Abstract - Neverland (ft. Ruth B) (Prod05:12

Abstract - Neverland (ft. Ruth B) (Prod. Blulake)

Okami's Theme


"We are very... devilish. In other words, plain evil."

"Sweet as sugar, hard as ice. Hurt me once, I'll kill you twice."

~ xXFadedMemoriesXx

All the intruders that have entered our camp have never came out alive. Before you join, you should know a bit about us.

About OkamiEdit

"I don't like to commit myself between Heaven and Hell - You see, I have friends in both places." - Mark Twain

Welcome! You might not know me well - or not might know me at all. I'm Okami, leader of the Pack of the Demonic Spirits. Stalwart, I am a deadly shewolf that has killed over 10 cats, dogs, and other wolves. Say what you want about me, I'll rip you to shreds too. I don't have a mate, but have 4 children. Breeze, Karasu, Kaizen, and Oaku. I know both dog and cat anatomy. Feel free to contact me, my AJ use is bri27314, and might be changing it to XxStitchAJxX or XxOkamixX. You should know some of our history too, so read below.

Welcome HomeEdit

"We both have both dark and light inside us. What matters is the path we choose to act on." - Okami

You're walking up a cliff, it's quite large, and lanterns and bushes cover the entrance to what seems to be a camp. It's pouring, but oddly, there are no clouds in the sky.

The Stalwart, Canis Lupus padded behind the beta. Her voice was low like an alpha males', but she seemed larger than usual. The stars lit her dark pelt. She was bloody, as if she killed many wolves - which she did.

You hear voices. The bronze lanterns swing, but oddly they were lit. Your paw steps on a leaf and it cracks. The moon seems larger than usual, too.. A dark pelted wolf pads out from the camp and presses in your face. He was young, and he was the beta. "What are you doing in our camp's territory?" He growls, his glare narrowed. "I - I'm sorry!" You yelp; he's a bit larger than you. "What's going on out there, Ombre?" A voice as low as an alpha males' boomed from the camp. Surprisingly, it was a she-wolf - her dark pelt a bit bloody. "There's this wolf-dog, Okami." answered Ombre, his ears pinned down to his head. "I see. What are you doing here? You know intruders that have entered have never came back alive." said Okami. "I'm sorry, ma'am - and great Star-Pack, you're quite large!" you bark. "Thanks for noticing. Say, you seem quite brave to say what you say. Would you like to join the Pack of the Demotic Spirits?" Okami questioned you as if you hadn't studied for a test, and you had no idea what the answer was. "Y-yes, thank you." You're a bit nervous as you speak, and you dip your head as you pad in.

You see a group of cats and wolves - rather a mix. A broad, large she-wolf with large shoulders is sitting on a throne of bones. She stops laughing, and looks at you. The amount of the pack was quite large. There were two medics, sitting side to side. There was what seems to be a street lamp lighting up the camp. "Hello." The voices come from below the thrones. You are lead into the camp by Okami and Ombre. The She-wolf on highrock was deputy - they would call her Loud. "Ombre," Okami began, "Give the new wolf a tour." Okami's gaze was now focused on you, "Then we will decide your rank." Ombre gives you a tour - The prisoners' den, the warrior/bellators' den, apprentices', the nursery, the medic den... Everything. You're amazed, and you then go to join the pack. This is your new family - and you're about to become the best, demotic wolf-dog.

When we RoleplayEdit

Monday - Most of us have school. The pack usually starts at 3:10 P.M., Est.

Tuesday—Same thing.

Wednesday - (Cant spell xD) - Also the same ;-;

Thursday - Same

Friday - Starts at 3:10 pm, est, and ends usually around 7 pm. Same for above^


The Lanterns: Legends say that the lanterns will shake when a spirit comes to visit from Hell.

The Star Portal: Legends say that this portal isn't a portal at all - it's where all prophecies are held.


1 - Rowan's pack ( Forgot her use ;~;)

2 - Pack of Faded Memories - xXFadedMemoriesXx



Some cat that says we're gonna expect something


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Thank YouEdit

Thanks for reading! Be sure to come and visit - and as I said, any intruders that have entered have NEVER came out alive.

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