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... I am so sorry. This note is mainly to Seasonal, because, well who knows who actually reads this page. I don't know if I can continue this pack, no matter how badly I want to. First of all, I can get nobody to join. I don't know why, but nobody will join, and those who do, are either never on, or unbuddy me and leave the next chance they get. Second, I am going through literal hell. My life never really existed, but it has now been shattered into a million pieces by those I love. I can't handle the stress of my daily existence and then come to this pack and just get rejection. I am sorry, but I can't do it. Hopefully, I won't give up AJ fully because it was my only real distraction from what is actually happening. Who knows, you might see me out roleplaying one day. Feel free to say hi, I don't bite. (most of the time)

I'm sorry,



To the few people reading this page :3. Azure, who was our Beta at one point, has been demoted to Gladiator Ranking and given a large, permanent scar across her shoulder blades and withers. She has received this punishment for double-clanning. You may not think it, but this is a serious offense to me and your packmates. This shows me that you take your duties and responsibilities lightly in my pack, and that you disrespect my authority as Alpha. If you do not wish to be a part of my pack, say so. Please don't do things behind my back. If you don't even wish to tell me, then unbuddy me. *sigh* I have offered a new member of the pack the Beta position, as his roleplay is exquisite, and his persona perfect for the job. It is still up to him if he wishes to take the role. (This is you Rudy)

Thanks for reading.



You're walking in the dark, gloomy woods, it's been days since you left your pack. Images, flashbacks and memories cloud your mind. You skidded to a stop, when many scents flooded your nose. You follow the trail, your muzzle low to the earth, with no sign of any living object.

After long moments of sniffing, you finally pick up a fresh scent of rabbit. You turn around, looking left and right, with no sign of movement. You turned around, head low, and continued walking. You bumped into a massive, bulky, frame, knowing it was a canine and much larger than you. Your ears flatten as you look up, a large rabbit was dangling from her jaws. The massive canine spoke with a deep voice, "What are you doing here? " She said, obviously angered, " I, I don't know, I left my pack and I'm looking for something to eat." You said, as your gaze locked onto the rabbit, your stomach growling. The canine spoke again " Oh, you hungry little fella? " She said, with fake sympathy in her words, though you were too hungry to realize it. " Yeah, I am, are you going to eat that? " you said, meeting her gaze, her eyes were an alluring deep blue color, that you could get lost in." Oh, this? "  she said, tossing the rabbit in the river as it got washed away. You winced and screeched, as she lunged on-top of you, her massive paws placed harshly on your collarbone. As another large figure escaped from the shadows. " Ardent, who is that? " you heard the voice faintly, though enough to hear the massive canines name. " He/she is trespassing, Rudy." You wince as her claws dig into your shoulder. " I mean no harm, I'm just a rouge who left my pack a few days ago, I'm just looking for something to eat" you said. Ardent fixed her merciless gaze onto you, and spoke " Whats your name? " Ardent said. " I'm (your name) " Ardent quickly studied you, as she released her grip, got up and sat next to her seem-to-be friend. "You have a few choices. Run away and never return, be killed, or be held as a prisoner at my camp until your strength returns and we test your true ability. We will give you a few moments to think this decision over. " She said, looking at Rudy and signaling her to follow a few feet away..

A few moments passed, as you thought of pros and cons of each decision, choosing to join Ardent's pack. You barked, telling the Alpha and Beta you've made your decision. " With all respect, I choose to join your pack Ardent." Ardent and Rudy nodded, and lead the way to camp. You follow them with a steady pace, only a few tail lengths behind them. You walked through trees, bushes, thorns and under a log. Shortly after, you heard a voice. " Here we are " Ardent said. You looked around the camp, and it was huge! You could get used to living here. "Rudy, please give this newcomer a tour." Ardent Said. Rudy nodded, and began to give you a tour, and showed you your temporary room with some grass bedding, a crack in the ground that help water, and a large, dead fox. "Thank you, Rudy. I will prove my loyalty to you and Ardent. " You drag the fox closer to you, and begin to eat, happily thinking about your new home and family.

*~*~* WE ARE NOT A COPY OF Preeminence of Rioting Canines, I never thought to search that name, my apologies, though my pack is staying Pack of Rioting Canines.*~*~*

This is a canine ONLY pack, all dogs, or wolves of any breed welcome.


Alpha : Ardent (Username is Shadestorm205)

Beta : Rudy (Username is wolfclaw72119)

Elite Gladiators 0/4

Gladiators 1/infinite 

Healers ( Medicine Workers ) 0/2

Trainees 0/5

Pups 0/8 (Pups must have a Den Mother or be adopted by one)

Omega 0/3


Name: Azure, German Shepherd Rank: Gladiator

Name: Rudy, American White Shepherd Rank: Beta

Name: ???, ??? Rank: ??? (She has remained unknown. For now Dun Dun Dun.)


  • Must know atleast Basic Anatomy (You do not have to USE it in Camp) 
  • Its advised you use some kind of advanced/good anatomy during battles/alliances  
  • No kittypets. All will be tortured and exiled 
  • We are goofy, but when Alpha/Beta says get serious, you get serious. You get two warnings before punishment 
  • Absolutely no powerplaying. Ex. Nn, nm, nd, nh, ect.
  • Do NOT annoy Alpha/Beta when she is busy. Ask to talk when she is done her work 
  • Do NOT ask to be ranked up from Trainee to Gladiator, Pup to Trainee, Gladiator to Elite, you earn those ranks
  • NO spying unless Alpha/Beta informs you
  • REALISTIC pelt colors ONLY 
  • NO Diamond shop armor 
  • NO Double packing/clanning (Seriously. I will exile you for this.)


  • Clean bedding in all dens 
  • Tortured to an extent 
  • Torn ear
  • Scarring 
  • Blinded in one eye 
  • Prisoned 
  • Demoted to Trainee until Mentor/Alpha says so



Neck : Spike Collar, Leaf Necklace, or nothing 

Back : Spartan Armor, Jamaaliday Bow, Swords or nothing 

Legs : Elf Bracelets, Leaf Armor, Legendary Gloves or nothing 

Tail : BoneTail, or nothing 


Neck: Jamaaliday Scarf, Moon Necklace, or nothing 

Back: Pirate Sword, Worns or nothing 

Legs: Gloves or nothing 

Tail: Nothing 


wolfclaw72119 and Shadestorm205 are the ONLY ones to edit this page; unless it is correcting grammatical mistakes, errors, etc. (Seasonalcolors can if she wishes as former owner) 

If you would like to make fan art for this pack, it would be greatly appreciated.

Recruiting?: Always! We are always looking for loyal pack members of Pack of Rioting Canines.

Tag Color: Light Blue/Cyan


Our server is If this is another clans/packs territory, please let me know ASAP. Possibly we can work things out, by dividing the land, if not picking another server.

Where we hunt: Typical hunting grounds for PRC is:

The Woodlands ( Sarepia ) : Elk, rabbits, all kinds of birds, etc.

Muddy Terrains, ( Appondale ) : Zebra, meercats, Warthog, ect.


Please fill this out (copy and paste) this into the comments and wait for the Alpha or Beta to answer:


How you found us: 


Desired Rank: 

Alternate Rank (if your desired rank is full) :

Description of Appearance : 

Roleplay Example: 


Why you wish to form an Alliance :

What will we benefit from you? :

What will you benefit from us? :

Current Clan/Pack Name :