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Welcome to the Pack! Edit

As you wander through the forest, you scent prey squirming about, that's weird.... There's usually not that much prey in leaf bear... hmmm, i think i should take advantage of that...! As you trugged through the snow, you catch your eye of something, A shadow? No! I'm just imaging things! Or am i..? You shake your head and clamber through the snow, getting deeper into the forest, you hear a rustle of the leafs, you sigh "It's just prey, just prey..." then you realize a wolf is standing behind you, you hear a growl in their throat, as you turn around you look at a She-Wolf, she looked scared, and her coat as white as snow, with three black speckles on her cheeks and a few specks on her back and belly, she has a scar running around on her belly, and a few on her back and a big one on her chest. She looks at you with a minty gaze, not one of coldness, but of warmth, and joy, but suddenly that goes away when she looks at you, she snarls and a flash of hatred went through her eyes, not to you, but as if to a memory. Then the warmth came back, but she still snarled and growled, and finally someone spoke, she said "WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON WHISPERING SHADOW'S TERRIRTORY?!?!?!" She snarled, when you didn't give a response she snarled and repeated herself "I SAID, WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON WHISPERING SHADOW'S TERRITORY" she snarled more sternly, you opened your mouth to speak, but nothing came out, you were in shock, you had not known you came that far into the North West, and you have heard rude tales about the Pack Of Whispering Shadows, and seen scars on wolves going the other way. She sighed and then lowered her gaurd "I don't like what our Pack must do, but remember, don't believe everything you say" she looked back up and asked "who are you? I've seen you in the mountains, and forest before..." She asked calmly, when you didn't respond, her tail swished with annoyance, "Your still in shock?"she barked confused " Well, then i would have to rip you to shreds.." She snarled "So i will give you six seconds to high tail and run" She growled "one" you stood your ground "two" again, you didn't move "three" you still didn't budge "four", "five" you snapped out of it just on the sixth second "six" She snarled and jumped at you, as you quickly doged you swerved and turned around, you knew there was only one choice; fight. As you jumped you scrambled onto her back which heaved her down, and you bit her neck, she howled in pain, it echoing through the tree's, as soon as you taste the tang of blood, you quickly release your grasp and clambered to get off of her back, she clambers up and turns at you snarling, and then she stopped, and then her eyes grew and happiness danced through them like fire "i like your toughness, but you also seem kind... How about you come home with me?" She said kindly, with warmth in her smile "r-r-really?" you studdered "yeah, why not?" She stepped a few steps closer, "O-o-ok!" as you padded through the forest, her neck circling with a light cover of blood, she quietly said "hey, i never caught your name..." "Oh, right well i'm....."

The Image Edit

Here are the rules of are image! If you want me to add something, tell me

  • First, NO PINK WITH YOUR COLOR PLZ!!! You can have, black, grey, white, brown, and blue that looks like grey! Let me know if there's anything that you think i should add with color!
  • Back;Worn, Bow's, Knife's, (any weapons really other than Knunchucks).
  • Head;Flower, Flower Crown, Skull Helmet, Nothing.
  • Neck;Spike, Pinecone Necklace, Moon Necklace, Sun necklace.
  • Legs;Freedom Leaf Armour,Leaf Armour, Elf Leg Armour.
  • Tail;Ask me, and i will see (On bunnies as Pups, yes for longer tail)

(Pups, only can have legs, maybe tail, and head, depends on neck. :3 ty!)

Just wanna put it out there, we allow videoing as long as you tell the Alpha, Beta, and Den Owner:haggismonkey. We also have a theme song Yellow Flicker Beet, its on the Hunger Games, and get it on Youtube, or some other music scource!

Ranks Edit

Now, there are many Ranks, and here they are! (You will ask for the Rank you want, And the Beta and Alpha will decide together) btw, this is going from highest Rank, and lowest Rank.

  • The first one is, Alpha, the Alpha is the leader of all of the wolves in the Pack, if she/he commands something to a wolf, they will do it, if they don't they will be punished.
  • The second one is the Beta, the Beta can be the Alpha's mate, In some Packs, the Beta is only a female, but in this Pack, we allow the Beta to be male and female.
  • The third one is the Shamen, the Shamen is basically the Medicine wolf, who tends to all ill and wounded wolves, they are expected to know most herbs and illness. They are usally very kind.
  • The fourth one is the Fang, the Fang is basically a Warrior except with power, they fight and will always NOT back down to a fight, unless the Alpha or Beta tells them otherwise, and they hunt not as often as the Barb's.
  • The fith is the Barb, the Barb is a powerless Warrior, and will not usally stand into a fight, unless the Alpha or Beta tells them otherwise, they hunt most often.
  • The sixth is the BoneScraper, the BoneScraper is the one who does most of the exiling, and beating up to traitors, or they do most of the punishments.
  • The seventh is the Rookie, the Rookie is one of the most exited ones, and will be happy to do a couple of tiny battles, they also are kind and gentle, usally everyone likes them, they are usally trained by the Barbs, they are wolves in training.
  • The eighth is the Pup, the Pups are always the key of the pack, whenever the Pack seems down, the Pups are always there to cheer the Pack up!
  • The ninth is the Mothers, the Mothers job goes straight to the name! They take care of the Pups.
  • The tenth is the Elder, Elder's are kind, and pretty weak, but they do tell amazing stories about when they were stronger.
  • The eleventh is the Omega, they are kind, and weak, they usally stay at Camp, And don't really participate in wars, unless it is a big one, they get beatan up by the BoneScraper's, but very rarely.
  • The twelth is lowest Rank of all is a Gnaw wolf, they are last to eat, do not participate in wars, unless it is a big one, they are Beatan up by the BoneScrapers and sometimes the Fang's, and Rookies are to mock them if told so by the older and more respected wolves.

The Punishments Edit

The punishments only happen when a bad thing happens, or a Traitor is in the pack.These are listed from the ones that aren't as painfull to the worst of them all. I know some of them are brutal, but remember that's the way of life.And the traiotor/sufferer doesn't deicide the punishment, the Alpha or Beta does.

This is if you have only done a bad thing once.

  • Bitten in meidium stregth, two times each, by the Alpha and Beta
  • Tail torn in half
  • Can't go out of Camp for three days
  • Can not be respected by Alpha and Beta

This is if you have only done a bad thing twice.

  • Beatan by a BoneScraper until Alpha or Beta says to stop
  • Ear torn off
  • Claw on each paw torn out
  • No prey for two days

This is if you have done a bad thing three times.

  • Exiled from Pack (this is the most pleasant one)
  • Ears and claws and tail torn off then mended and Exiled
  • Beatan by the Pack one at a time until Beta or Alpha Says to stop and left to die with a wolf watching over them.

The Wolves Of Whispering Shadows! <3 Edit

The Alpha

Snow-haggismonkey- She is usally a happy, intelligent, nice She-wolf, unless she is in a bad mood, she tries to avoid battle as much as possible, her fur is very white, with three black small spots on each of her cheeks and big ones on her back and belly, and battle scars, one on her belly a few on her back and one on her chest, her eyes are minty blue.( She also owns the den it is held in.)

The Beta

The Shamen

Star-funniestbunny101- She is a kind, gental, soft, Shamen, she is very magical, and will listein intently, she has white and pink (for now) fur, with light blue eyes, she loves all her Packmates, and will defintly help in any way possible.

The Elder(s)

Stone-Lillo1- A light grey undercoat, with a black overcoat, and dark grey patter on his cheek, chest, and one on his back, he has red eyes, and he is a gentle, nice, Elder, who is expected to tell a story or two about his life!


Pine-ktr10- Unlike most Fang's she is more gentle, Fang's are nice, but not as nice as her, she is a loving, willing, and amazing wolf, but will fight if needed to do so, She has a tan undercoat, and a middle tone of brown, with white patterns on her face, chest, and back.

The Barb(s)

Storm-forget user soz- A kind gentle wolf, who is amazing at hunting, and works well with Pine, (color a work in progress)

Mist-cutecat57-A very nice She-wolf, who would just love if there was not harm in the world, she cares for her Packmates, and has a light grey undercoat and a dark grey overcoat, with light blue eyes. (curently a Mother)


Fang-fangwolf2015-a white boy Pup, with black pattern on his face and on his back, he is a cheerfull, nice, playfull Pup, he has red eyes! (His Mother is Mist)


Mist-cutecat57- A nice, loving mom, who just wants some peace and quiet sometimes! She has a light grey undercoat, and a dark grey overcoat, her eyes are light blue, she is very loving! (Her Pup is Fang)