"The beginning is always just the beginning but the end is never just the end" ~Phoenixstar~

"No matter who you are at war with, rather it be yourself, your mother or father, your mate, your siblings, your child, or even a friend, it's never the end, everyone goes threw war, some come out as a phoenix, strong, brave, beautiful, and never forgotten, but unfortunately some come out broken, scared, and forgotten by all, like the commoner with the illness that died, but always know. No matter who the warrior is, they die but the fire in there soul's will forever last with those who ever met that warrior, for ever person ( cat ) that person ( cat ) ever met has had a bad day, but the light in other's eye's keep's them from breaking and secretly, everyone know's everyone and everyone save's everyone in a way, no one is ever unknown or forgotten" ~ Phoenixstar~

Fire, fire, in the forest

Watch it lick, watch it burn

All the evil the dark roams

Fire.....Fire.....Rid the world of the sins....

Oh you rise like the sun

And settle like the snow


Oh the phoenix from the ash! The Rising Phoenix      ~Unknown ( Goldstar of Tundraclan

A Small warning, 

There is no mature content, but there is word's adressing mateing, heat, and being forced to mate. I however do not write in what actually happen's.

The Past... My apprentice day'sEdit

I dash threw the darkened forest by my twin sister, Ospreymoon, and my twin brother Darkclaw, our long black and grey pelt's blend in with the deep black of the night. We're doing as we are trained to do. To kill. To never forgive or forget. This isn't what we want. We fought but were punished. We are currently living with dogs, this isn't by choice, no, we were forced to.. They want hybrid offspring, they think it will make the pups or kittens stronger, but the fools don't know our kinds just can't mate. It's impossible to have healthy kit's bred by a dog and a cat.. it's unhealthy for the mother's and the kitten's but they don't care. They simply care for themselve's. 

We are currently chasing down a lost kitten..... They want us to kill it, but I can't... It's one of us. I won't do it.

I skid to a stop sheathing my claw's as I panted, my twins slowly stopping to look back at me. 

"Phoenixpaw what are you doing?!" my brother, Darkclaw asked me panicking.

"I can't do it... I won't. She's one of us, if we kill her, we're basically killing ourselve's." 

"Phoenix, what happened?" spoke our alpha, this is a pack full of male dog's, so of course, he's a male.

"I'm sorry Alpha, but I can't and I won't kill that kitten." I said as determination crossed my face.

"you can and you will!" he growled loudly at me

"No I won't! and you can't make me" well.. I was foolish to say that. Knowing very well he can infact, make me.

I was roughly grabbed by my scruff being yanked from the ground as the alpha padded threw the forest to the den where he and the beta's and warrior's stay.. This could only mean one thing..

I was thrown in as I tumbled across the floor "owwww" I yelled rubbing the back of my head with a paw.

"Phoenix you're almost a warrior! you need to be able to do what you are told. You have a purpose here, serve it!" the alpha yelled.

"I don't know my purpose here!" I yelled back 

"Your purpose is to do as I tell you and to carry and birth our offspring you foolish cat" he growled as he swipped his paw, throwing me against the den making me yowl.

"I don't want to do this! please.. I want to wait for my mate" I begged cowering into the corner, it only earned me laugh's.

"you're never getting a mate." alpha growled before he grabbed my scruff taking my to the mateing den's as I cried and begged for mercy.. Only for it to fall onto deaf ear's.

My Young Warrior Day'sEdit

As the year's went on, I was still forced to kill, and mate with the dog's, the killing I began to enjoy, it made me feel as if I wasn't the only one being hurt, I just hated the mateing part...

"Phoenix let's go hunt!" my twin's yelled as they padded toward's me.

"Ok! I need to get my mind off things anyway's" I leapt up racing ahead of them as we ran threw the shadow's, our pelt's blending in deeply as we were silent with our tall, lean frame's, we were like ninja's almost. unseen and unheard by the prey that await us