Welcome to PoppyClan! I am Dewstar, leader. I hope you will enjoy this clan, and here are the readings.

Positions Edit

Leader: Dewstar (Evelyn57737)

Deputy: Open

Medicine Cat: Open

Medic apprentice: Open


(All open)


(All open)


(All open)


(All open)


(All open)

Tags and Territory Edit

Golden tags, world icon. Our territory is Sarepia Forest and Kimbara Outback in Desna.


For Leaf-bare (winter) we have the Crystal Palace den, and Leaf-fall (autum) we have the Castle den, and for new-leaf (spring) we have the Enchanted Hollow den, and for Sun-leaf we have the Beach House.

Dress-code Edit


Flower Bow, Nothing, Flower crown

Leg items:

Elf-Bracelets, rare or non-rare spike wrist, studded spike wrist, leaf bracelets

neck items:

Rare or non-rare spike, leaf necklace, studded spike, nothing

back items:

rare or non-rare worn, sword, bow and arrow, nothing

tail items:

diamond shop armor, elf tail armor

How to Join:

Send a jam-a-gram or comment saying: Hello, I am --- user ---  and i would like to join Poppyclan. I would like to be a (warrior, Queen, Elder, etc.) Thank you! I will consider letting you join. Thx! :D

About Dewstar Edit

Dewstar is the eldest of her litter, and her mother's name is Juniperberry. Her father, Thistlebrush, left her at her kitting. Only her mother could tell her what he was like- rude, almost, and daring, with a huge, nasty scar streaking down his blind eye, accenting his deceiving beautiful pelt with himself, a mean, messed-up cat who's father left him too at his kitting. Dewstar's siblings were Briarclaw, Rosebush, and Neptunekit who didn't live in her first moon, sadly. As Dewstar grew, she became a mighty, trust-worthy Medicine cat named Dewherb. Then, banded from her native clan, she started her own clan, now known as Poppyclan, instead of it's old name, Herbclan. Herbclan was made fun of because of it's name, and now it has turned into Poppyclan. Now, because of it's name, the bullying has stopped, but they now and then are still called kittypets.

PoppyClan info Edit

None to display.

Warrior code Edit

-No disrespecting the Leader, Medic cat, or Deputy.

-No sparring with claws or teeth.

-Always help another cat even if they are from another strange clan.

-no killing other cats without informing the leader.

-has to have a mate by the time they are forty moons old.

-Medicine cats are allowed to have mates and kits.

The belief of Poppyclan Edit

Christianity, Starclan, the Force

(must love Starwars. Jk)

Poppyclan Motto Edit

"Every belief, every cat, any leader, herbs will help the wounded. That is what we are here for: Helping the foolish."  Is it a good one? Do you have a better suggestion? Leave them in the comments below. Thank you!

Language Edit

We use normal language, also things like XD and LOL etc. but sometimes we do not allow it like at gatherings and at clan meetings. Btw sometimes we use basic language: Apex-head Tassel-tail (learn it from my friend, Addi)


Darkclan, Meadowclan

Cool clans you really should visit:

Darkclan: Wizard6

Meadowclan: Jammer8t428

More info might come :D Thx for reading! And make sure to check out Poppyclan at Evelyn57737's (my) den. Thx! :)