🌊 Welcome to the Pack of Crystal Streams. 🌊 Edit

" Here you must be a loyal canine, good hunter, skilled fighter, and you must honor your pack. Join us to find out, are you cut out for a pack? Are you loyal? Are you going to be in this pack for your life as well as mine?" Edit
- Kuro -

Here you will have the heart of a wolf, the looks of a dog, and the qualities of a fox. You will be more loyal than anything, intelligent, sneaky, and quick. Get ready to give up your life for another dog's anytime

🌊 General Information 🌊 Edit

Tag Color Badge Orientation Theme Song Member Count Roleplaying Style
White Wolf Howling Neutral Home-three days grace- TBA Descriptive Traditional

🌊 Rules 🌊 Edit

Avatars Edit

Only bunnies as training wolves and pups and wolves as other ranks. Bunnies have the paw badge and wolves have any badge except badges with animals on them.

Colors Edit

If you are thinking about having a pink belly and blue back with red hearts, you can think again. No rainbow crazy pink stuff, just normal canine fur colors. Heart pattern is allowed if you can make it look like it could belong on the coat.

Serious-ness Edit

If you are just messing around, you can say whatever random thing your heart desires. But while roleplay, please act sophisticated and if you are speaking out of character, use (these things that I forgot how to spell) While roleplay, please use Vv capital V lowercase V Vv or Xx capital X lowercase X Xx.

After Edit

If you want to leave the pack, you have from when I log off to when I log on to decide, or if you are really sure just tell me. If you are exiled/kicked out, you will not be hurt, but the healer will do an ancient curse. (It might be real, it might not) It just says you will have bad luck finding a new pack.

Obedience Edit

Please obey and honor me and the beta. It would mean a lot to me. No double-clanning, please. Thanks!

Listening and Orders Edit

If someone tells you to do something that seems strange or dangerous that wasn't me or the beta, check with me to see if I am okay with it or if I said to do it.

Drama Edit

Please keep things normal and don't be all dramatic. Having a mate and pups and stuff is okay but nothing like I am half cat or having a pup in the middle of a pack meeting or something. Abandoned or orphan pups will be cared by the healer.

🌊 Ranks 🌊 Edit

Alphas govern the pack; they plan battles, sparring, etc. Nobody besides the beta may organize such important events that may change the pack's future. You would be wise to respect the alpha.

Name Username Rank Description
Dusk I don't wish to say Alpha She is a fierce Siberian Husky with a taste for hunting and being out in the forest with other animals. She is brave but loving, she cares very much for her sister Elk. She has a white under belly and a grey coat. She has white patches like her sisters pelt.

Beta's are second in command. When alpha's are offline, the beta is the ONLY ONE whom may dictate the pack. They may not, however, quarrel between packs or clans without alpha's consent.

Name Username Rank Description

Healer's tend to sick and injured wolves; they have great knowledge in herbs and poultices of that sort.

Name Username Rank Description

Battler's are the ones whom guard camp and prisoners. They are well respected for their authority.

Name Username Rank Description
Blade Static Source Battler

Babysitter wolf
Babysitter Wolves fend for any pups that may not have parents, or take in pups.

Name Username Rank Description

Pup-care Wolf
Pup-Care wolves fend for newborns and pups. They give birth to pups and are respected.

(pregnant wolves or wolves with newborns) Edit
Name Username Rank Description

Hunters hunt and fight for the pack.

Name Username Rank Description

Training Wolves-

🌊 Punishments 🌊 Edit

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Treated crudely; like a prisoner


🌊 Territory 🌊 Edit

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Camp Edit

Crystal Falls- A beautiful water fall with crystals sticking out of it. It has reflections of the light which creates beautiful rainbows and images.

Training/hunting area Edit

Oak Leaf Hollow- A dark, yet nice, forest hollow where training wolves train and prey is most full. (Sarepia Forest)

Everlasting Howls interaction Edit

Lost Bark Cave- A mysterious cave at the edge of the flatmuzzle's (human's) territory where Alphas and Healers may speak to the Pack of Everlasting Howls and where new Alphas must sleep for one night to become an Alpha. (Epic Wonders)

🌊 Dress Code 🌊 Edit

Please follow our strict dress code. We allow NO PINK ITEMS. You can and will be punished for continuously disrespecting our dress code.


Head Neck Back Legs Tail
Skull Head Spiked Collar Pirate Sword Elf Bracelets Elf tail armor
Flower Leaf Necklace Spartan Armor Leaf Armor Nothing
Nothing Studded Collar Elf Armor Spiked wrist
Nothing Jamaaliday Bow


Head Neck Back Legs Tail
Moon Necklace Worn (Bunnies) Glove Nothing
Flower Jamaaliday Scarf Pirate Sword Rare Freedom Bracelets
Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing

🌊 Want to Join? Ally? 🌊 Edit

Joining Application- Edit



Desired Rank:

Roleplaying Example:


Past Clans:


Loyalty Promise:

Alliance Application- Edit

Pack/Clan/Tribe Name:

Member Count:


Leader/Deputy's Username:


🌊 Quotes 🌊 Edit

Feel free to add any quotes if you are in P.O.F.C. Edit

"Other dogs may think I'm weak because I'm small, trust me, my size is a advantage. Sure i can't crush you with weight, but i'll give you a slice on the eye to remember."-Dusk-

"You only live once, if you do it right, once is enough."-Dusk-

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