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Pack of Scarred Pelts is a pack of wolves, led by Scar ( Arcadefire13) it is a new pack, consisting of only a few, though he wishes to expand the few into at least 20. If you are interested of joining, please Jam-a-Gram me @Arcadefire13

" We are one, we fight as one, and we hunt as one, once attacked, even when weak or injured, we will die protecting each other, even though we don't look like much, you are in for it if you dare attack, we warn you now, be afraid of the scars we bare... "

- Scar once howled after he defeated one he once feared.

Territory Edit

Mt. Shiveer

Sarepia Forest

Lost Temple of Zios

Coral Canyons

Atlas ( Server )

Ranks Edit

Alpha: Leaders of pack, one male, one female

Beta: Second to take charge, if one of the alphas die, the beta takes his/hers place. One male one female

Warrior: Most common role, hunts and fights for pack

Scouts: Are sent out on order of medic to find herbs and/or good hunting areas

Medic: Heals the injured and sick, one of the most important roles in the pack

Trainees: More than six moons of age, are trained to be Scout or Warrior, sometimes Medics

Pups: Less than six moons

Queens: She-wolves expecting or nursing pups

Omegas: Weak, skittish wolves at birth, or punished for breaking rules.


Scar( Arcadefire13): Large, broad shouldered male with black and dark brown pelt, black markings, and glowing blue eyes




Merith(Mayario): Small female with a white/dark brown pelt, black markings, and beautiful yellow eyes.




MonsterFang(wolfer219washere): Large, well muscled Male with a black and white pelt and bright yellow eyes

Toxic(Jammer86gf8): Well muscled female with a dark/light brown pelt, black markings, and jet black eyes

Dust(soccerwolf8009): Sleek female with a dark/light brown pelt, tan markings, and crimson colored eyes

Jinx(lioncat4477): Large, sleek female with a white and grey pelt, with bright green eyes

Pebble(fluffyricecake): Well muscles male with a black and white coat, light gray markings, and bright blue eyes


Dawn(DefianceAJ): Tall, sleek female with a dark brown and tan pelt with dark green eyes

Cinder(raoringtiger): Sleek female with a tan and black pelt, dark gray markings, and emerald green eyes




Bramble(howlinggraywulf): Large, muscular male with a dark/light brown coat, black markings, and bright yellow eyes.

-----------------------------------------More to come, we are always recruiting--------------------------------------------" Dare to break our rules, you will end up an enemy, even if you are one we once loved, you will end up with more scars than had you once joined with " - Ayka once said after anonymous broke our second rule.

Rules Edit

Respect the higher ranks

No fighting other pack members

No battling unless it is under the Alpha's command

No hunting in other pack's territory

Any wolf under 6 moons of age is not aloud to hunt, fight, etc.

Be realistic as you can. NN and NM is aloud

Please don't start drama

Anatomy is aloud, but keep it understandable

Bunnies as pups, Foxes as trainees, regular wolves as rest

Powerplaying and usage of weapons are not aloud

No double-packing. Please alert Alpha or Beta if someone is double-packing

Punishments Edit

Behavioral Infraction: Demotion of Rank

Known breakage of set rules: Extra duties/Cleaning all bedding (depends)

Violent acts towards Pack members: Same acts will be used against you

Murder of any Pack member: Instant Death

Constant rude/crude behavior to someone: Exile

Appearance Reference Edit

Please be realistic, no swords, bows, fox hats, or epic wonders clothing etc.

No bright colors, please use the following: Grays, Blacks, White, Browns, Some Blues and Some Reds

Realistic markings such as: The moon, leaf, stripes(lighting bolts), flames, and large patches

News Edit

11/7/2015: Pack of Scarred Pelts is officially made!

11/7/2015: Scar becomes the alpha male!

11/7/2015: Ayka becomes the female Alpha!

11/7/2015: Due to Loyalty, Star is made the male Beta!

11/7/2015: Aliyia is welcomed to the Pack as a Warrior!

11/7/2015: Storm is welcomed to the Pack as a Warrior!

11/7/2015: Bramble has been made a Trainee!

11/7/2015: Scar suggests an alliance with Pack Of Shadowed Paws

11/7/2015: Pack of Scarred Pelts joins an alliance with Wolves of the Shadowed Creek!

11/7/2015: MonsterFang is welcomed to the Pack as a Warrior!

11/7/2015: Dawn is welcomed to the Pack as a Scout!

11/7/2015: Toxic is welcomed to the Pack as a Warrior!

11/7/2015: Dust is welcomed to the Pack as a Warrior!

11/7/2015: Jinx is welcomed to the Pack as a Warrior!

11/7/2015: Pack of Scarred Pelts has allied with Pack of Shadowed Paws!

11/7/2015: Dusk is welcomed to the Pack as a Warrior!

11/7/2015: Star has left the Pack, we wish him well journeys.

11/7/2015: Due to loyalty, Storm has been made the male Beta!

11/7/2015: Pebble is welcomes to the Pack as a Warrior!

11/7/2015: Katrina is welcomes to the Pack as a Warrior!

11/7/2015: Cinder is welcomed to the Pack as a Warrior!

12/5/2015: Because Scar was killed in an attack, Storm is the new alpha! He has chosen Kashira as his alpha female.

12/5/2015: Scar's death was a mistake and he was not killed! He is back as leader along with Ayka.

12/5/2015: The Trainee Bramble has been attacked by a fox while in his training session, he is left with a scar across his eye, the Medic, Merith with put up any further information

1/15/16: Storm the beta has currently left the pack to join the pack of shadowed paws. because of his stregnth they'd like to have him in their pack.

Camp Edit

Arcadefire13's den

Requirements To Join Edit

You must know how to roleplay

You must have a good knowledge of roleplay

No magic or god like powers, example: Flying, immortality, special abilities in general

Bubble chat is not accepted

If you do not have free chat, you must try to be creative

You must have the appropriate color pelt

Joining Us Edit

Your Wolf's OC Name:

Your Gender:

Breed Of Wolf:

Animal Jam Username:

Your Appearance:

Your Personality:

Roleplay Example:

Backstory (Optional):

Tag Color and Badges Edit

Since we are bold, brave, and intelligent, I believe our tag color should be Bronze. We believe that Bronze is a color to represent our abilities, it's bold color gives us examples of our kind nature as well. Because Scar has a hard time with remembering ranks, we all must have the badge to our rank, here is the list:

Leader: World

Beta: Lightening Bolt

Medicine Wolf: Feather

Elites: Phantom

Warriors: Wolf

Trainees: Paw

Omegas: Mira

Scouts: Zios Mask

Elders: Star

Pups: Clover

Alliances Edit

Wolves of the Shadowed Creek


Rivals Edit


Schedule Edit

Mondays: Most people are in school so our times are 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Tuesdays: Most people are in school so our times are 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m

Wednesdays: Most people are in school so our times are 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m

Thursdays: Most people are in school so our times are 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m

Fridays: Most people are in school, but have extended nights so our times are 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Saturdays: Battles on this day so our times are extended so 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Sundays: Gatherings from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Our times are of Mountain Time

Editors Aloud Edit



General Edit

Pack Name: Pack of Scarred Pelts

Camp: Arcadefire13's den

Type: Pack

Member Count: 15 (And Counting)

Theme Song: Joan of Arc by: Arcade Fire

Season: Time of White and Cold

Recruiting: Open

Founded: November 7, 2015

Region: Dark

This pack is friendly, yet when betrayed will fight back, we suggest you think twice when thinking of raid, we have elite warriors, excellent skill, and our alliances hold strong, even when we are at out weakest, we will fight back, not flee.

Beliefs in The Pack Edit

Laruel Pack: This is our StarClan in a way, considering we are different from cats.

Jaci: Father of Vandrose and Raff, Alpha of Laruel Pack.

Vandrose: Ruler of Laruel, our God.



Laruel: Place you go if you are pure, meaning you are innocent of crimes and have never directed any unneeded harm to others who do not deserve it.

Larko: A place were you go when you are not pure, meaning guilty of crimes and directed harm against the innocent.

Raff: Ruler of Larko, a.k.a The Devil

The Story: Jaci was a great, powerful wolf, he had the packs of the North right by his side. One day, he met a beautiful she-wolf that is yet to have a name, and long story short, there was Vandrose and Raff. Vandrose was kind hearted, he was solid white with bright blue orbs, and his brother, Raff, was otherwise. He was cruel, slightly bigger than Vandrose. His fur was as black as the night, his eyes a bright red. One day, Vandrose heard a pup's cry, and his father's yowl. He rushed to a ravine, where the noise was coming from, to see Raff and his father hanging from the side. He went to save his faher, but Jaci requested he took Raff first, and he did. After pulling Raff up, Jaci lost his grip and fell. Raff never forgave Vandrose for letting Jaci die, and one day, they woke with a moon crested on their hind left leg, the moon was the color of their eyes. Raff and Vandrose went in seperate ways after pup hood, Vandrose led his father's group of wolves, while Raff gathered a pack of rouges to call his own. In the Time of White and Cold, Raff's pack of Rouges attacked Vandrose's pack, both leaders died in the fight, so did their wolves, of wounds and bleeding, or of cold blooded murder. Raff and his pack went to a cold, dark place, while Vandrose descended to a warm, light place. They now rule those places and call it their world.


The Fire Sky: The fire sky is a sign we get from Laruel Pack, if the first color of this sign is a green, they are angry, if it is purple, they are praising us for good deeds

Every Leader Has Something Special About Them: All leaders have something odd and very special about them.

Scar: An oddly colored group of fur on his head

Ayka: Unnaturally bright eyes

Storm: Bluish grey back of fur on his leg

Fan Art Edit


Spirit By: Garth


Merith By: Garth

Le Vandrose

Le Vandrose By: Le Garth

Le Raff

Le Raff By: Le Garth


Le Jaci By: Garth

Ayka OwO

Ayka Made By Garth ( Scar's Friend :3 )


By: Le Garth of The Pack Of Shadowed Paws ( Scar's Friend :3 )


Le Bramble By: Garth

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