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  1. Pelt and Info
    1. Enemy's- SeaFangs,Dragon37074... and many more.
  2. About the real me 

Twilight Souls, Poison's FamilyEdit

                   ~Family Tree of Twilight Souls~  
      Mother- Bamagirl1251  Father- MarblesRolling                                Grandma-XxScarredWarriorxX           
    Brothers-Koree2003-mate-?       Sisters-XxnightshadexX101-mate?-Kits-xxLeopardcatxx    
           tigersaif-mate-?                 iluvedogs-mate?-Kits-None
           catjaster-mate-?                 Fredned-Mate?-Kits-None
           Chickin464-Mate?                 Scartletred1-Mate?-Kits-None

                 Cousins: XxSinisterWicked, Bluesar12, BlueTopaz101, Zepper0, and a whole lot of others

Pelt and InfoEdit

Poison has a semi busy tail, being a purebred mainecoon. She has a cream colored pelt, and light hazel eyes. A long scar runs along her flank, and a scar that sorta shredded her ears. Often ill-tempered, or just moody, if you make her upset.. eh, you won't  be pretty. Many know her for kinda being funny, often trolling or saying hehehe... her favorite saying. Umm lets see... she orginally came from Catjaster's orginal pack.. which was like a year or two ago, when moon144 had Pineclan, and SavageClan was Cosmicspell23... Poison later joined Bloodclan, by encrypted, and then joined karrigann for like.. a day. When this was going on she never liked to stay anywhere, for some unkown reason. Probaly because she was an assassin, and a spy. She has 2 accounts, can't say one of them because its her assassin one... and her spy one...ooh now onto enemy's.

Enemy's- SeaFangs,Dragon37074... and many more.Edit

About the real me Edit

Well my real name is Skylar, and well ya. I love surfing, and I'm captain of a surf team. I'm from South California, Go Angels! (le baseball team). I'm horrible at computers, took me awhile to figure this out. #Fail. Many know me to be a hater... well soo not true. Lover not a Hater. My besties on aj are fredned, iluvedogs, sbrakebil, scarletred1, xxshadowpeltxx, brownbait1234, xxnightshadexx101, wolf2410, horsegurl103 (I have known you for over 2 years...) and catjaster. All of these people I have known for more then a year... Anyways my kik is Flirtyme101, don't laugh I'm not that fluttery, and if I am.. dear lord.. help me. I tend to joke around alot. Well lets see.. I have 3 horses, I compete in Dressage... yes I'm a beginner. Hmm I have 1 dog, his name is Spike, hes a 3 year old Red Nose Pitbull. Favorite Icecream: Circus Animalz   Fav Color: Fluffy Blue.. Thats all for now. (Oh and im 13, deal with it)

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