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What’s Phoenix Coven (PC)? Edit

Phoenix Coven (PC) is a camp which our hostess Faulting (that’s also her user) holds special events, training camps and any feline/canine to enjoy staying for a visit. With its wonderful varying additions, it can be a help for elders-pups/kits.

                             How to register Edit

First of all, you need to contact Faulting on aj and ask her whether or not you want to camp, train or register for other special events going on. If you want to be a trainer and train a group of selected members of your choice (sometimes campers might be included in your group if you don’t have a lot of members). After you talk to Faulting about your group and members she will (if able) give you a den to train, camp ect. . . (When you go there you will have more details)

                           What’s going on now Edit

At the moment PC is offering a boot camp that lasts for a few weeks as you register you can find more things going as this page updates and new additions come at hand. Also, camping is also an available choice and which I believe PC will provide prey.

 Upcoming events Edit

·       From Oct. 5th-Oct. 8th there will be a Hound and warrior retreat where you can camp and hangout with other warriors and hounds.

·       Some point in Dec. (Dates coming soon!) there will be a Dog Roleplayer Awards (DRA) will take place and possibly the Warrior Roleplayer Awards (WCA).

·       Week 2 – (more weeks) are coming up for those you who are doing the PC boot camp

·       Holidays at Phoenix Coven (HAPC) will take place soon (dates coming soon!)

Why is PC highly recommended for leaders to consider?? Edit

All leaders either from packs, tribes and/or clans should have there canines/felines contact Faulting for the boot camp (and maybe even yourself). It can be an opportunity for clan/tribe/pack to get in some good training or bonding while you’re off. Plus, you be able to hold meetings with other leaders at her camp as well.


Note: You may have to counsel with the trainers before joining their group.



Haybye (me)



(More updates coming soon with events and trainers)

(Also, volunteering options always helps and is welcomed C:) Remember if you want to contact Faulting just search Faulting on aj. Also if you have questions ask your question in comments and i'll will answer it asap


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