"Expect nothing from everyone, trust no one, be vigilant, and strike first."

- Persa



-=+=- Appearance -=+=-Edit

Persa is a Tibetan Mastiff mixed with a wolf hybrid, although traces of a Dire Wolf run deep in her veins. She has dark gray fur, with splotches of faint silvery gray. Also, she has a silvery white underbelly beneath her. Her orbs are a light minty-sky blue color, unusual for a mixed breed like hers. Also, she has a long, serrated scar that runs from her right frontpaw, to her chest. She got it from a fight with a large bear that tried to take her prey away. Eventually, she managed to kill it.

"From every wound there is a scar, and every scar tells a story. A story that says, I am stronger, and I survived."

-=+=- Personality -=+=-Edit

Persa will be loyal few, only the ones she knows she can trust with her life. She has so far, trusted only one dog with her life; Soul, a Siberian Husky/Doberman mix in her pack. Persa got her quick-witness and dexterity from her mother, Sakura, a wolf hybrid; and violence and brutality from her father, Atlas, a Tibetan Mastiff. Her sharp orbs can see everyone´s internal ego with vivacity and secrecy. Her rare-colored orbs usually cause awkwardness around other dogs, because of their unusual color.

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-=+=- Her Story -=+=-Edit


Persa hides her background story as much as possible, because of the tragic trauma that it caused her. She has no brothers or sisters, she is a lone wolf. "In the mountains, 2 weeks after she was born, she opened her eyes and gazed at her mother with round orbs. Little Persa squeaked -"I want more milk!" She pressed her tiny round paws onto her mother´s belly, trying to get the milk out. Her mother, Sakura, looked down at her with devastated eyes. "You can´t have more milk, little one. I don´t have any more to give you." Sakura sighed, knowing what she had to do. She had to leave her pup alone, for the rest of her life, before her Father came and took her away to kill her. That night, Sakura waited until her pup was soundly asleep, and carried her gently by the scruff to not wake her. She traveled until dawn through the pine trees, until reaching the wooden house at the bottom of The Great Mountain. She tucked her pup gently onto a fallen log, and whispered low -"Please forgive me.." And then she ran off. Leaving little Persa alone, hungry and cold, to fend for herself the rest of her life. As soon as she woke up, her zeniths perked up in alarm, looking around for her Mother. She whimpered -"Mommy?" And so, she was left there, she was raised by herself, taught herself to hunt, and fight the other creatures that tried to steal her prey. She would grow strong. She wouldn't trust anyone else but herself. She would not trust anybody. Not even her own Mother. Not anymore.


Sakura, her mother

-=+=- Facts -=+=-Edit

· Persa has a very important hidden rank in her pack, only her Alpha and Soul know it. She is partners with Soul when sparring, and prefers to be quiet and reserved when doing her job in the pack. She is not a fighter, nor a hunter, it's a secret. It's the key to dominating other packs.

· You can call her either Robin, or Persa, although she prefers to keep Robin as a name for the ones she trusts.

· She prefers to work alone, except if this dog is worthy of her trust.

· Her favorite prey is the Bighorn Sheep, since she was raised near the mountains.

· She would choose to kill in cold-blood, since her job includes killing many dogs and cats.

· She is skeptical, believes in nothing and nobody.

· She is open to her friends, if she feels like she can trust them.


Atlas, her father

-=+=- Family -=+=-Edit

· Sakura: Her mother, a Wolf Hybrid, and a traitor to her. 

· Atlas: She never met him, a Tibetan Mastiff.

· Brothers and Sisters: None.

· Mate: She hasn't found her soulmate yet, but someday she will :D

· Pups: None