You are walking through a big forest, it is night and you hear and owl up in a tree. You look around, wondering where you are. Suddenly something big and heavy slams into you. You gasp in surprise and struggle as it holds you down, "Who are you?" snarls a huge tom, "What do you want and why are you here?" You look up at him, taking in his features. He is black, dark grey, and light grey. He has cruel amber eyes and long pointed teeth with a strong jaw obviously used for breaking bones. He asks you again, " What is your business here? Tell me now!" he snarls into your face and you answer, " I... I... I'm looking for the Pack of Endless Shadows, can you take me there?" The tom loosens his grip on you, and then lets you up. He says, "You found them then," He turns to the bushes and yowls, "COME OUT AND MEET YOUR NEW PACK MEMBER!" and suddenly ranks of dark colored cats pad out of bushes, and shadows, drop down from trees and straighten up from dips in the ground. A cat comes up to you and says, "Welcome to the pack." Your life starts here.


  • Leader: Storm ( c5473 )
  • Deputy:
  • Healer:
  • Healer Trainee: Jay ( chocopiemonster )
  • Member: Shade ( alinaizzy )
  • Member: Whitepelt ( criminalcasefan )
  • Member: Wolf ( mylifeislazyforlove )
  • Member: Moonchant (horseracer34)
  • Member: Nightstone (monkey11847)
  • Member:
  • Member:
  • Trainie: Claw ( kittygames
  • Trainie: Blizzardpaw ( zoer20045 )
  • Trainie:
  • Trainie:
  • Trainie:
  • Trainie:
  • Kit-Mother: Night (fbs32287)
  • Kit-Mother:
  • Kit-Mother:
  • Kit-Mother:
  • Kit: Bronze ( shadowbeast100 )
  • Kit:
  • Kit: Oak ( chompking55 )
  • Kit: Shadowkit ( littlebunny76521 )
  • Kit: Featherkit ( lilyrose0921 )
  • Kit: Eclipse (cutelittlebunnysis)
  • Kit: Raven ( aubs60)
  • Kit:


  • Listen to higher ranks than you. and dont fart
  • Kits can not go out without higher rank pack member.
  • Punished if did something very wrong.
  • IMPORTANT RULE: We only look to the Dark Forest, StarClan is dead to us.




  • Pack Of Dark Souls
  • Pack of Black Fire
  • Pack of Never Ending Nightmares
  • Pack of Ghostly Howls


  • Death by farts
  • Exile
  • Torture
  • Confinement to camp
  • Clean out all dens twice a week for 2 moons
  • Restore herb stores WITHOUT healer's help
  • Climb a tree and stay there all day
  • Climb highstone over and over again until my deputy or i says so
  • No food for 2 days, your share of freshkill goes to the elders and queens who NEED it