Pack Of ShadowsEdit

Your alone, in Zios. You walk up to the river and stare down. Your eyes scan the clean, clear surface. All of a suddened your pinned. You turn over on your back to see a mouth full of sharp, teeth staring back at you.  The head of the creature goes up and stares down at you. The brawny, black and brown pelted wolf stares down at you. His claws dig into your chest, " What are you doing here?" he snarled his muscles tensed. The words spill from your jaws as you shake " hunting." you reply. The wolfs jaws clamped around your scruff as he tosses you in the river. He sits down and watches you smiling slightly. You paw at the water for your life. The water slowly pours into your lungs. You breath heavily, barely keeping your head above water.  Your exhausted. Your paws move slower and slower. They stop. Everything goes black. You hear murmuring. Your eyes open to see a huge, drenched dire wolf timber wolf mix standing beside you. Her head was held high above all the other wolves, dogs and cats surrounding her. She looks down at you and smiles. "I see you have met Crow," she gestures towards the wolf from earlier. Her eyes narrow, " Three words, Leave, Join or end.".

                                                             What will you choose? 

Lead Ranks  Edit


Hunters - Trained by Hunting Alpha. Hunts and povides food for the pack. Occasionally goes out on patrols.

 Spies - Spies on or go undercover at other packs, clans etc.  

​ Raiders - Raids other clans, packs etc. Lead and trained by War Alpha. 

Warriors - Fight during wars, battles, etc. Lead by War Alpha. 

Healers - Fall back in wars, Battles, raids, etc. Heal other members of the pack when told to do so by Head Healer. Lead and Trained by Head Healer.  

Pack Positioning  Edit

Alphas - Alphas are the head of the pack.

Betas - Second highest ranking in the pack.

Omegas - Lowest full grown wolf pack ranking.

Pups - Lowest ranking

Lead Postions Edit

Alpha Female - ( wildheart21 ) 

Alpha Male - ( supperbone )    thumb|313px|link=File:Wolf_growl.gif

War Alpha - ( puppylover1936 )                   

General - ( cinderstar503 )

Hunting Alpha - ( none at this moment )

Lead Healer - ( ChesireKitten )  

Rules Edit

  • Lead Ranks word is Law - Always respect the pack members above you. Obey their commands. Disrespect will be punished. We will no accept Disrespect in this pack, nor wil we ever.
  • ​No Attacking - You are only permitted to attack unless told so. You may attack to hunt or your attacked yourself. If your attacked inform the Alpha Female immedietly.
  • ​No powerplaying - Power playing is prohibited you may not join or stay if you power play.
  • Check in - Come to camp at least 3 times a week. If you are un active you will be deleted.
  • ​Follow Dress code - Dress code will be shown later in the wiki.
  • ​New Comers - No attacking new people in camp, unless told to do so.
  • Doubleclanning - Double clanning will not be taken lightly.

Dress Code  Edit

Approved Apparel - spike, legendary gloves, jamaliday bows, elf bracelets, leaf leg bracelets, leaf necklace, elf armour, elf tail armour, spartan armour, sword, skull helmet.   thumb|link=

 ​Animals - wolves, foxes or rabbits

Allowed OCs - wolves, ​dogs and cats 


World - Sawtooth

Areas - Sarepia ( wood lands ) , Zios ( river base ) , Kimbara Out back ( deserted lands ) and Canyons Pathway ( Out side meeting area )

Punishments  Edit

  • Disrespect leaders - Ear torn off
  • Attacking when its prohibited - Half of tail ripped off
  • Powerplaying - Banished from pack forever
  • Not checking in - Banished from pack for 3 days ( if it continues you will be banished forever )
  • Not following Dress code - Pack Embarrassment
  • Attacking new comers - Ripped ear
  • Double clanning - Banished from pack forever 

Pack Games Edit

Capture the pup - This game is alot like Capture the flag. Two seperate teams gets a pup. Each team hides their pup from the opposing team. Both teams try to get the pup from the other team. Each member of the game gets 3 lives. This game requires fighting, to protect your pup. Each time you get pinned or hit the ground you lose a life. Once one team gets the other teams pup and takes it to their post, or when one of the teams lives get taken is when the opposing team wins and the game ends. '''''

  Run - Run is more of a tactical game involving 4 players. The runner is supposed to get from point A to point B. Between the runner and point B are 3 pack members. They are lined up based on their strength. The runner must put them all to the ground in order to win.  
Wolf paly


Allies and EnemiesEdit


The Echoing Forest- ​( goldtail101 ) 

Pack of Fallen Spirits ( mmaaddyyllnn )  

PNr xxu )     

Enemies Edit

None at this moment​​

Pack members  Edit


Wild - Alpha female of the pack. A dark grey black and brown timber wolf, dire wolf mix.  ( wildheart21 )

Crow - Alpha Male of the pack. Black brown and dar grey timber wolf. ( supperbone )

Toroto - The war alpha of the pack. With a brown and dark grey pelt this wolf is very stealthy and like to eat kits. Shes ruthless yet, nice. ( puppylover1936 )

Eclipse -  General of the pack. She is Torotos second. Her pelt is grey and dark grey. ( cinderstar503 ) 

Chesire - Chesire is our Lead healer. Her focus is on the rest of the healers in the pack. She has a light brown and dark brown pelt. (chesirekitten )

Betas: Edit

Spero - Spero is a female white and grey wolf. Her ranks are Spy and raider.  ( mgsfairy )

​Achilles - Achilles is a male black and a hint of dark grey tundra wolf. His ranks are Warrior and Raider.  ( eyeoftiger75020)  

Fusion - Fusion is a female black and brown female cat with dark red eyes . Her ranks are warrior and hunter. ( cookies4life1234) 

​Scar - Scar is a female white wolf with dark blue eyes. Her ranks are warrior and hunter. ( abigaill2006 ) 

 ​Bolt - Bolt is a light grey and black grey wolf with oragne eyes. His ranks are yet to be determined. ( wolfhome15 )

Russet -  Russet is a female Mixed brown Indian wolf with Dark blue eyes. Her ranks are yet to be determined. She is very stealthy on her paws. ( horsegirl21746 )

​Kujo - Kujo is a dark brown and black male wolf with dark green eyes. His ranks include Warrior and Raider ( fromdod )

​Insominac - Insominac is a Black and Red Male Wolf with Red eyes. His ranks are Warrior and Guard. He if a fierce warrior and has little to no mercy.