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IRL Pumpkin with the border-0


- Co-Deputy of AbyssClan -



Here's a backstory I made up about Pumpkin joining AbyssClan. None of this really happened.

Pumpkinkit was 2 moons old when it hit her like the monster that would soon kill her mother. She sat lonely on a red-and-white toadstool in the forest, her soft, fluffy pelt sticking out like needles on a thornbush. "Mom..! Mom...! Mom! I have an idea!" she exclaimed, leaping greatly off the toadstool and hopping excitedly over to her mother, Glistentail, who sat in the shade of an oak tree, quietly lapping at her silky fur. "What is it now, Pumpkinkit?" she responded, her forest green eyes soft with love for her kit. "I found a way to get out of here and live a happy life! Follow me!" she squeaked, just beginning to bounce away when her father, Shadowbirch, padded up. "Where are you going now?" he chuckled deeply, his grey-black-and-white pelt shining. He was obviously well-fed. "I'm leading Mom to a better place to live, because you're hogging all the prey to yourself and you aren't feeding Mom!" Pumpkinkit squeaked excitedly, bouncing up to touch his nose as she did so. The large tom looked stunned at his daughter's remark, his amber eyes glittering brightly with an appalled flicker in their magma colored depths. "Hah, nice one. But I'm actually here to feed Mom now," he chuckled, reluctantly padding over to Glistentail, who glared at him angrily, with a mouse he'd come in with. "Oh thank you Shadowbirch, I really needed that mouse, because I haven't eaten in days and Pumpkinkit must be starving on the inside," she hissed, pulling the skinny piece of prey forward. Shadowbirch snarled at her, stalking away. "You're not going to tell her about the Clans, Shadowbirch, if it's the last thing I make sure of!" her mother called after him, anger strengthening her light, quiet voice. "What's that about?" Pumpkinkit mewed, staring after her father in shock. She shrugged it off, jumping back over to tug at her mother's paw. "Please follow me! I want to lead you to a better place where there's food!" she pleaded, her icy sea green eyes staring up at her mother. "Alright, fine," Glistentail muttered, standing up and stretching before following slowly after her kit, who'd squealed happily before hopping away like a rabbit again. Pumpkinkit led the older she-cat into a clearing, a white fence lining the edge of it. "Through there! That's where I want to go," she mewed happily, flicking her fuzzed-out tail at the fence. Glistentail took a great look at it before sighing, "Alright. But I'm going first." The two she-cats headed over to the fence, Glistentail slipping easily through the gaps first. Uneasiness pricked up every hair in her pelt as she saw monsters zooming by on a Thunderpath that lay a tail-length ahead of her and the young kit who squeezed through next to her. "Woah. Let's cross!" the small she-cat exclaimed, and Glistentail froze with terror. What if she got hit? "Fine. But you must cross as soon as I say go, and don't ever stop!" she hissed at her daughter, crouching and ready to launch across the path. As soon as the monsters stopped for a brief moment, Glistentail yowled, "Go!" The older cat lunged across, only to be stopped fatally by a silver monster. "Mom!" Pumpkinkit squealed, stepping forward to race across to her dead mother. But she was stopped by the jaws of a large cat, whose deep voice made her shiver. "No, Pumpkinkit. Glistentail is dead. I'm sorry, but I must take you where you belong." She realized that her father had clutched her in his jaws, and was carrying her away. Pumpkinkit's teal eyes glazed with terror, fear overwhelming her greatly. Glistentail was killed by a monster! But she didn't stop there. Where was Shadowbirch taking her? She wondered over it for a moment, reassured by the fact that her father would never try to hurt her. But he hurt Glistentail, he starved her... But that was due to past problems. Pumpkinkit yawned. She could use this time to sleep, and wonder about the problems later. Quietly she drifted off to the light sway as she was carried away from her mother.

Pumpkinkit woke as she was tossed on the ground harshly by her father in front of a large black tom with icy blue eyes like her own, his muzzle flecked grey with age. Who was he? She coughed in the dust as she was thrown down, staring up at the tom. "Shadowbirch, why do you wish to leave your kit here? I thought you disliked the Clans," he meowed deeply, confusion touching his voice, which turned darker with hatred at the end of his sentence. "Because Glistentail is dead, and I am wiser than her. I know that the Clans are a better choice for Pumpkinkit, and with Glistentail gone, I can do what I want with her. I wish to leave her with you, Darkstar. I know you will train her well," Shadowbirch mewed lightly, holding his head high. The dark tom nodded. "Very well. Pumpkinkit, I welcome you as one of our younger members of AbyssClan. May you find happiness within our Clan." Shadowbirch dipped his head, and bounded away. What was he doing? Pumpkinkit wailed after him, only to be shushed by Darkstar. "It's okay, little one. Let me lead you to our nursery, where you will find more of your kit friends." He led her to a dark area enclosed with brambles, two kits playing inside. "This is Whisperkit," he flicked his tail at a tawny dust colored kit with blind eyes. "And that is Echokit." His tail flickered over to a cream-and-ginger tabby tom with yellow eyes. "Whisperkit, Echokit, this is Pumpkinkit. Please welcome her into your den politely." He left the den, leaving Pumpkinkit alone in the entrance. "Hi there, Pumpkinkit," Whisperkit mewed, stepping up to her. "Echokit is more quiet than I am, but he'll say hi later, right Echokit?" The tom nodded, smiling shyly at her. Pumpkinkit automatically felt comforted by Whisperkit's polite entry, and smiled. "Thanks. How many moons old are you guys?" she mewed, glancing at them both. "Two moons," Echokit smiled, and Whisperkit repeated his answer. "Same here," Pumpkinkit replied, settling down on a mossy bed that held no scent on it. "Well, finally, a new denmate! We can be the Kit Trio!" Whisperkit declared, and Echokit and Pumpkinkit nodded excitedly, bouncing up and down beside eachother. Pumpkinkit already felt at home with these kits. "Alright. I am officially Pumpkinkit of the Kit Trio!"

Factual History

Pumpkinberry is a good friend of Darkstar and many other members of AbyssClan. The Backstory above was my made-up version of how she joined this wonderful Clan, but the factual story is here.

Pumpkinkit was actually Not living as a rogue before she joined AbyssClan. Hell, she wasn't even one of my OCs. I was actually leading CreekClan as Spiderstar when Darkstar offered me a place in AbyssClan. You see, I've known Darkstar since December of 2014. We've developed a pretty neat friendship. Before CreekClan, I was known as Spidernight of StormClan, the Clan Darkstar lead before AbyssClan. I was actually exiled from StormClan for uh... Reasons I don't want to explain. You can learn about that when you're classified as one of my good friends. Anyways, StormClan was given to Snowstar, and the majority of the members left to make AbyssClan. I actually don't know the real reason why, I was just grateful because I could have my family back. So I came back with a new OC, Pumpkinkit. Then... Then I just kinda... Idk. Became a warrior and did absolutely nothing for 9 months. And that leads me to the day I'm editing this, November 2016. I'll update this section when I update my News section, this'll get you through Pumpkin's life in more detail than just the simple sentence my News section's got. Anyways, thanks! See you soon!

Oh, and, um.. Hawkkit and Robinkit didn't get eaten by anything. Robinkit just unbuddied me and Hawkkit was just.. Not sure. I don't really remember what Hawkkit did. But both of them just disappeared, so I'm just going with they got eaten by a fox in the roleplay, and the joke is that they fell down the rabbit hole to Wonderland and got eaten by the Cheshire Cat. Lol, it was random and I had no time to think of something legitimate at the time.

It's 6/28/17 at the time I edit in this paragraph, aka the day I died because I celebrated too hard. I never really thought I could get to a rank higher than warrior, but obviously I've proved myself wrong. I mean, I already had, because I was a Senior Warrior before. That rank was eventually destroyed and replaced with Hunting Patrol Leader, but I mean, not too special. But darn, co-deputy. Might not be much, but I'm pretty proud man. +I'm aware that I've been a leader before which is a higher rank than a warrior but I founded that Clan and it lasted for like what 5 days and then I joined AbyssClan, so I mean that I didn't expect a rank higher than warrior in a Clan I didn't create so don't yell at me



Personality and Structure

Pumpkinberry is a kind, gentle she-cat who likes just about everyone. She feels sorry for those who are unable to have friends or family, as she was one of them before luckily entering shelter in AbyssClan as a kit.

Pumpkinberry is fairly small. She is a short-haired tortoiseshell tabby mix with a big heart. Her kind spirit allows her to have many friends. Because of her small, light frame she is incredibly speedy and never seems to run out of energy. She can easily make sharper turns and is an expert hider. Pumpkin is also the best tree-climber you'll ever meet.


Family Friends

Pumpkinberry came into AbyssClan as a small, helpless kit. She didn't have any of her blood-related family with her. But that was when she first came. Pumpkinkit quickly became good friends with Echokit and Whisperkit in her first days. Of course, she missed her parents, but why think about the bad things that happened with your parents, when you could be having so much fun with your friends?

Pumpkin thinks of everyone in AbyssClan as her family, and most everyone there thinks of her as family as well. Here are some of her family-friends:

Darkstar- Dark is a good family-friend member. He's the one who gave her the title "Pumpkinberry of AbyssClan." She does annoy him some of the time, well, most of the time. But either way, Darkstar is an amazing cat to Pumpkinberry.

Rainfern- Rainbow Dash is the best medicine cat in the world. She's super nice and a bit of a nerd. Everyone loves her though, and that includes Pumpkin.

Silvermoon- Silver and Pumpkin go a long way back. Silver even mentored Pumpkin, and honestly I don't think she could have gotten a better mentor available.

Fadefall- Fade and Pumpkin I'd say are good friends. Both share responsibility (kinda) when Dark is away, and everything works out fine. Fade is a great cat in Pumpkin's life.

Echoflight- Echo is Pumpkin's adopted sister. They're really good friends too. The two have friendly arguments at times, but it's all good fun. 

Kestrelfeather- Kestrel is Dark's son, which makes Pumpkin his aunt. He's nice and friendly, and he's the medicine cat. I think everyone in the Clan is friends with Kestrel, but I mean, who wouldn't want to be his friend?


Likes and Dislikes

Pumpkinberry likes many things, but there's always those few things nobody appreciates. Here are some of the things Pumpkin likes and dislikes.


Hunting- She's good at it. Why not like something you can do easily?

Socializing- She can get along with others pretty well. And no cat likes being solitary and alone.

Squirrels- She just has a special liking to these juicy creatures.

Climbing- Pumpkin is a natural when it comes to climbing. Sometimes she swears nobody could scramble up a tree faster than she can!


Isolation- She can't be alone, she needs someone to talk to, no matter what's happened.

Secrets- She doesn't like being kept from things, it makes her worry she's done something wrong.

Rude Behavior- Being a friendly cat, Pumpkin can't stand cats who are arrogant and rude.

Nosy Cats- It's impolite to pick at someone's business, and Pumpkin highly dislikes people pressing her to tell them what's on her mind.



3/12/16 - Pumpkinkit joins AbyssClan!

4/24/16 - Pumpkinpaw has fought in her first Real Battle! AbyssClan claims victory, which is such a pleasant way to end her first raid!

4/28/16 - Pumpkinberry Has Become A Warrior of AbyssClan, Congratulations!

5/31/16 - Pumpkinberry and Echospirit have officially become mates!

7/7/16 - Pumpkinberry and Echospirit announce the coming of Pumpkinberry's kits! They should be born soon.

7/12/16 - Pumpkinberry retires from Warrior Duties to take her place in the nursery where her kits will be born later in the moon.

7/16/16 - Hawkkit and Robinkit are born!

8/23/16 - Um.. Hawkkit and Robinkit jumped down the rabbit hole to Wonderland and got eaten by the Cheshire Cat. Yeah, that's what happened.

10/14/16 - Echospirit leaves AbyssClan, sadly sinking the ship of Pecho. Cri.

6/28/17 - Pumpkinberry is promoted from Hunting Patrol Leader to Co-Deputy! Congratulations on a higher rank earned!

7/5/17 - Pumpkin gets another mate. Congrats, Gingerstripe!



"Friends are the Flowers in the Garden of Life." - Unknown

"Life is Either a Daring Adventure or Nothing." - Helen Keller

"Fear is like prey- it only exists to be captured and killed." - Clear Sky, Warrior Cats

"There is no 'Good' in 'Goodbye,' and there definitely isn't any 'Fair' in 'Farewell.'" - Unknown

"We all have Flaws. It doesn't matter what they are, how many there are, how bad they are, they're a part of you that you can't get rid of. Yet everybody spends their whole life trying to be perfect, to have no flaws, when really, your flaws are what make you you, and you are perfect the way you are." - Pumpkinberry

"They say nobody's perfect, and it isn't true. Everyone is perfect in their own way. You just have to discover what that way is. So really, they're telling half the truth. Everyone is perfect, just not in the way that everyone wants." - Pumpkinberry



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