We are mainly a dog pack, but we accept some wolves too. Camp is at buddymeimcool23's den, not mine


Name: Grey Claw


Breed: Coyote

Rank: Warrior

Do you read survivors?: Maybe

Description: Hi i am a coyote, my name is Grey claw, But sometimes people call me Shark ( Just a nickname ) and i really want to be in this Pack.

Username: Coyote

Roleplay Example: : He perched by the river side, patiently waiting for a fish to swim close :

Age: About the same age as everyone else

Story: Unknwn


Introduction Edit

Welcome to the Pack of Forgotten Memories! We are a pack of mostly dogs, but some wolves. Alpha will happily accept new dogs/wolves into the pack! Welcome!

Beliefs Edit

Lake-Dog (a female Spirit-Dog who serves as the ocean)

The Sky-Dogs (a group of Spirit-Dogs who reside in the sky's domain)

Sun-Dog (a male Spirit-Dog who shares the same entity as the sun)

River-Dog (a female Spirit-Dog who represents the rivers and streams; Lake-Dog's sister)

Forest-Dog (a male Spirit-Dog who shares the same entity as the forest)

Lightning (a male Spirit-Dog who plays as lightning; known for evading the Earth-Dog's growls)

Earth-Dog (a female Spirit-Dog; Known for her fatal growls; dogs bury prey for her and when a dog dies, the dog is buried; given to Earth-Dog.)

Moon-Dog (a female Spirit-Dog who serves as the moon; Sister of Sun-Dog. Dogs are known to howl to her as an intimidate ceremony known as the Great Howl.)

Nametag Edit

Black, Badge depends on what rank you are

If your a NM, don't worry about it till your a member ^^

Ranks (From highest to lowest)

Alpha (Star Badge)

Beta (Wolf Badge)

Hunter (Lightning Badge)

Patrol Dog (Leaf Badge)

Mother Dog (Heart Badge)

Omega (Llama Badge)

Pup (Lynx Badge)

Elder (Flower Badge)

Territory Edit

Server: Atlas

Hunting Grounds (Sarepia Forest)

Marsh (Temple of Zios)

Members Edit

Alpha: Juliet78592 (A female black siberian husky with white underfur and beautiful navy blue eyes)

Beta: Open

Patrol Dogs

Lucky (A male tan cojack with white underfur and white legs

Mother Dogs

Alpha, A black siberian husky with white underfur and beautiful navy blue eyes; 3 years old (Juliet78592)

Omega: Open


Squeal, A male white siberian husky with navy blue eyes; 6 months old (littlepup14)


Mako, All black wolf with icy blue eyes; 36 months old (ilovehuskies)

Animal Edit

Wolf (Adult, for nonmembers)

Arctic Wolf (Adult, for members)

Bunny (Pup)

News Edit

Update to registration: All members who joined on feb. 1st 2016 or later must add a story to their character.

We welcome two new members of the pack!

Mako the wolf

Lucky the dog