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So: 3/14/17


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Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. 

SPECIES Domestic Wolves and Hybrids
ORIENTATION Leaning Towards Dark
ACCEPTING We Are Currently Recruiting New Wolves.
CAMP Koi's den
THEME SONG Polarize - Twenty One Pilots
Coyote run cycle by wingedwolf94-d8pcds1
Joining and not participating in pack roleplays will get you kicked out!
Alpha[/b] The alpha of the pack is the leader. He is the main one in control and sets the laws of his pack. They are not required to hunt with the pack, but most normally do. They demand respect and are in the position to exile, banish, or even kill those who do not show it. Though it is rare, this position can be challenged and if the challenger wins the fight than the challenger, being the new alpha, can do what he/she pleases with the previous leaders. This does not normally happen because it would result in a huge change within the pack.

Beta[/u] The Beta is the second in command and enforces the law when the current alpha is not present. If both of the alpha die than the beta(s) take the alpha position and lead the pack, unless the alpha has said otherwise. This position cannot be challenged without the alpha approval.

Sentinel[/u] There are four sentinels, two mated pairs, in the pack. Each pair is specially chosen by the alphas and betas. The alphas and betas train the sentinels to take their places if anything should happen to them. The sentinels, since becoming one can start as early as one year, don't usually have authority over the pack unless the alpha or beta have publicly given it to them. They are respected though. Messing with a sentinel is messing with the alphas and betas themselves. This rank cannot be challenged whatsoever.

Elders[/u] The elders of the pack are seven years and older. They are filled with wisdom and renowned strength. They are the ones that the alphas normally go to for advice. If they are wise, the elders are the only ones to whom the alphas may submit themselves to. The are respected as much as the alphas by the entire pack.

Assassin[/u] This position is given only to a Changer. Assassin is the most fitting name for this rank because it is self-explanatory. They are also spies for the pack. There can be a total of only three assassins in each pack.

Trainor[/u] This is postion of a pup whos in between adulthood and pup-hood.

The lower ranked of the pack respect the higher ranked wolves and will ultimately submit themselves to the alphas and betas.

Lead Warrior[/u] The lead warrior takes his/her orders directly from the alpha, and sometimes the beta. They are the main leader, general, or captain of the warriors in the pack. There is only one.

Warrior[/u] The amount of warriors depends on the size of the pack. For a small pack there can be up to 5 and for a much larger pack there can be up 15. They are the guardians and protectors of the pack. The warriors will roam the pack lands ensuring it's safety. They are the ones that will keep watch at night. The warriors must be quick to think and remain calm in any given situation.

Lead Hunter[/u] The lead hunter is the one who leads the hunts. There is only one lead hunter. Whoever becomes a hunter must be quick to think as well.

Hunters[/u] Like the warriors the amount of hunters depend on the size of the pack. Every member of the pack hunts, but these are the main hunters.

Lead Scout[/u] The lead scout is the leader of the scouts.

Scouts[/u] The scouts are the scavengers of the pack. They will hunt small creatures and will help survey the land with the warriors.

Pup Watchers[/u] These are the pup sitters of the pack. They will keep watch over the pups when the others may be out hunting or at battle. Don't be fooled into thinking that they are weak and soft. On the contrary the pup watchers can be the most vicious members of the pack, as long as you don't mess with their pups. They only watch pups up until the age of nine months. There is only up to about three pup watchers in a pack regardless of the size.

Subordinates[/u] These are the non-ranked members of the pack. They will still participate in fighting and hunting though.

Omega[/u] The omegas are the lowest of low in the pack, lower than the subordinates. Don't be surprised if they don't receive much respect if any at all. They are only placed in this position if they've done anything to disrespect the alpha. Sometimes a new member may be placed with this rank if the alpha is a bit mistrustful of them.

Pups[/u] I'm pretty sure that this is self-explanatory.

>> Alphas 2/2 <<

Name Username Description Gender Mate Apprentice

>> Beta 1/1 <<

Name Username Description Gender Mate Apprentice
Shallow Ding43584 Black and white wolf. She is a mix of border collie and a timberwolf. She is strong, kind, firm and swift. Male Darkriver

>> Sentinels 0/4 <<

Name Username Description Gender Mate Apprentice

>> Elders Unlimited<<

Name Username Description Gender Mate

>> Healer 3/3 <<

Name Username Description Gender Apprentice
Moon Selka1 Brown and grey wolf with moon shaped patterns. Wolf and cat hybrid Female
Muddy Smartjamv Brown and black pup wolf who admires hybrids and true heros or leaders. Wants to help most of the time. Male
Brook Tttaaayyylllooorrr Loves wolves and helps out. Female

>> Assassin <<

Name Username Description Gender Mate Apprentice
(This will not be presented for reasons.)

>> Warriors <<

Name Username Description Gender Mate Apprentice Put x here if you are lead warrior.
Moon Selka1 Brown and grey wolf with moon shaped patterns. Wolf and cat hybrid
Echopaw gbomb110 A white swift wolf who can be triigered easily. 

>> Lead Hunter <<

Name Username Description Mate Apprentice
Willow Maggiemoo1910

>> Hunters <<

Name Username Description Mate Apprentice

>>Scouts <<

Name Username Description Mate Apprentice
Ivy Tigersawesome86734 A very small greyish

and skinny wolf.


>> Trainers <<

Name Username Description Gender Mentor
Raven Icybunny Black and grey cat who merged with the pack Female Ivy
Darkriver Flamingfire10123 Wolf.  Female Shallow
Brook Tttaaayyylllooorrr Loves wolves and helps out. Female Moon

>> Pup Watchers Unlimited <<

Name Username Description Mate Offspring

>> Subordinates 0/5 <<

Name Username Description Mate Apprentice

>> Omegas 0/2 <<

Name Username Description Reason

>> Pups Unlimited <<

Name Username Description Mother Father
Muddy Smartjamv A very dark and muddy


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To join Shattered Rose Petal's you must pledge in the comments aswell as a few other things that will be mentioned after.


>How active are you?

>Do you powerplay? (its not alowed)

>What is your rank, user, name, and wolf description?

>Say the pledge!


I put my oath and honor into defending my pack at all cost. I shall not double group for I am one with my kind. I will obey the Rose's rules, and help my pack. I will not leave unless it is nessacery. I, (your name) am a loyal, frank, good wolf. For justice and all!
1 No powerplaying. If you powerplay you will get a warning. If you do it again you will earn exile.

2 No insulting. If you insult a higher rank you will have to do pup duty's for a quarter moon.

3 No harassing. If you meet another pack, do not harass unless they attack, in that case you are aloud to insult, harass or kill the attacker.

4 No advanced vocabulary. We use standard vocabulary, if you use advanced you will be harmed by the beta or the leader.

5 Do not harm pups. We do not harm pups unless the pup tried to hurt or kill a pack member.

6 Avoid being vegan. We do not take in vegans unless your just on a short diet XD but really no vegans.

7 No double grouping. Clan, pack, group, whatever double grouping isn't aloud. You can either quite your other group and stay or be exiled.

8 Be serious. Though when we are not roleplaying, we chat and act silly, we are serious roleplayers. But once the deputy or leader puts the silliness to an end, you are required to act serious. If you are silly or off topic, you will get five warnings. After the fifth warning, you will get a punishment.

9 Charaters. You may have one character, and one character only. We do not allow more then one character, due to confusion spreading amongst others. And please don't do too much drama, like having a very slow death, and if you're going to kill off your character, please have a high rank or an editor with you when your character is dying. And please do not pick a name someone already has when joining, we will ask to change it. If you refuse, we will decline you. If you share your account, thats fine.

10 Language. Cursing/swearing is against the wiki rules, so it is against ours. If we see you cuss in the comments, or type it when you're editing, we will show an adminstrator which can cause a risk of banning you from the wiki. When roleplaying, don't say things like "Beach!" or "Fudge!", say the proper pack slang such as "Bee-brain!" or "Kitten dung!"

11 Edits. Please only edit if you are an editor or you were asked to edit. If you did edit without permission, then there will be a punishment. If a person outside of our Clan edits or harasses our wiki, we will show an administrator which can ban their account. So please let us put you on our page!

12 Being murderous. If you attack another packmate, then a very harsh punishment will occur. If you kill another packmate, you will be exiled or killed on the spot.

13 Please be active!!! Please try to follow our schedule, and if you are busy or on vacation, please contact a high rank as soon as possible. If you are inactive without telling us you were away, etc. then you will be removed off our page.
Though we are mostly serious we do have fun things to do.

=Sparring. Sparring is when two or more wolves attack each other. The first one to surrender will lose, and the winner well... WINS!!! Elders, pups, pup-watchers, senites, suborditnates cannot participate in this game.

=League Chasing. When League Chasing two wolves fight for the others desired rank. You must tell your leader before League Chasing. If the winning wolf is the wolf who wnated the higher rank, the losing wolf switches ranks with him. If the winning wolf is the already higher ranked wolf they keep their ranks and may battle again anytime.

=Tree Races. Tree Racing is when two wolves try to climb a tree. The first to the top and back down gets 3 white rabbit skins and a shiny pebble. Everyones gotta love shiny pebbles right? XD

=Hunt Howls. After very successful hunts, the wolves who where in the hunt get to have a great hunting celebration howl.


Head Neck Back Feet/Wrists Tail
Flower crown Spikes Worn Leg armor Skeleton tail
Anything flower Leis Sword Elf bracelets Elf tail armor
Nothing Ribbon scarves Nothing Rare gloves Nothing

Correct animals

Arctic wolf Wolf Fox Bunny
Adult (Member) Adult (Non-member) Growing pup (Member) Growing pup (Non-member)
None None None Pup (Member)
None None None Pup (Non-Member



Pelt colors

Eye colors

Eye colors

Server: Chimbu
THE BROKEN FOREST (sarepia forest)

The broken forest is known to small cats who usually are carefree and get ambushed by wolves. It is filled with prey so hunting isn't scarce.


The river to sea is a dusty outback anvaised by snakes, lizards, and spiders. There is a small stream the is said if you follow it will take you to a large open ocean.


The snow hills is a very cold land of snow. The only good prey the lives there are albino bunnies. Very few things are there, but if your lucky you may see or catch a goat.


This town is rarely used, though is helpful. The camp is close to the township, and the town connects to all of the territory. Sometimes you'll see humans but very rarely.

Our camp is located..

Our camp is located in the snowy hills, there is a cave with ice blocking the enterance. You jump over the ice and our camp is located there. Around the cave is lots of old rose bushes and a thorn barrier along with fallen ice. 

Dens are located..

The dens are inside of the cave. In the front is the high-ledge and inside it is a tunnel to the leaders den. Across form there is the hunters, scouts, and warriors den (note that they are all in the same den). In the ckearing is the prey pile. A bit tail length down is the healer's den. You know y the overwelhming smell of herbs. Farther down is the trainers, pup watchers, and pups den. Across from that is the elders. and in the back is a tunnel to a large den where all the other ranks sleep but omega. The omega sleeps under s small plant next to that tunnel. (this is all in atlantacraft's den so there is no actual jumping over ice and rose bushes and bleh...
Wikia username Username Name Why did you edit our page?
GreyclawAJ2 Ding43584 Shallow I created this page
Wikia username Username Why? Update Date
GreyclawAJ2 Ding43584 We need territory Territory and server Friday Nov. 11
Friday Nov. 11
Canada America
6:00 to 8:00 7:00 to 9:00
3:00 to 5:00 2:00 to 4:00
If these time periods are not possible, please talk to one of the leaders for more information.
Name Wikia username Leader/Alpha(s)' name(s) Beta/Deputy(s/ies)' name(s)
Name Wikia username Leader/Alpha(s)' name(s) Beta/Deputy(s/ies)' name(s)
Streamclan N/A Shiftingstar Dovestrike
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When you join we add your wolf's photo the the pack's gallery.
  • Shattered Rose Petals @WE STAND FOR THE FIGHT@
  • Leader; Rosseta
  • Leader; Lakota
  • Beta; Shallow
  • Hunter; Willow
  • Scout; Angel
  • Scout; Ivy
  • Scout; Rosy
  • Warrior; Cosmic
  • Warrior; Echopaw
  • Warrior; Ebony
  • Warrior; Blade
  • Warrior and Healer; Moon
  • Trainer and Healer; Brook
  • Trainer; Darkriver
  • (merged) Trainor; Raven
  • Pup; Acorn
  • Pup; Muddy
  • Pup; Faith
Member count Alliance count Enemy count Prisoner count
17 0 1 0
. Medicine trainers sleep with the medicine dogs, who I will mark.

. When pups are 4-5 moons they are trainers

. Hunting parties are to be taken when the beta adresses them

. Same goes w/ patrols

. Pups aren't allowed to leave camp without a hunter or warrior w/ them
Mother or Father of Pup Kills own Pup

-Mother or father must watch other pups be slaughtered


-Mother or Father is killed infront of pack 

Double Grouping after a Warning

-Pinned and Harmed



Hurt or Kill a Packmate



-Clawed face

Curse in Comments

-Ban from Pack


-Ban from pack and wiki

Insult Leader or Racism 

-Fast Death





Please note that these are rarely used.
>Borage leaves bring down fever and also increase mothers supply of milk

>Burdock root cures infections

>Mintleaf cures colds and coughs that cause infections in stomach

>Voil leaves cure infections and help belly aches

>Webs help stop bleeding

>Coltsfoot helps with intense shortness of breath

>Poppy seeds make you tired if you eat them

>Cob nuts are made into ointment

>Daisy is chewed into a paste for healing

>Dock is chewed up and applied to scratches and can be put in one's nest during sleep