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Welcome to our home page. This pack is originally from that of the 2012-2013 Demolished Souls. Moved from CPI to here, I am now opening it again. Contact me at Tdoggy with any questions.

Who We Are Edit

Long ago on Cats Paw Island, which is a chatlands, XxPoisonPoolxX opened a clan, naming it the Demolished Souls clan. Unlike the other clans, this had special rules and codes pertaining to the literal book, sometimes word by word. This was all before Animal Jam was started, so as you can imagine the few people who are left from the clan are quite old. The deputy from that clan is known on AJ as Poison, or Tdoggy. She has been playing AJ since it first opened, and before that CPI. Moving into AJ was a diffuclt struggle for the long dead clan, due to the membership cost for some or switching to a new place where you can't own rooms or worlds. Finally this shut down in 2012, but once again reopened in 2013 with Tdoggy as the leader, alannahkw as 2nd deputy, scarletred1, and many others. Sadly when Poison quit for awhile this all fell down. Back now in 2015, this will be open (for good) and we are accepting new members, allies, and interns.

Members Edit

Leader: Poison (Tdoggy)

1st Deputy: Bear (alannahkw)

2nd Deputy:

Healer: N/A

Healer's Apprentice: N/A

Lead Warrior: N/A

Warriors: Stone (Pentatonixmember) Aurum (coolgirl107)

Lead Scouter/Hunter: N/A

Scouters/Hunters: N/A

Apprentices: N/A

Queens/Kits: Storm (camowolves)

Elders: N/A

Dress code Edit

Try to stick to traditional colors (exp. black, gray, white, orange, or tabby colors, though if you have a premade pelts you love go ahead and wear those)

Do not wear two-leg clothes

Swords, Jama-day Bows, elf armor, and Spartan armor are ok

Role-Play Info Edit

Our main base or den is known currently as Summer Foliage. Of course right now our season is summer and prey is plentiful. Our current location is Trout Creek, where in summer and fall, we fish out of for, as you can guess, trout. Birds we prey off of: Quail, Pheasant, and Dove.

(to be added to)

To Join Edit

Send me a Jag saying you would like to join with some info or ask in comments. Ensure to put:

~Role-Play exp.
~Desired Rank

Events Edit

~Current Everyday Training= Sparring in groups/Battle Plans Class/Anatomy/Statics Class/Group Battles/Raids (Required to do only 1)

~Rogue Republic meetings weekly on Saturdays

~Once a week planned fights with other clans/tribes/packs

~Social hour with other clans/tribes/packs on Sundays & Wednesdays

See you soon! δηλητήριο (talk)

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