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Founder- RaggedStar
Theme Song- Little Fang
Camp- RaggedStars den
Tag Colour- Teal
Orientation- Light
Status- Almost open
Recruiting- Open
Member Count- 1
Big or Domestic- domestics, or large breed


Server Tigrus, all lands except water, and Jamaa Worship
Religion StarPack
Alpha x2</p>

Either staying two of this rank, or one depending on the people favored to get this rank. Those who have this rank have to keep the pack in line, enforce the Pack Code, and declare battles. The wolf in charge of this is most respected and highly revered.

Beta x2

Second in command. The amount of those allowed in this rank may change, like the Alpha'. These wolves send patrols to watch the borders or hunt.

Healerx2 (Including kappa)

The healer and his/her kappa do not have to follow orders of the leader, but do not have the authority to order others around. They gather and store herbs, using them to cure sick members of the pack. They have some of the tightest bonds with StarPack, and the most respect as the Beta.

Commanders x3

Third in charge, not as respected as the Beta, but higher in the Elite Deltas. Commanders enforce the rules and guard the Nursery and Borders of the Land.

Senior/Elite Deltas x5

Most trusted warriors, they help with spars, hunting patrols, border patrols, and are the most skilled kappa trainers.

Deltas Xinfinite

The bulk of the pack. They are like a large family and train kappa, spar, and guard Borders Of The Land.

kappas x10

Young pups in training to become an delta, or a higher rank. They do chores and help keep the pack safe.

Pups x10

Youth of the pack. These young pups range from newborns, to close to 6 moons old, when they become kappas.

Omega x3

The wolf that disobeys orders, questions the alpha or beta, or anyone along that line. They do the "dirty work" around the land.