This page is for prophecies, meanings, received from, and cat(s) included in them.

Walking in starclan by skelletbreath-d5wmvld
One of the starclan cats that sends signs
Bluestar in starclan speedpaint by espenfluss-d6lsgou
May starclan light your path by izzitheepic19-d6rkjty

Starclan Edit

Starclan is the clan of heavenly warriors that watches over us. Prophecies are mostly received from them. They have stars in their fur and a beautiful glow. Starclan often gives prophecies to medcats or leaders, but it is well known for a warrior to receive a prophecy.

Dark Forest Edit

The Dark Forest is the opposite of Starclan. It is the Hell of warrior cats. These cats have a weary glow and they often meet cats in their dreams to train them. They visit warriors and apprentices.

Official Prophecy Form Edit

To make your prophecy become an official prophecy you must include...

Prophecy, EX: A stream of beauty with become overwhelmed with oak. (yes this is a prophecy)

The cats included, EX: Oakstream

Received from, EX: Grasscloud

Meaning, EX: Oakstream will take over the river.

Official Prophecies Edit

Prophecy: The cat with Reeds in his Pelt will fall with the touch of fire.

Meaning: Reedpelt will die by fire.

From: Thrushwing

Cat(s) included: Reedpelt