<<Introduction>> Edit

This religion relates closely to the Forces of Nature, where you believe neither in the Dark Forest nor Star Clan as one alone, but believe that they can work as one together. This page will describe everything you need to know about the following religion, and what clans have changed this to their official religion.

<<Beliefs>> Edit

Pastians believe that every religion is connected in some way, and while their religion is slightly different from others it doesn't make other religions, like StarClan wrong. They believe that all religions strive to achieve the same goal, just get the point across in different ways. Some demand sacrifice, others demand obedience.

It is also known that Pastians don't focus on worshiping ones that have passed on or other clans, but concentrate on making the most of what they were given. They believe that life in itself is like a celebration for your creation, and that no matter how short or how well lived, it is still a celebration. When someone dear to them dies, they see it as the end of the party. If you are here, then no matter how horrible your life is, its positive. The fact that you are alive is a positive thing, and when you die it returns to normal, neutral, not negative. After the party is over, you go home and resume as normal.

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<<Traditions>> Edit

Death Traditions

Because of their beliefs on death and the afterlife its normally custom to let the cats gather one night in vigil. They only allow themselves one night of sorrow and remembrance in order to stay away from grief, and be able to resume their duties. The next morning, they all gather by the closest river leading down , letting the carcass float away. Why, you may ask? This represents the deceased cat carrying on with the last journey, and resembles the living letting go of what is no longer theirs.