You are traveling through thick undergrowth. Brambles tug at your pelt, but you willfully ignore their constant, protesting pull. The only sound is that of dry leaves crackling underneath your paws. Suddenly, you stop in your tracks. Someone is near. Your pelt naturally begins to bristle in fear. Just then, the brush in front of you parts and out from the bushes emerges a huge, powerful black tom with a dark brown underbelly and paws. You flatten yourself to the ground, fear pulsing through you. You let out a desperate hiss, but it comes out more pleading than menacing. The cat in front of you looks as if he could end your life with one swipe of his forepaw. He bares he teeth at you, his yellow eyes piercing your own pelt. "What are you doing on our territory?" he snarls menacingly. "I...err...I was only traveling through. I promise, I don't mean any harm!" you tell him, feeling the hair on the back of your neck begin to bristle with terror. The tom narrowed his sharp, yellow eyes. "How can I trust you?" he challenges. Feeling just a bit of courage crawl up your neck like a spider, you say, "There's no one with me, is there?" The tom hesitates for a few heartbeats, then growls. "We don't allow intruders here, but I see you don't wish to harm us." You nod. "Right! Just please let me pass through!" The big cat twitches his ears, nodding. "But before you leave...I have a proposition for you. You realize how vulnerable you are out here alone?" Your ears perk. "I guess..." you reply, even though his words had stung you. You had never been a part of a group before. You knew nothing better than to travel alone. "What would you say to joining a Rogue Pack?" he asks you, his huge almond-shaped eyes brightening as he forces his ears to shove forward. Stunned at the offer from the seemingly hostile cat, you hesitate. You don't know what to say. "A...a Rogue Pack?" you manage to choke out. "I cannot tell you it will be easy, seeing as you have never yet been part of a group...but it will be worth it to have others to help you as you fight against enemies and hunt prey. I will say, we only accept the best of the best, the strongest of the strong, and only the fiercest warriors will be given the rank of the Elite. However, I see something in you at I have never seen in other Rogues. You are brave to speak to a cat twice your size, and even braver to accept this offer. You're not the same as the other Rogues. I can see that." Stunned, you blink at the huge cat. He goes on: "In the Pack of the Fading Echoes, we fight and hunt together, protecting each Packmate as if they are family. We shelter the weak and fight alongside the strong. If you are up to the challenge, we will accept you." You swallow hard, waiting for this strange cat to add on to his story. But he remains silent, his yellow eyes fixed on you. You realize it is up to you now. "I...I will join." He nods. "My name is Cleave. I am the Leader of the Pack of the Fading Echoes. I am willing to let you join as long as you are willing to learn the code we live by and swear your loyalty to your Packmates. However, before you make any hasty choices, I will take you to our camp and allow you to learn a but about us. What is your name?" You tell him your name. "Very well. Now come. You are about to experience the most amazing change of your life."

Basic Info Edit

Leader: Cleave (wolfiesarenice)

Co-Leader: Pending...

Tag Colour: Silver

Reputation: Fierce and courageous in battle, but normally veers away from rivalries with other Clans.

Terriory: Tigris Sarepia and Temple of Zios

Commonly Asked Questions Edit

Okay, these are some of the most commonly asked questions from new recruits. If you are wondering about any of these, here are your answers.

Do we need to know anatomy? This is definitely the most commonly asked question. No, you don't need to know anatomy to join us. However, it is encouraged. Higher ranks will be given to the most advanced roleplayers.

How do we receive ranks? When we take in new recruits, we will immediatly ask them to give an example of their roleplay, such as attacking the air or grass or trees. I will place you according to your ability to roleplay: The most advanced roleplayers will receive the highest ranks.

Do we need to have one-word names? Yes, I'm afraid you are required to have one-word names. As a Rogue Pack, we do require that your names have only a single word. We apologize for any inconvenience.

How do we join? The entire process of joining the Pack of the Fading Echoes is explained at the bottom of the page in the How To Join section.

Ranks Edit

Leader: The Leader is the highest-ranked cat in the Pack. They deal with rivalries with other Rogue Packs or Clans as well as alliances. They also hold the power to create new rules at any time and are allowed to exile or execute any cat at any time. They also choose the ranks for new recruits and can add new ranks at any time. The current leader is Cleave, founder of the Pack.

Co-Leader: The Co-Leader of the Pack is the second in command, and usually takes charge of boarder patrols, hunting parties, and battle patrols. They also take charge when the Leader is offline. The Co-Leader position is currently pending.

Healer: Four Healer ranks are available in the Pack of the Fading Echoes. These cats deal with medicine, healing, and usually have an unusually strong connection with the Pack of the Shining Stars. These cats do not participate in battle, but are the life-blood of the Clan during the time of peril.

Elite: The highest-ranked warriors of the Pack, the Elites are Hunters and Warriors that have proved themselves fully-loyal cats and flew beyond expectations. They are the most courageous cats of the Pack and usually the head of the battle patrols. It takes a lot of commitment to become an Elite, and you must know at least basic anatomy to earn this rank.

Warrior: These cats are specialized in fighting and battle-training. They fight in all wars, and are required to participate in Private Meetings discussing rivalries with other Clans. They are also the first to know about an upcoming war or alliance.

Hunter: These cats are specialized in the skill of providing prey for their Pack. Hunters participate in hunting parties and occasionally boarder patrols, spending most of their spare time making sure their Packmates have enough prey to last them the day. They rarely participate in battle, however they are required to know at least basic moves.

Trainee: These are cats in training to become Hunters or Warriors or occasionally even Healers. They are usually younger cats, and less advanced roleplayers. On occasion and upon request, they will be taken under the wing of one of the Elites to be taught anatomy.

Senior: Seniors are retired Warriors and Hunters. They are not required to participate in hunting parties, boarder patrols, or battle patrols. They spend most of their time sharing stories with kits and keeping the legacy of the Pack alive.

Kit-Mothers: These cats are currently nursing young kits. They have retired from their duties as Warriors or Hunters temporarily, but will return as soon as their kits graduate to Trainees.

Kits: Kits are young cats currently under the age of six moons living in the nursery hollow with their mothers and littermates. If you join as a kit, you are not required to be tested upon joining, but must be tested before you become a Trainee. Kits are the future of the Pack, and it is required that they are fed before the rest of the Pack.

Clan Camp Edit

The camp is fairly big, surrounded thoroughly with bramble tendrils and brush. It is unique considering the ground is stone rather than grass. Here is a few of the important points of the camp and their reasons:

The Highrock: This is where the meetings of the Pack take place. It is considered a holy place in the world of the Pack of the Fading Echoes, and is marked by the paw prints of ancient cats in the times long before the time of the Fading Echoes cats.

The Leaders' Den: The place where the Leader of the Pack sleeps is located close behind the Highrock, surrounded by thick vines which help to keep the leaders' den secret from enemies if there is ever a camp raid.

The Fresh-Kill Pile: This is located in the center of the main camp, surrounded by a patch of brambles to keep away intruders. This is where the Hunters will drop off their prey after a successful hunt.

Dens: Dens belong to the Warriors, Hunters, and Seniors. They are usually fairly big, and are each marked with a different colour of mat to mark them apart. They are usually surrounded with a boarder of bramble tendrils, brush, or vines.

Nursery Hollow: The brightest, light-based den in the camp, the nursery hollow is a small dip in the ground covered by a canopy of brambles and leaves. This is where the Kit-Mothers and Kits sleep and live, for the most part.

Healers' Den: The largest den in the camp belongs to the Healers. It houses the Healers of the Pack, as well as their herb storages and patients' nests.

Gatherings and Clan Meetings Edit

None scheduled soon!

The Code Edit

  1. Respect all ranks above you. Any disrespect to your Leader could result in exile, or worse.
  2. Loyalty to the Pack means everything. If found double-clanning, you shall be banned immediately from the Pack.
  3. No trespassing on other Clans' territory without your Leader's permission.
  4. Never harm a Packmate.
  5. Healers cannot have kits.
  6. You must have a silver tag.
  7. You must read the entire page before you join.
  8. To become an Elite, you must know anatomy.
  9. Do not allow your buddies to join before consulting the Leader or Co-Leader.
  10. You must be buddies with the Leader to be a permanent member.
  11. You must have taken the test before you are an official member of the Pack.
  12. Do not repeatedly change the name of your OC.
  13. Drama is annoying: If you have joined only to be dramatic and try to win over the Pack's love for you, please don't even try.
  14. You must have Safe Chat to join.
  15. You must have read at least one Warriors Series to join.
  16. You must have some experience roleplaying before you join.

Dress Code Edit


Fox hat

Skull Helmet

Spike Collar


Stone Sword

Legendary Glove

Elf Tail Armor

Elf Bracelets

Leaf Collar

Leaf Bracelets


Jamaaliday Bows


Bow and Arrows

Head Flowers

Jester Hats


Raccoon Tails

Silver Glove

Golden Glove

Ice, Spirit, Phoenix, etc. Tail Armor

Top Hats


Tie-Dye Shirts


Any Kind of Hats or Masks

Anything Kittypettish

Samuri Swords

Raccoon Hats

Kittypet-Looking Collars


Flower Crowns

Phantom Armor

Bone Armor

Knighit Helmet

Flower Bracelet

Jamaaliday Scarfs

Allies/Enemies Edit


None yet


None yet...Lets keep it that way!

How to Join Edit

Leave this information in the comments please!

  • Cat's Name
  • Your Username
  • Cat's Description (Picture of cat is optional)
  • Cat's Gender
  • A Breif Example of Your Roleplay (Ex. One Paragraph)

I promise I will get back to you within one week for your placement!