Oath Of The Newcomers Edit

"Hear me before my howl, pack of never ending shadows! We stand strong and fight for each other, we are a not a pack we are a family, we defeat anyone in our way. We shall not break or bow to anyone! Hear my howl, Pack Of Never Ending Shadows!"

The Powerful Five Edit

These dogs are highly respected and are some of the highest ranks possible.

ALPHA- shadow (huskywolf321) timber wolf, grey wolf, red wolf, maned wolf mix, pitch black with dark grey flecks. He is extremely large for the breeds of wolf he is, He is sometimes random and weird but has a taste for blood and battle, He is nice and gentle but snaps often. He is a talented fighter equipped with large deadly claws and teeth for battle.

ALPHA FEMALE- shadow fang (jammerblue95862) she is often nice, She is very loyal and brave though she can be aggressive, She is a extremely good hunter.

BETA- outlaw (tigerdash123) timber wolf, grey wolf, red wolf, maned wolf mix. grey and cream colored with darker grey flecks. Outlaw is very strict but is very kind and gentle. He is extremely large because of the different wolf breeds he is, He has deadly razor sharp claws meant for fighting, also he has long sharp canines meant for battle. He is very respectful and fierce, being very clever like his brother. He an extremely talented fighter and hunter, often a show off. He often random and weird like his brother. {Male, No Mate}


this rank is open, this rank will be given to the pack member on a pack rank ceremony


this rank is open, this rank will be given to a pack member in a pack rank ceremony.


this rank is open


this rank is open for anyone


this rank is open for anyone, only full grown wolves in the pack.


this rank is open


this rank is open


moon- (wolvesrule1172) She defends her self if needed she also is very fun at times.


challenges only occur when a lower rank wolf challenges a higher rank for that higher rank, you must let the alpha know before anyone fights. After the alpha knows the challenge will occur the day after, if the lower rank dog wins they get the rank of their challenger, the loser will be given the rank lower then their old rank. YOUR CAN NOT KILL THE CHALLENGER UNLESS IF SHADOW SAYS YES. This challenge will be judged by shadow, outlaw the delta and elite.

EVENTS events occur when a pack member moves to a higher rank or trainee is done his/her training and will be given a rank. Shadow will be notified that the pack member is going to be a higher rank or a trainee must have his/her rank, shadow will decide when the ceremony occurs.


we believe in the spirit wolves, spirits that live in the sky and watch over the pack

lake wolf- the wolf that lives on the lakes of our territory {female} sky wolves- deceased wolves that live as spirits in the sky. { know as the spirit pack } sun-wolf- a female wolf that is known to have the same entity as the sun. earth-wolf- when a wolf dies, they are buried. their body lies underground with earth wolf, and their spirit lives in the sky. moon-wolf- seems to have the same entity as the moon, wolves howl at it called the moon howl.


Please obey these rules that are below; 1). don't make random drama because we don't need a fight every 5 minutes. 2). Don't expect pups without a mate, if you have a mate then you can have pups. 3). tell shadow or outlaw PRIVATELY if you and ______ are mates or expecting pups. 4). the alphas word is LAW! do as the alpha tells you. 5). you may have mates outside of the pack, but they can not pass through the territory. 6).DO NOT- AND I REPEAT- DO NOT EDIT THE PACK WIKI ONLY SHADOW AND OUTLAW CAN. THERE WILL BE MAJOR PUNISHMENTS FOR WHO EDITS THE PACK WIKI FROM SHADOW.

Punishments Edit

  1. torn ear from beta or alpha
  2. exiled from the pack for two sunrises
  3. death from alpha or beta
  4. clean out the bedding for two sunrises
  5. stuck in the camp for five sunrises
  6. scar from the alpha or beta
  7. exiled from the pack forever
  8. put as the rank omega for three sunrises


members- spike collar, elf bracelets, leaf necklace,leaf bracelets,elf armor, spartan armor, pirate swords,jamaaliday bows, anything non members can wear. non members- fox hat, worns, pirate sword, pinecone necklace, rare leaf bracelets, gloves,bow and arrows,raccoon hat.

Territory & Camp Edit

Our territories- sarepia forest, coral canyons, appondale, mt. shiveer, lost temple of zios, World: amur

camp-The alphas den (huskywolf321)