"The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory." Theme: You Cant Hide From Us-Nightcore

Pack of Bloodied Nightmares

You find yourself wandering through thick undergrowth. Large, ominous trees surrounding you. The sky is pitch black, fitting with the foggy forest around you. You perk your ears as you turn to see a large, russet colored canine nose-to-nose with you. "Aw, look. An intruder. How nice." His deep, scratrchy voice sends chills down your spine. Other wolves start to surround you, until your cornered from each side. "This little Pup ran to the LEFT side of the forest." He bit your right side, sending you to jump left. "This little pup ran to the RIGHT side of the forest.." He bit your left side, sending you jumping right. "And this little pup ran all the way home whimpering!" At that last word, 3 Wolves pinned you down as the large Alpha male loomed over you. "Now, Mutt. Explain to me why your on OUR territory, hm?" You tried to make out words, but only mumbles escaped your jaws. "To scared to speak? Hm. Well you must either join our Pack, or leave this part of the forest forever. You decide, Mutt." He sat down, waiting for your response. "Ill join." You manage to say. "Alright. Escort them to the Camp, welcome to the Pack of Bloodied Nightmares, Kid."

Reopened Date: 10/23/16
Founder(s): Russet
User's Den For Camp: kitkit12370 (Russet)
Species: Wolves and Dogs.
Members: 0
Vocabulary: Traditional, Descriptive
Recruiting: Always
Realm: Strictly Dark.
Tag Colors: Red
Badge: Phantom Badge
Server: Kama
Types Of Avatars: Regular Wolf, Bunny, Regular Fox.
Theme: You Cant Hide From Us-Nightcore
Editors: Russet

Pack was REOPENED! (10/23/16)


Soon will be done, not yet though.


Mt Shiveer, Appondale - Kama




Head: Skull Helmets, Nothing.

Neck: Spike, Leaf Necklace, Nothing.

Back: Spartan Armor, Elf Armor, Sword, Nothing.

Legs: Elf Bracelets, Gloves, Nothing.

Tail: Nothing.


Head: Fox Hat, Nothing.

Neck: Pine cone Necklace, Nothing

Back: Sword, Worn, Nothing

Legs: Gloves, Nothing.

Tail: Nothing.


Required color code.


Alphas Word. Alphas Word Is Law Always. Never Disrespect, Or Ignore What They Say. Punishments Will Follow For Anyone Who Disobeys.


Dont Attack Fellow Packmates Unless Sparring, If You Attack And Say You Were Sparring, But The Ohter Wolf Says You Weren't, You Will Be Punished.


Respect The Following Ranks: Shamans, Alphas, Betas, Caretakers.

Be Serious.

Be Serious Most Of The Time, We May Have Times Where We Slip Out Of Roleplay And Be Silly, But It Isnt Often.


If You Fail To Follow The Rules, (See Punishment Section)





Rank Wanted:




Personality Traits:

Hunting Ex.:

Fighting Ex.:

How did you find out about the pack?:

Why do you want to join?:

Theme Song?:



Clan/Pack Leader's Username:

Clan/Pack Leader's Name:

Name Of Clan/Pack:

Date Founded:



Why do you want to ally?:



RANK: Alphas (1/4)

These Are The Leaders Of The Pack, They Are Responsible For Everyone. They MUST Be Respected. There Are Only Four.

Russet: Reddish-brown male Timber Wolf/ Alaskan Malamute mix.


RANK: Beta (0/4)

These Are The Deputies Of The Pack. They Take Over For Alphas If One Is Offline. They MUST Be Respected. There Are Only Four.

RANK: Shaman & Shaman Trainee (0/2)

This Is The Healer Of The Pack. They Speak With The Wolves Of The Forgotten, And Give Omens To The Alphas. They Also Take On Shaman Trainees, And Heal The Wounded. There Is Only One Shaman And Shaman Trainee.


RANK: Elite War Fighters (1/1)

These Are The Canines/Wolves That Are The Lead Fighters, Handle Every Other War Fighter. Only 1 Allowed.

RANK: War Fighters (0/Unlimited)

These Are The Ones Responsible For Protecting The Pack And Keeping The Pack Safe. They Are The Ones Who Fight Alongside The Alphas When War Comes. There Is An Unlimited Amount.


RANK: Elite Prey Hunter (0/1)

These Are The Canines/Wolves Responsible For Leading Hunting Patrols & Make Hunting Plans. Only 1 Allowed.

RANK: Prey Hunter (0/unlimited)

These Wolves And Dogs Are Responsible For Hunting And Keeping The Pack Well Fed. When Needed, They May Fight Alongside Alphas And War Fighters In Battle. There Is An Unlimited Amount.


RANK: Trainee (0/Unlimited)

These Are The Apprentices Of The Pack. They Train To Be Either A War Fighter Or Prey Hunter, And Participate In Battles. There Is An Unlimited Amount.

None Yet!

RANK: Caretakers (0/Unlimited)

These Canines Take Care Of The Pups, or Scraps Of The Pack. Even If Its Their Own, Or Anothers.

None Yet!

RANK: Scraps (0/Unlimited)

These Are The Pups Of The Pack.

None Yet!



Our Pack Belives In The "Wolves Of The Forgotten." These Are Our Ancestors, Who Watch Over Us From Their Home Among The Night.

Season: Falling Leaves (Fall)

Prey Currently Thriving: Elk, Deer

Predators Currenly Thriving: Foxes, Bears, Other Wolves.

(Central Times) Meeting Times; 9am - 9:10am

Hunting Patrol; 9:15am – 9:20am

Border Patrol; 9:25am – 9:30am

Sparring Times; When Alphas Are On.


No pictures yet!


We, the Pack of Bloodied Nightmares, fight for our place in this world. We are ruthless, and ARENT afraid to rip out a throat. Beware of us.-Russet.


Disrespecting Alpha, Beta, Shaman, Or Caretaker - Torn Ear, Tortured

Attacking A Pack Mate - Pack Humiliation, Torn Ear

Disobeying Orders - Pack Humiliation, Torn Ear, Camp Confinement.
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