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=== You could see them. You knew they were there even if you couldn't see them. You sensed power. Authority. The Forgotten Crescents, born for battle and destruction. The calm, agathokakological creatures walked proudly through their territory, tails high, ready for anything that crosses their path. ===

Intro Edit

You're wandering through a thick, dark forest when you begin to see what seems to be an entrance to something. You could barely see through it, it was camouflaged. You only could make out the strong scent of huge, muscular, dangerous cats. Your curiosity gets the best of you and you're already tired and hungry so you decide to check it out. You walk through the entrance and see a huge opening, and inside is what seems to be a prison campground. You see two huge big cats at the entrance as you lock eyes with their cold harsh stare. You start to panic as one steps up to you and says,"What are you doing here?" His voice was the deepest and most authoritative you've ever heard. You work up the courage to talk to the towering cat and speak,"Um, I was just.. curious of what was here, I'm sorry it wont happen again." The cat chuckled and spoke again,"Well of course it wont. Because you have two choices, you may join us, or you may be killed on the spot, it's your choice." Your eyes widen as you speak,"But why must I be killed? I'm not a spy I swear my life on it!" His cold stare narrowed. He spoke,"And we will make sure of that, wont we? So, make your choice now, before I make it for you." You started to tremble a little as you stuttered out,"Al.. Alright. I will join you." The cat straightened and nodded,"Good choice. I will give you the tour and some basics about us, follow me." You followed him into the clearing and suddenly you knew, these cats where going to make you the toughest bravest warrior anyone's ever seen.

Loudstar Edit

You follow the brown, muscular tom as he leads you through the path of trees. He speaks in his deep tone, "My name is Pinefoot, what might yours be?" You stutter with nervously, "I- I do not know." "Hmm," He mews, "Loudstar can fix that." "L-Loudstar?" You echo, wondering what kind of name is that. "Yes," Pine keeps moving on through the long ferns, "She is leader of Pack Of The Forgotten Crescents." You chuckle and say, "What kind of name is Loudstar?" Pine instantly turns around, his eyes flashing, muscles tensing, and pelt bristling. "You better not speak to her that way," He warns you. You instantly feel nervous about meeting this leader. You wonder if she's even tougher than Pine, and if so, how tough? And if she figured out you made fun of her name? Would you be killed? All these thoughts wander around your mind, but Pine interrupts you with a flick on your ear tip. "Don't worry, Loudstar isn't going to hurt you," He purred, "I wont tell her," He meowed with a wink. You sigh with relief. "So, when will I meet this Loudstar?" You ask. "First of all, clean your pelt, you look like a mess," Pine says observing your ruffled pelt. "Second, don't call her Loudstar all the time, she goes by Loud most of the time." "Why?" You ask, wondering why she wouldn't go by her full name, showing her leadership of her pack. "Because, she thinks Loudstar seems to make her look like she's royal, or some what special," Pine answers. "Wouldn't she want so sound special?" You say, puzzled while lapping at your raggedy pelt. "Stop asking so many questions," He sighs, but answers you anyways, "She just doesn't like it, she likes thinking that she's as normal as everyone else." You shrug and keep walking.

Camp Intro Edit

"We're here," Pinefoot says. You gape in awe as you walk through, seeing gleaming eyes staring at you. You gaze around, seeing trees surround the hollow. You see dens, and cats pouring out of them. "There's the warriors den," Pine points to a path, with apprentices filling moss at the center of the path. You also see the strongest cats, still not as superior as Pine, but close. You see three magnificent, strong she-cats. One of them are a brown she-cat with a grey underbelly, "That's Grey," You hear Pine behind you, gazing at the she-cat you observed. You then move on to the second she-cat. Also magnificent, her pelt is dark, with a darker shade of grey on her underbelly than Grey's. "Grey is Head Guard, as the dark pelt she-cat, she's Raven. She's Battle Chief," Pine mews. You then gaze at the third she-cat. A tan one, with darker brown markings, her pelt glistened in the moonlight. "That's Mitzu, she's Co-Deputy, calm but strict cat, that she is," Pine says, gazing at Mitzu. "Co-Deputy?" You say, puzzled, "Who's the first deputy?" He grinned, "You're looking at him," he puffed out his chest proudly. "Wow," You say in awe, "That must be nice!" "I love my pack to death, deputy or not, I will always protect it," Pine says, humbly. You then see another den, smaller than the warriors den. You see two medium sized faes playing around, tackling each other. "Those are apprentices," Pine speaks, beside you. "Over there," He points to a herb-smelling den with a grassy overhang, "That's Med-Cat's den" You move on to another den, smaller than the apprentices now. "This is the nursery, where queens nurse," Pine mews. Then in the center of the clearing, you get to the final den. "This is Loudstar's den," Pine says, gazing at the overhang of ferns, like the med-cats. "Loudstar's sleeping right now, better not disturb her or else she'll get grouchy," He purred, amusement in his eyes.

Meeting Loudstar Edit

It's moon-high and Loudstar is still sleeping. Though, you have to meet her, right now. "Come," Pine mews, padding up the slope that leads to Loudstar's den. You hang back, your paws not even moving. Pine sighs, amusement glittering. He grabs you by the scruff softly, dragging you to her den. You hold in a giggle as he drags you. He seems to smile a bit. Maybe the pack isn't all that serious all the time. "Alright, alright," You say chuckling, strangling out of his grip, "I'll go." You pad beside him, trembling with fear. You hear quiet, deep snores from inside the den. You hold in a burst of laughter of the snores, you look like you're a kit playing the silent-game about to burst. Pine looks at you, shaking his head, but also smiling, obviously holding back laughter also. "Loud!" Pine calls softly. Your heart skips a beat when a dark, deep, but actually soothing, voice answers to his call, "Yes, Pinefoot?" You heard Loudstar mew softly back. You hear movement, she's getting up... You cant help it, your jaws drop open. Right in front of you, is a beautiful, magnificent, heart-skipping fae. She was the same height as Pine, but clearly stronger. Her muscles rippled beneath her dark pelt. Her pelt was black on top, with a dark brown underbelly. She had magnificent light grey markings around her flank. You stutter, "H-hello.." You barely mew. She looks down at you, flicking her tail. "And who might you be?" She asked, her mew surprisingly warm. "This is a cat I found wandering in our territory," Pine answers for you, "They'd like to join, rather then be killed," He chuckled. She purred, "They always make the right choice." You tremble with fear as she observes you. "Do not worry, sweetie. I wouldn't dare hurt such a useful cat like you." You instantly feel special at the word 'useful'. Loudstar nods to Pinefoot, and then turns to you. She spoke in her warm tone, "Welcome to the Pack of the Forgotten Crescents."

Pack Law: Edit

1.) ~Protect and serve the pack even with the cost of your life. We are all family here, family protects one another.
2.) ~NO DOUBLE- CLANNING/Pack/tribe, it is a serious offense to the pack and is just disrespectful. This will result in exile, or severe punishment
3.) ~No drama, we know in the books there is drama, it makes it more enjoyable. If you want to make prophecy please don't just make it about yourself it leaves others out, and ask Loudstar for permission.
4.) ~The pack allows anatomy advanced, basic, etc. if you do not know anatomy or choose not to use it that's fine we can teach you! :)
5.) ~Leaders word is law, the leader is leader for a reason if you have a problem confront Loudstar right away so we can sort it out.
6.) ~Childis behavior is not necessary if you act like a kit you will be treated as so, or Loudstar can demote you for as long as she sees fit
7.) ~There is no fighting among clanmates we are family here, if you have a problem with someone in The clan and can't solve the problem yourself please ask Loudstar for help fighting is not the answer.

Fan Art Edit

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