 Past Mentor: Liana

Mentoring: Brackenpaw

Theme Song: David Guetta ft. Sia "Titanium"

Voice: Mulan's voice


Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Siblings: Unknown

Mate: None 

Kits: None

Friends: Ivybreeze,Flickerfrost, Puddlepaw, Flamescar,Silver( you can add yourself if you want X3)


Well she was just a small kit found in the woodlands and was adopted into bearclan and has ever since then adopted the lifestyle of bearclan.


She has a sienna brown coat with a red russet and ginger tint. Her underbelly is a tan and ginger mix, she has small paws, but sharp claws, a small femenine small body frame with a bushy tail hence her name squirrelpaw. Her ears are disked shaped having a black sharp tip at the top. Her legs are lean and make of pure muscle. She has very sharp bridgework which she is not afraid to use. She has a soft voice but is very expressive, spunky, unique, and very fun to hang out with. She is an extraverted cat who will cope with anyone she meets. She has one green eye and one gold eye with long luscious eye lashes.



Very smart and sharp with a brilliant mind

She is very tinatcious and sometimes very immature and childsish

She normally looks at the brightside and never lets any negative things bring her down

She is very intrested in moon phases, ocean currents, and weather

She is very curious and won't let anything stop her from doing it, which may sometimes put her in grave danger

She is very calm and normally will settle and argument with a nice talk

Stengths and FlawsEdit


Has a lot of percevierence and won't let anything drag her down

Always will let you cry on her shoulder and help you no matter how much it helps or doesn't help her

Is normally very optimistic about all situations


Very mischevious and will often pull small harmless jokes on other apprentices

Her sensitivity sometimes disables her to do something without having personal thoughts

Since she is so curious she may get stuck in a problem or cause harm to herself and others

Likes and DislikesEdit




Exploring all her surroundings




Annoying cats

Skill Ratings:

Hunting: 9.5/10

Fighting: 7/10

Friendly: 10/10

Loyalty: 10/10


Curiousity: INFINITY/10

Mischevious: 9/10

Personality: your choice XD

Cloudstar ( coming soon)Edit

Status: Dead ( Died of greencough pandemic)

Current Name(s): Cloudstar

Past Name(s): Cloudkit, cloudpaw, cloudpelt

Nick Name(s): Cloud

Sex: Cisgender Female

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Age: 60 moons

Species: Domestic Cat

Breed: Tuxedo cat and ocicat mix

Clan Affliction: Sunclan (  its not a wiki clan)

Past Clans/tribes/packs: None

Rank: Leader

Mentor: cedarstar

Mentored: stonepaw( daughter of floraltail) , crismonpaw( son of jinsia)

Theme Song: Katy Perry " roar"

Voice: Anastasia's voice


Mother: Cheetahclaw( late co deputy of sunclan)

Father: lighningstrike( Late Deputy of sunclan)

Siblings: Jinsia( modern leader of sunclan) falconeyes( modern deputy of sunclan)

Mate: Charcoalfur

Children: Eboneytail( co deputy) jasminepetal( Senior warrior''''') thornflight( senior warrior)


She was the daughter of the deputy of the clan. She was a very lively kitten who was always a bit mischevious, she was the oldest out of jinsia and falconeyes. Her mother cheetahclaw  would always spend time with them decorating their nests and telling stories about Sunclan. Cloudstar was apart of another litter that her mother gave birth to but cloud was the only surviving kit. A few moons later cloudkit was then known as cloudpaw. The leader of sunclan cedarstar mentored her in the best way possible, cloudpaw graduated into a warrior a bit earlier because of the shortage of warriors. There was an unknown disease going around killing off mostly warriors. Cloudpaw was then known as cloudpelt. Cloudpelt was revered by others in the clan. She served in many battles against waveclan and earthclan, they were enemies of sunclan and would always steal territory. Cedarstar had died of an assasination from another clan. Cloudpelt was devestated, her mother and father died in a viscious battle, afterwards she vowed to save sunclan from the ruins. She was pronounced the leader and was named cloudstar. She appointed her sister to deputy and her brother to co deputy. Cloud and her siblings saved their clan from getting destroyed and emerged victorious in one of the biggest battles in the history of sun clan. Cloudstar was very merciful and organized a day when all clans in their area will gather in peace preaching of starclan and other festivities. She met charcoalfur from oceanclan which was their ally. The two fell in love and charcoal joined sunclan. They had three kits, eboneytail, jasminepetal, and thornflight. Cloudstar was one of the most succsesful leaders of her time. She had unfortunately died 5 years old of drowning in a flood in their camp, her legacy lives on with her sister jinsia.


She is pearl white pelted cat with light ginger russet patches. She has fluffy ears that are grey and white and a bushy tail that was an ebony/ burnt sienna color. She has a radiant amber eye, and a shiny azure/periwinkle eye, she had big long whiskers and a elongated snout. She was considered by toms a rainbow in a thunderstorm. Many toms had wanted to be her mate but her heart fell toward charcoalfur. She has a masculine build and is a bit bigger that her breed but she is still considered a domestic cat. She has long and lean legs and a scar on her front paw from a battle against their enemy clan, she has dagger like claws that are really sharp. She was known as the perfect package by other toms. She has a deep soft voice that will make you want to listen. She was very beautiful but that is really not why she revered by sunclan.



She is very determined and will always do what her heart is set out towards

Very peacful and will often try not to hold grudges against others

Fun loving and sweet and loves to spend time in the forest alone with her mate

Very forgiving and merciful

Strengths Edit

Stengths Edit

Determined about doing anything

Warm hearted and forgiving

Independent and doesn't let anyone take advantage of her


Very Immature and childish

Not the cat to start a fight

Very mellow, which disables her from brutally dealing with enemies

Likes and DislikesEdit


Her family



Climbing trees




Hot weather

Annoying cats

Skills rating:

Hunting: 9/10

Fighting: 7.3/10

Loyalty: 10/10

Kindness: 9/10

Lotuspaw Edit

Status: Alive

Current Name(s): Lotuspaw

Past Names(s): Lotuskit

Nickname(s): Lotus

Sex: Cisgender Female

Sexual Orientation: Asexual

Age: 7 moons

Species: Domestic Cat

Breed: Turkish van/Maincoone/Arabian Mau mix

Clan Affliction: Bearclan

Past Clans: None

Rank: Medcat Apprentice

Mentor: Rivermist

Mentored: None

Theme Song: Undecided

Voice: Undecided


Adoptive Mother: Haru

Adoptive Father: Unknown

Siblings: Twigpaw(Alive), Amara(alive)

Mate: None

Children: None

Friends: Puddlepaw, Twigpaw, Amara, Mothpaw,Flickerfrost, Skypaw, Icypaw(again add yourself if you want to)


Nothing really, she came to BC as a newborn, if you want to know about her biological Parent's clan, I will soon be making a story


She is a burnt Sienna pelted cat with tawny and ginger russet dapples and streams running across her sides and back, she has a masculine lean figure, with thin lean legs, large soft paws with talon like curver claws, she has a pushed in muzzle with her muzzle slightly curving up, she has dark midnight blue eyes, with a hazel and azure undertone, she has long eye lashes with 2 birth scars running down thesharp angle of her chin, she has disk shaped pointed ears with white and ginger tips, and she also has a curled up, bushy eboney and tawny tail.



- She is pretty intelligent and can handle a lot of stress

- She is pretty selfless and does anything for anyone who she cares about

- Loves to learn about herbs, helping cats, etc

Strengths and FlawsEdit


- She is very curious and likes to fix any problems which sometimes makes people thinkshe is nosy

- She is pretty fast at learning new things, and will remember them

- Though she isn't a warrior, she has a stature suited for a warrior