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Petalclan Edit

Welcome to Petalclan's page! Petalclan is a clan full of loyal and brave cats. We are happy to let anyone join our clan. Our territory is in the sever Flint, Pecos, and Congo The land is Zios, Kimbara, Mt.Shiveer and sometimes Sarepia forest. If you are a member our tag is silver.

Want To Join? Edit

If you would like to join Petalclan, please comment below:

Warrior Name:



For example you can do something like this:


Hi i would like to join :3

Username: mothfur

Warrior name: foreststar

Rank: Leader


Want become Ally's or become Enemies? Edit

if you want to ally or become enemies then just Comment below :3

Allies and Enemies Edit

Currently we have no allies or enemies.

Petalclan News Edit

right now we are doing well but we need more cats

That's All For Now :3 Edit

I hoped you enjoyed our page, I will be adding more later. If you would like to buddy the leader, my username is "mothfur".

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