-NEW- Now accepting recruits!

-NEW- "Time for the weather status! It's raining heavily, quite annoying I must add! I advise you stay sheltered unless you want your pelt drenched."

-NEW- Prairieclan is doing well! Remember, we're accepting recruits!

-NEW, IMPORTANT!- Anatomy is now not required, use understandable anatomy, and roleplay like they do it in the books, you don't need to be super advanced, just be literate.


A sleek, slender, brown cat stepped out of the shadows, her eyes narrowed. "Who are you?" She rasped, inspecting you, glaring at you from head to paw. Her thorn-like claws unsheathed, her sharp teeth baring. "If your an intruder, I'll rip off your pelt, you won't be able to be called a cat anymore!" She snarled, her dark brown pelt bristling. The cat quickly sniffed you. "Wait a minute.. Your not an intruder, don't worry!" Her pelt went flat, her claws sheathed, and her eyes were as round as the moon above. All signs of aggression suddenly disappeared. "My deputy told me a visitor would be coming, you must be the visitor, I don't smell any clan on you, so that's good." She purred. "My apologies if I frightened you back there, y'see, if you didn't already know, a lot of clans are getting greedy with territory and my clan is growing weary." She explained, a hint of worry in her tone. "Alright, follow me, I got to show the camp first." You and the brown she-cat left the forest-y area, and into an open space, a prairie. "Oops!" She suddenly meowed. "I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Sparrowstar, the leader of Prairieclan." She mewed, her plume of tail flicked towards the prairie. "It's pretty obvious why it's called Prairieclan." She giggled. "Anyway, let's pick up the pace!" She meowed, then she broke out into an incredibly fast sprint, you struggled to keep up. Sparrowstar was already about eight fox lengths away. "Hey! Are you too slow for me? Not every cat can run as fast as a Prairieclan cat, sorry." She shouted across the prairie, half teasing. She stopped to let you catch up. "See down there? Down the slope?" Her torn ear flicked towards the clearing, thin trees and clumps of gorse surrounded the clearing. You stared down at the clearing, groups of cats were chatting and sharing prey with one another. "Now, I need to ask you a question." She began, your ears perked. "Do you wish to join Prairieclan? I know this is a big offer, and you may be quite shocked.." She trailed off. "But! We need more recruits, and the more the merrier!" She quickly gained her optimistic vibe back. "You can have as much time as possible, but if you decline, I suggest you leave, you may get attacked by a Prairieclan patrol if your not in our clan." Sparrowstar sighed. "It's your choice, I won't force you." She meowed.

"It's your choice."

~Requirments for Joining Prairieclan~

You MUST read the Warriors books, It would be great if you either have finished at least the first series, or you know a lot about clan heritage and other things.

You MUST know basic to advanced anatomy, if you don't, I could get someone to teach you the basics, that or use Wikipedia, at least, that's what I do.

You MUST be a serious roleplayer or you MUST have roleplaying experience.


Please use proper grammar, I need to be able to understand your sentence.

Respect cats that are a higher rank than you, especially the leader, medicine cat, deputy and the elders.

Kitty-pets shall be questioned, chase them out if they are identified as a kitty-pet.

All traitors are to be exiled. 

The deputy and leader are to be respected, any act of treason will result in exile. 

Hunt daily, the hunting/training grounds den is at lemis09807's den 

Guard all kits, they're our future. 

Always guard the territory, even if it's hopeless, Prairieclan cats do not back down. 

We aren't an evil clan, if you wish to have your character grumpy, feel free to do so, just don't make your character evil to the bone and blood. 

Your pack is your family. Defend each other with your life. 

Only natural pelts and eye colours 

Cats DO NOT have powers, so just... Don't. 

Don't be a power player, just... DON'T. 

NO invincible characters, you can't dodge every attack, you can't take fifty hits, I mean... SERIOUSLY. 

One moon is about a couple of weeks in real time, I'd like to keep this realistic. 

Cats with disabilities cannot be perfect, a blind cat cannot have perfect accuracy, and a cat with a missing limb cannot be the fastest runner. 

Besides from the clan, allies are important as well, protect them. 

Green tags please. 

If any more rules are necessary, I'll add them. 

~High Ranks~ 

Leader - Sparrowstar/TheScorchedRune 

Deputy - Apricotstripe/lemis09807 

Medicine Cat(s) - Blossomheart/kenyale  

If you wish to be a high rank, contact TheScorchedRune. 


None until further notice. 



Darkclan - hannahsnowywolf2014 

Lakeclan - kats55 





If you wish to ally or rival with Prairieclan, feel free to do so, just contact TheScorchedRune! 

~Current Clan Members~ 

Sparrowstar - Leader - TheScorchedRune 

Breezekit - Kit - lpslover418 

Hazelkit - Kit - Oceanair4ever 

Blackleg - Warrior - moothecow51236 

Apricotstripe - Deputy - lemis09807 

Meadowsong - Warrior - moutainlaurel 

Cinderpaw - Medicine Cat Apprentice - identidyangel 

Rosekit - Kit - warriorcatgirl999 

Blossomheart - Medicine Cat - chenille 

Grayfeather - Warrior - windbreaker35064 

Storm - Warrior - Frostedpetal 

Lionrunner - Warrior - KibaXKima 

Redwing - Queen - s4d5 

Wishkit - Kit - lovecats60 

Pantherpaw - Apprentice - pinkiepie4971 

Silverdew - Warrior - scooterspeedyrose 

Feathersky - Warrior - Princesswolf23425 

Brownpelt - Elder - banana79141 

Lightpaw - Apprentice - carolineisawesome456 

Sagepaw - Apprentice - pizzagurl34 

Autumnpaw - Apprentice - wafflez1235 

Thornpaw - Apprentice - iks106 

~Standby Recruits~ 




~How to Join~ 

Comment below with this information: 



Age (In moons): 



Roleplay Example: 

Past Roleplaying Experience (Optional): 



The camp is in TheScorchedRune's den, if your computer lags because of it, please tell Sparrowstar. 

Hunting Grounds/Training Grounds 

Lemis09807's den, you can take your hunting patrols here and train your apprentices here. 


Gatherings are held in epic wonders, unless I can find a great clan gathering den. 

That is all, I hope you join Prairieclan!