A Cat walks up to you. "Hello!" It meowed smiling. "I am the leader of this pack,GoldenHawk but before you join you must pass a test" The Cat smiled again licking your muzzle."At Sunset we shall test your skills" GoldenHawk Meowed lashing her tail gently whipping her paw. At Sunset a gray blue tom e glared at you watching your every move. He tackled you clawing your underbelly. You kicked him off with your back legs and pins him. He locks his jaws onto your neck and clawed your face and eye drawing blood. "ENOUGH SWIFT!" GoldenHawk Yowled.(NOTE GOLDENHAWK DIED THE NEW LEADER IS MidnightMist)


1: Double packers shall have broken skulls

2: If you kill others I shall kill you myself

3: Respect your elders,Leaders,Deputies(betas too)

4: To Spare(fighting to become beta or deputy) you MUST be 8 sunsets(months) old

5: To become a Trainie(Cats,dogs or foxes in training) You need to be 3 sunsets old

6: To mate you must be 10 sunsets old

7: Moons can have mates but they need a backup healer such as a trainie!