~Hate is all I receive, love is all I give..~

         ~We are all one, we are all equal, but somehow we're all different..~
Name: Petra

Age: 24 Moons (2 years)

Sexuality: Straight

Clan/Pack/Tribe: Stray Cat (used to be a kitty-pet)

Grandmother: Branchtail

Grandfather: Comet (deceased)

Mother: Lost

Father: Private for herself

Siblings: Broken Hearts/Ebony (deceased)

Mate: None

Ex-Mate: None

Crush: None

Breed: Norwegian Forest Cat Mix

Kits: None

Past Lives: 1

Food Type: Vegetarian

Theme Song: Three Days Grace ~ Fallen Angel

Three Days Grace - Fallen Angel (Lyric Video)03:13

Three Days Grace - Fallen Angel (Lyric Video)

                                        🌹~B A C K S T O R Y~🌹 Edit

The howling winds yowled with terror. How was it possible? A cat to have another chance in life? But how? That was the mysterious question which was asked by the ancient cats. Those were the questions which were frequently asked..but this cat has done so much wrong..?

The small she-kit lay unmoveable on the uncomfortable Twoleg mat. It was the middle of Leaf-fall. The ginger leaves were scattered on the ground. The kit looked like as if it had fallen from the sky..or maybe her soul? She looked weak, laying there until the vintage door of the Twoleg nest opened. A Twoleg with yellow fur on head appeared, tied into tails. She looked at the small kit and lifted her from the ground and stroked her fragile head. "Mummy!" the Twoleg screeched to an older Twoleg. "What, sweetie?" the bigger Twoleg replied. "Can we please take in this kitten?" the small Twoleg whined. "Fine, but you clean the litterbox after her." she mumbled and went back inside. The scrap of black fur seemed to look silverly gray in the moonlight as the small Twoleg carried the kit inside.

The kit had been named Petra which is derived from the Greek word 'petros' which meaning stone or rock because the Twolegs thought that the kit had invisible, although she looked weak, she was actually as strong as a stone. Petra had grown very fond of her new family. They were loving, caring and everything a normal kitty-pet would want. She didn't need anything more. Petra had reached 9 moons and was having the best time of her life. She had many dog and cats friends. But her closest friend was Sarah, the samll Twoleg which had taken her in and saved her life. They were the unseprable duo of two. Sarah would teach Petra all sorts of tricks and then enter her in Cat Agility Shows. They wouldn't come first always, but they were always proud of their teamwork.

However, when Petra reached the age of 9 moons the greatest disaster had happened. She still questions herself till this very day; did it have to be my family? The most heart-breaking thing had stung Petra that night. She had watched her own family be murdered..she will never forget that horrible sight and how she herself was stuffed into a fridge, left to freeze to death. It was tight in the fridge and cold as anything which you think is the coldest in the world. Petra was slowly dying, in pain. A miracle had happened that she had survived two nights in the fridge and that soon it opened. Petra had been taken to the nearest vet and then handed into the shelters. It was really true, she was like a stone, her heart was like stone.

Petra had started a new life as a shelter cat, looking for home. She was always cramped in a tiny cage, her eyes dull with grief for her family. Regret had haunted her. No animal liked her in the shelter. She was being bullied. It was almost like slowly dying in pain. Was this her destiny? No cat knew, not even the ancient cats. She was called all sorts; ugly, stinky, ungrateful. Petra didn't want to live anymore. It was like her whole life was falling apart from her point of view. To make it even worse, she was adopted by the same Twoleg which murdered her family. She was regularly hit and beaten. Her neck was constantly full of hair, stuffed by the Twoleg. Once again, it was her fighting against death. She has a scars on her neck, burns and a huge lump of constant hair which was in her neck. Once, her ear got burned off from the Twoleg's sinister desires. It made it clear that Petra wanted to be punished for something. One night, in her sleep, a cat visited her saying they were her sister named Broken Hearts. Petra was having a heart attack at that point. All of her gory memories were coming back how she killed her sister. "This is your second chance, Petra. You were once Hail taking after our cruel father." Broken Hearts mewed, avioding to say the father's name delibrately. Petra cried, tears of pain dribbled down her fur-cheeks. "I forgive you Petra though you killed me because of your jealousy. I know that I shouldn't have taken away your tom or just be mom's all time favourite kit." Petra seemed to realised that she must use this opportunity for life.

Petra had gotten up from her sleep and decided to plan out her escape. This isn't the life for her. She fled in the night. After that she had decided to become vegetarian since she doesn't want small creatures, like she looks like one to Twolegs, to be harmed and eaten just for her hunger. She also decided to become a stray cat, roaming the forests and the Twoleg streets. She had tried many times to fall in love but couldn't. Her heart was telling her that it was too early for her. But she always helped a cat in need or any small creature and ate berries. In Leaf-bare she looked anything which wouldn't be small creatures. She stayed loyal to her promise. She had realised why she had given this chance. It was to be able to live normally, how she pleased not follow someone else's steps. This is how she wanted to be and her story is still to be written till this very day..