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Basic Information

OC Name - Luna

Previous Names - Pinekit-Pinepaw-Pineseed- Pinestar

AJ Username - angelluna

Gender - Female

Moons - XxUnknownxX

Sexual Orientation - Heterosexual

Mate - Redfeather

Rank - Leader

Lives - ??/9

Clan - PineClan

Apprentice - N/A

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Species - Feline

Breed - Tabby

Physical Description - Pinestar is a light brown tabby she-cat with light blue almost white eyes. She is petite, with long sharp claws and a prominent scar on her left flank. She has a long tail, and a cute shell pink nose. (Little side note from Red himself - She belongs to me so back off. I know she's too cute to resist but you must.)

Personality - Pinestar is a bit shy at the beginning when you first meet her, and she is pretty lousy at conversations unless you come see her first. She's a soft, sweet cat who will do anything for her clan, and can be very impatient and stubborn at times. But during the other times she's calm, curious and very lazy. But that's what Red loves about her. She's very trustworthy, generous and smart, often times thinking ahead in tough situations, which is why she is such a good leader. But for all of her unique and nice quirks, she's insecure, even when she has nothing to be insecure about. Especially with Redfeather by her side.

What She Looks for in a Mate - She wants a mate that will be protective of her, but not jealous, who can be caring, sweet and smart when the situation calls for it. Who can be patient with anyone, and everyone whether they be in the clan or not. And most of all, they have to be trustworthy. (Redfeather is most of those things... Just, he can be a bit jealous at times. He's working on it.)

Likes - Pinestar, like most other cats, has a lot of likes. For one, she loves watching Silverpelt twinkle and shine, lighting up the darkness of the forest, along with the moon. Which leads her to also love the outdoors, all the creatures in it and sunrises and sunsets. Basically anything outdoors. She loves to feel like she's needed, and important to her clan. Her favorite meals are fish, voles and squirrels, and even though she's a woodland cat at heart, she loves swimming.

Dislikes - For all of her likes, she also has many dislikes. She absolutely hates being doubted, along with being imitated and mocked by anyone. Also, she hates being scared, monsters, ticks, spiders, leaf-bare (for it's lack of prey) and losing the ones she loves.

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Mother - Amberfeather

Description - Tba

Father - Sungaze

Description - Sungaze was a Brown tabby cat with broad features. He had a short pelt, large ears, a large jaw. He was intimidating with a husky voice. But he was a big sweetheart, he always put his family as his priority. He had blazing yellow to orange eyes, hence where his name came from. He died by old age.

Sisters - Silverclaw, Cherrypaw, Ivyleaf, Cinderlily

Pinestar has no blood related sisters.

Silverclaw: Silverclaw (Olivia1314) was Pinestar's best friend at the time. She ressembled her father in the pelt colors but not in his physical stature. She was slimmer and much more elegant when she walked. She had the brightest smile and was always positive. Pinestar invested alot of trust in her. Silverclaw became mates with Sandhawk, Together they have no known kits.

Cherrypaw: Cherrypaw was an apprentice when Pinestar was a warrior. She had joined the clan and had no family. Pinestar (Pineseed at the time) had mentored her and bonded with her alot. Cherrypaw had helped with NightashxPineseed. She was a black coated cat with magenta markings and a white underbelly. She had light turquoise eyes. Unfortunately she died by drowning in a freak storm. She gave Pinestar's her 5th life.

Ivyleaf (Sorry red, that was her actual oc name) (Teaattheplaza): She was Pinestar's first friend. They met at the original Treeclan, and they had been close ever since. She was a big help to Pinestar's emotional life. Ivyleaf was a black cat with a dark grey underbelly. She had sea blue eyes. Pinestar had given her twice a rare green bow, to show her deepest appreciation towards her friend. They lost contact thought, Pinestar hopes she will refind a friendship with her.

Cinderlily (Winterwonderland12): Cindelily was a close friend to Pinestar, she was there in harder times when Pinestar had friendship drama. She was the last person Pinestar recalls talking to that was in Treeclan. Cinderlily was a white she-cat with grey patches and a fluffy coat. She had blue eyes and a genuine, kind smile. Pinestar misses her fondly.

Descriptions - Tba

Brothers - Sandhawk, Stonepelt


Stonepelt: is Pinestar's only actual brother. He was a calico coloured cat (on the lighter side) with a dark blue gaze. He was tall and larger built with big paws. He was a warrior when Pinestar was born but they were both very close. Stonepelt had left and become deputy of Nightclan whom he convinced his leader nightstar to merge with his sister's clan Treeclan. It worked but he stepped down as deputy not feeling up to the task but became a very respected senior warrior. He had a kit named Silverkit (later on Silverclaw). Silverclaw (Olivia1314) and Pinestar, even with their moons of difference, became the closest of friends with also Ivyleaf (Teaattheplaza) and Snowfur (Winterwonderland12). Stonepelt is unfortunately deceased but he gave Pinestar's 4th life.

Sandhawk (Xxheadphonesxx): Sandhawk is not Pinestar's real brother but she considers him as one. He is 3 moons younger than her and they grew up close. He was a slim cat with bright yellow eyes. He was a tan color with a slightly darker brown that splotched his pelt. The male was taller than Pinestar (Which isn't really hard to beat). He had tufts at the tip of his ears. His skill sets were stronger on the hunting side than fighting. He was warm and social. He had no trouble making friends. He was head over heels for Silverclaw so quickly they became mates. They had no kits, or no known of. Sandhawk is deceased.

Daughters -Koistream, Ivyfrost, Honeystep

Descriptions -

Koistream: Koistream is Pinestar's first daughter. She is 4th (if you include Nightgaze) in Pinestar's kits. She did not look like her mother nor father at all. She was a calico coloured cat just like Pinestar's mother Amberfeather. She was tall like her father and slim. She had a longer pelt, like Redfeather has. Koistream was genuine and sweet but her heart did not rest in Pineclan which was obvious. She left to follow her sister Ivyfrost (Ivypaw at the time).

Ivypaw: Ivypaw was a white cat with black streaks and a grey underbelly. She had light blue eyes whom had a bit of green making a light turquoise color. She was petite like her mother but did not share the same ambition as her mother: well not completely. Ivypaw trained to be a medcat instead of a warrior but what she had in common with her mother was her ambition to star her own clan: Brookclan where she became a full medcat in which she ended up leaving. IvyFrost's actual whereabouts are unknown by her mother.

Honestep is Pinestar's last kit and daughter. She is the only remaining kit in Pineclan. She is a 50/50 mix of Pinestar and Redfeather. Her top coat is brown with black tabby marks like Pinestar and a white underbelly like Redfeather. She had purple optics, being a perfect mix between Redfeather's red eyes and Pinestar's blue eyes. She is built like her mother so on the petite side but has an attitude to compensate. (Which Pinestar thinks is always good in a she-cat.) She would always get in sibling fights with Nightfall. She now has 5 kits of her own making Pinestar a grand-mother. Her current mate is Thornstrike but rumor has that before Thorn came she had a crush on her bestfriend Northwind.

Sons -Nightgaze, Eaglepaw, Nightfall

Descriptions -

Nightgaze: Nightgaze is Pinestar's first son. She had him at a very young age in her first clan: Treeclan. His father is named Nightash whom is Pinestar's first mate. He is built slender and tall. He took his father's pelt, black with scarlet streaks and a dark grey underbelly. He had big eyes, tall ears with tuffs at the tips. His teeth and claws are sharper than most, whiter too. The only thing that is obvious he took from his mother is his light blue gaze that pierce in the night. He was not a nervous cat, but he wasnt the most social. He enjoyed a small group of friends but didnt enjoy being alone. He is typically calm but easy to annoy. He was stubborn but never disrespectful, especially towards his mother. He has/had no known mates. His current whereabouts are unknown but Pinestar suspects him in the search of his father whom dissapeared before he was born when the original Treeclan fell apart.

Eaglepaw: Eaglepaw is Pinestar's second oldest son. He was a light tabby cat with his father's eyes. His physical structure is still unknown but Pinestar suspected him to be built more like her.He resembled more his mother than his father but that didnt change Redfeather's love for him. Eaglepaw was a bubbly cat, even if he had some social anxiety. The tom was appreciated by everyone. Unfortunately Eaglepaw disappeared one night; Pinestar doesn't know if he died or if he is at least alright. But she hopes to starclan every night he is.

Nightfall: Nightfall is Pinestar's last son, third oldest of the family. He was named after his lost half-brother: Nightgaze. He ressembled almost identically to his father: Redfeather. All but the fact that he had Dark blue eyes whom you could get lost in. But he had the same physical shape and pelt. Night was a troubled soul, but he was kind. Pinestar felt sorrow seeing him struggle so much with his clanmates. Just like his two brothers: Nightfall ran away but Pinestar thinks he left to find hapiness he couldnt find in Pineclan. She still hoped it would have worked out and she always keep and eye on him. Just like the others: she sends her best thoughts to starclan so he can be okay, wherever he is.

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Pinestar's Backstory


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Trust rates

Redfeather 95%

Mousetail 95%

Dappleheart - 50%

Cardinalflower 95%

Thymeheart 95%

Stormrunner 88%

Dovepelt 80%

Nightfall 80%

Dawnfeather 87%

Dawnheart 85%

Nightclaw 90%

Nightstrike 90%

Rippleshine 95%

Shade 85%

Sandpelt 90%

Silverclaw 100%

Ivyleaf 99%

Ciderlily 100%

Cherrypaw 98%

Sandhawk 99%

Stonepelt 98%

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Pinestar's Friends


OC Name | Username

1.Redfeather | Clairvoyantxx

2.Dappleheart | Poptropic95914

3.Cardinalflower | Jammer2vmg3

4.Thymeheart | Hrk1212

5 Stormrunner | Oceanbreeze

6.Dovepelt | Bunny8321

7.Rippleshine | 12hopperz

8.Sandpelt | Ededdneddy

9. Shade | Jammer1782212

10. Nightstrike | jjanimallover

11.Nightclaw | xxNightclawxx13

12. Clawstrike | cutelove36

13. Ambermoon | Coolmoon03

14. Silverclaw | Olivia1314

15.Ivyleaf | Teaattheplaza

16. Sandhawk | XxheadphonesxX

17. Nightash | FROGGYBEAR2007

18.Cinderlily | Winterwonderland