"We've been hurt, we know what pain is, we've had loss, we know what a broken heart is, we've been lied to, we know what dis-trust is. Are hurt, our loss, all the lies, we have been through all, but through all bad there is good.. Your wrongs make us right, you've broke us down, but you don't understand, you've made us stronger. We are brave, we are bold, we are strong, we stand as one, we are The Blood Stained Resistance."

Ranks of The Resistance Edit

The commissioner

  • The commissioners are the head of the pack. They tell us what to do, and make sure we stay in place. They lead us through hunts and wars, and guide us through hard times. The commissioners are not to be disobeyed, or that will result in a quick killing. The commissioners will usually have their deltas take the place when they die. The current rank of commissioners are held by Sorrow. (xDurpyx), and Violet (kittehwhiskerz123).
The Delta
  • The delta is second in command whenever the commissioner is offline or needs a break. The delta is one of the bravest canines in the pack, and owns a high reputation of respect and honor. The delta usually is in charge of the training of the young, as well as leading hunts through our territory. They stand by the pack through whatever comes their way. The rank of the delta can be challenged. The two deltas are currently (None yet!)
The healer
  • The healer is very wise, and helps the injured of the pack. The healer helps the commissioner's choose the best path for them and the pack. The healer will always have a young to help them. When the healer dies, the young they taught takes their place. Healers may have a mate but no pups. The healer rank is held by Jagged (Sprinkles1978).
Elite canines