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Greek Gods

" Some one once said it was dark place that swallow's everything up. Even if that were true enveloping darkness like that also contains the light of hope. In this world that holds every color possible. Let's now start spinning the tale once again. Here in this golden afternoon.

- Gilbert,Pandora hearts

" The howls you here at night our the longing of those with no home. We our the out-lander's. WE live an hunt in the shadow's.For we our the light that shine's in your darkness."

- Onyx


You stalked through the cold swap,you looked at the water knowing you hate swimming you jumped in anyways you swam for half an hour before reaching the other side. You shake your fur and continued on you saw a bunny and chased you leap on top of it your claws sinking into it. You hear the sounds of wolves footsteps you smell them before you see them. They run fast, you scramble to your feet and run you see a ledge and you see the cold harsh snowy mountains. You see a oak tree that crosses you jump on it and run to the snowy mountain's. You turn around and see the wolves who run faster and leap over the ledge and land on the mountain. You gasp and keep running you see a den and see holes that might lead somewhere you charge in no thinking the wolves follow you. You gasp when you see light coming through the ceiling of the cave. You see a pitch black muscular timber wolf. He smiles a wolfish grin and say " what do we have here". You start shaking with fear, you turn around and see the wolves have circled you. The tall wolf look's at you, " what are you doing here, I smell a wolf pack scent on you it's old but still there?". You wonder if you should tell him you were outcast-ed, You smile the same grin he showed you and say " I am a loner I killed off my pack ''He glares at you " No you were outlasted, or needed a fresh start",You froze he saw right through you. You meet his dark blue eyes. He smiles another wolfish grin, a she wolf walks over and asks " Do we need the silencer?" He looks at her and says "no we need this wolf alive calypso", she nods and pads off the wolves parting so she can walk by. You look up and he says " My name is Onyx, Lord of the pack of shadow's". You snort with amusement " Whats that, an emo wolf cult?", You bark with laughter. You feel the air around you move fast and the next thing you know your on the ground. You look up and Onyx smiles. You feel his claw against your fur. He smiles and asks " Would you care to a be a hero in the eyes of those who see villans". You watched him as he got off of you and called out a name "Wave get Zachery", a blond and blue wolf walked over. " Yes Onyx?" the blond wolf asks and look's at you his grey eyes boring into your. You looked at him, you glanced at his many scars and picercing on his ears. Onyx says " Tell this wolf of the hero's of the darkness", Zachery rolls his eyes and starts to speak " We our the outcasted, the merciless killer ect. People think were crazy and evil. But what they don't know is that we our the light that shine's in the evenloping darkness. We do the job's and live where no one else would think of. We our the light that shine's in the darkness we our", He spoke in latin " outcasted scriptor heros est deus. Sic nos vivere scimus enim wuod vivere propter. Nam si vere non est hic proposito." You listend and nodded " I will join then", " excelent, we our also for people who don't like us decided it's better to frame us for nothing we have done" Onyx smiled. " HAIL HADES, HE HAS GIVEN US ANOTHER WOLF WITH A PURPOSE IN LIFE" said Zachery. "Now come join us in a feast." You walked with them and sat down. You found a new home a new life and a new family. You tipped your head up and howled with joy watching the stars shine a little bit brighter.

• Basic Information •





Role play style
Canines,Big cats ((Coyotes not accepted)

1. Onyx







• Rules & Regulations •


• Leader's word is law •

You are expected to follow your leader's orders no matter what. Do not make any excuses and if you don't follow orders, serious consequences may arise.

• Respect •

Treat others like how you want them to treat you. You are expected to treat each other equally, even if you oppose one thing about them. For example, liking the same gender or both. Lots of people like to disrespect those who like the same gender. So please, respect others like how you would want them to respect you

• Double grouping •

Those who are unfamiliar with this, double clanning is when you are in two or more clans at once. Most clans get offended and have this rule because double clanning can mean you are not loyal, or that you are a spy. Some cats double clan with their clan's enemies, and that rings a bell to exile them before things get worse. If you break this rule, more severe consequences will arise.

• Protecting you Pack•

You must and always have to protect your pack. Even if it costs your life. If you were to be in war against another group and they start raiding pup's and don't help, the pack as the witnesses will blame you for the pup'sdeath or disappearance.


• Proper attire •


• Neck •


Heart locket

Leaf necklace

Ribbon scarf

• Head •

Flower crown (all 3 types)

Head flower


Raccoon hat

Skull helmet

• Back •



Elf armor

Spartan armor

Bows and arrows

Jamaaliday bow

• Tail •


Elf tail armor

Diamond encrusted tail

• Legs •

Elf gauntlets

Arm cuffs

Freedom bands

Leaf armor

Nonmember silver glove



sleeping with council

being called out

demoted temporarily



letting allies deal with you



Over night duties

No dinner/lunch/breakfast


extra hunting

put on patrol

more physical training


Demoted perminitlly

Public excution


Hunted down and killed

Left for allies



Starved 1-2 days





The lord is the commander and leader of the pack. He/she must be strong and straight forward. They sleep farther into the den for safety. They often our mates with the other lord or lords. They our the highest ranks. And watch over the political governments.


Heir is second in command and right under the lords. They our often picked for there extraordinary abilities. They work twice as hard to deal with stuff. They organize hunting games and feasts. They are more social then the lord of the pack.

Head soilder

Head hunter
Tumblr mvuvrjAZur1ss7wy1o1 500

This pack mate is strong headed. They lead the combatants through battle. This canine is skilled in fighting,tracking,assassinating and other traits. They must be hand picked by the lord's


This rank is given to women only. The pack believes that women can be as strong as men. This is based off of the Artemis hunters who our maidens who believe women our smarter to men. The head hunter is the leader of the hunter. She must be strong willed and must put her feeling aside for the job.

Ambassador council
Gray-wolf thumb

Ambassador's in force the law. If they see any rule being disobeyed they will immediately tell the lord. If disrespected they have a right to give you a punishment themselves.

The council is full of old and wise canines or cats. There job to judge the canines who have done wrong. When you retire you must join the councilmen in they council den. You don't have to participate in it but you must stay there.



Hunter's job is to hunt food for the pack. There mostly hunt in groups but go off in pairs from time to time. They hunt Birds,Yak,Qauil,Deer,Buffalo,and time to time moose. They eat third last. And often do four to five runs for extra food. They also only kill enough so the population doesn't go down or drop.

These skilled animals defend the pack with there last breath. You do not disobey the head solider when told what to do. ONLY disobey if you know better. They often do patrols three times a day. They also guard entrances


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Healers job's our to heal members. They use herbs and other mixtures. Only if they can't heal you that way.They will use magic which drains them of energy. It takes many moon's to practice this method. They must not have a mate for it will cloud there judgement during hard times.

These strong pack members. Don't have mercy or show it. There job is to execute those who have done wrong. They often our sadistic people. And enjoy there job.


Mexican Wolf 2 yfb-edit 1

Novice are canines and cats, that our in training for there next rank. Depending on what skill's they have they will be chosen for that rank. They our trained by heirs and lords of the pack. They can also become scholars. Which our men and women who devote there life to studying the Greek gods, monster's. They our often 9-13 moon's.

Offspring are the young pup's and kitten's of the pack. They never leave the pack den. And are often listening to tales from the elders/council. They eat first and don't become novice till they our 9 moon's and older. They are quite mischievous and to curious. They get there name's from birth but may change it.


Please adapt to schedule if you cannot join

Say ahead of time If these schedule is not

Cooperative for you. You may come on whenever

" Time is something special it's either wasted or used accordingly. You choose to waste it or choose to use it wisely it's all up to You" - Perseus/Wave, Lord of P.O.S

Day Time



( Cnt)


( Mnt)



Mon 3:30-5:30 pm 2:30-4:30 pm 1:30-3:30 Am 12:30- 2:30 Pm
Tues 3:30-5:30 pm 2:30-4:30 pm 1:30- 3:30 Am 12:30- 2:30 Pm
Wed 3:30-5:30 pm 2:30-4:30 pm 1:30-3:30 Am 12:30-2:30 Pm
Thurs 3:30-5:30 pm 2:30-4:30 pm 1:30-3:30 Am 12:30-2:30 Pm
Fri none none none none
saturdays recruit day recruit day recruit day recruit day
Sundays none none none none


Joing form




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Sexuality? (Heterosexual,Bisexual,Homosexual)


Alliance form

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Why our you worthy?

Pack or clan?





Ownership: Temple of zios, All server        

Threat level :  4

This area is a swampy marsh like forest area. This is often patrolled regularly since enemies can slip from the woodlands any time. The combatants often lurk around for a while before moving on. This area contains many threat's like Rouges, outcasts, and other passing animals. The hunter regularly come down here for down time. They also have prey that are deer,moose, and other large birds.


Ownership: Mt.shiveer Alps/Himalaya Threat level: 5

This snowy glacier has many threats and is patrolled very often. This is off limits to ALL novice it's to cold for them to handle till there fur thicken's. This land also has many animals and prey as well. The prey is moose, Yaks, buffalo's, mountain goats,quail, and other birds. 



Onership: Jamma township Empty servers

Threat level: 3

This is often used as a meeting ground and multiple wolves and cat's patrol here Even alliances have right's to it. If a big clan or pack like fire clan would like to go through it fine. This is often mutual ground area's. Healer normally go here for herbs and mixture's. This land has many dangers to there often other clan's or pack's nearby and often walk through.

Lead Coder : Evie-chan Co-coder : Perseus- kun

Giffy Cat
Wisconsin Red Wolf

Credit goes to : Evie-chan , Perseus-kun, Ourayz for the coding example's. Thanks to Tessa you inspired ME!!