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Welcome to the Pack of Dimming Lights, where you shall find Peace in Death. ~Illusion

Rules you must follow

  • No attacking Kits or other Warriors without permission
  • Absolutely NO kittypets or twolegs
  • Dogs and Wolves ARE allowed in the pack
  • Listen when a superior tells you to do something
  • Serious roleplay unless it's a slow day and/or the leader is doing derpy things :3
  • If you disobey a Superior, you will be killed by Illusion (me).
  • If you are caught Doubleclanning, you will be exiled or killed, depending on the degree of the betrayal
  • Defend your Pack, even with your life. You may have friends in other packs, but your loyalty must remain to your Pack.
  • Kits must be at least 4 moons to become Trainees
  • The Co-leader will become Leader when the Leader dies or retires
  • Boundaries will be checked and marked daily. Challenge all trespassing cats.
  • A Rogue neglects the soft life of a kittypet
  • If you are being disrespectful to a superior, you shall be haunted by the pack Cat Car (Cinder)

Basic Information

Date Founded: November 25, 2015

Tag Color: Black with the Leaf icon

Territory: Flint, Kimbara and Sarepia

Current Number of members: 63


Leader- The highest rank available. This is the cat (dog/wolf) that holds the Pack together and appoints Elites, Warriors, and Mentors

Co-Leader- The 2nd highest rank available. This is the cat (dog/wolf) that sends out patrols and manages the warriors and kits

Healer- This is the cat (dog/wolf) who treats wounds and heals the Pack members.

Elite- The highest rank of Warrior you can get. These are the cats (dogs/wolves) who are more experienced Warriors. You cannot join the Pack as one, you must earn it.

Warrior- The body of the Pack. These are the cats (dogs/wolves) who hunt and battle for the Pack and mentor Trainees.

Trainees- These are the Warriors or Healers in training. They do what is required to become their certain rank.

Queens- These are the cats (dogs/wolves) who care for or are expecting kits (pups). They are the holders of the future of the Pack.

Kits- These are the future of the Pack. They play games and whatnot until they are 4 moons.

Pack Members

Leader- Illusion (thtv1)

Co-leader- Kai (xxlilacsnowxx)

Co-Co-Leader- Viper (wolfy99899)

Healer- Fox (tree665)

Cinder (Pippigiraffe)

Moth (drogonqueen1)

Elites- Iris (sachi0706)


Eve (prettylicious)

Snow (cutiegirl64)

Spike (Quickclaw953)

Storm (stampycatlover)

Dove (doublederps1)

Birch (fifi1266)

Whisper (Lapdog)

Puff (magicalwolf2006)

Shade (happycutegem7)

Onyx (julzmommy831)

Moon (abc11panda)

Skull (kaylabear)

Echo (boocute5)

Glacier (aaliah20036)

Jade (doll85)

Sky (gbgbeve)

Fang (darkflames214)

Holly (Dogkid)

Star (prettygamergirlpanda)

Dusk (kaile12)

Amaya (otter01)

Snow (slushy2315)

Crow (TigerGal39503)

Lightning (sally4o6)

Void (sbaye123)

Dawn (G900)

Mylo (lioncat4477)

Nut (wolfleader86)

Moon (Rokingwolf)

Takeshi (lucky29916)

Bramble (Rokingwolf)

Boulder (s5catnip)

Lily (loomband24)

Twisted (moppetshow)

Ivy (veronicah2006)

Oak (thecoolc25)

Shadow (goofyboy1213)

Fern (Kittycrazy55)

Trainees- Raven (wolf46315)

Eclipse (Jammer9ty4l)

Leaf (palace905)

Amber (Stargalaxies)

Xerour (deakey005)

Raven (lpsomagic)- 8-9 moons,coat colors: black and D-grey,Mysterious,powerful and obnoxious.

Night (jayfeatherwarrior11)

Ghost (LegitLight)

Kits- Willow (josiejosie)

Fade (Xdgamingwithamanda)

Shadow (fran182)

Rain (fox85751)

Midnight (Pikachu48153)

Flower (haily96656)

Misty (Kandycorn)

Rivals and Allegiances

Jammer157533- ShadowClan (Alliance)

Alliance Request form

OC name:

AJ user:

Your Clan/Pack/Tribe:

Why you wish to have an alliance:

Roleplay example:

Number of Warriors books you've read:

Form to Join


AJ User:

Desired Rank:


Roleplay example:

Previous Clans/Packs/Tribes:

Species (Cat, Dog, Wolf):

Pack Kin

Xerour and Amber are Brother and Sister

Leaf, Flower, and Midnight are Illusion's kits

Leaf, Flower, and Midnight are Sisters

Gale and Crow are Sisters

Pack News

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