The snow flickered in the sky, slowly and gracefully falling. Among the snow was a white shecat with pure, blue eyes. She was hidden perfectly among the puffy white terrain. She lifted her head and looked around.

"Bindanaj? Bindanaj? Bindanaj were are you!" The shecat yowled across the snowy plains. A black tom rose from his spot in the distance.

"Haiku, why are you so scared? I'm right here." He said. "I'm supprised you couldn't hear me suffocating through that snow!" Bindanaj joked. Haiku was the queen of snow and bindanaj was the king of every shadow. They were madly in love but could not be together. The royal rules state you must mate one of your own kind. But, the loving couple didn't care. What they made would be the disaster of everything.

Haiku is giving birth to Yingyang, a white kitten with blue and red eyes along with black swirls. She was a complete mix of her mother and father.

Yingyang has made a band of cats and other animals. This band of cats was called the Pack of Bloody Hawks.

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